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Please strengthen legendary talent of Ardan.
Reduce the cooldown of Gauntlet(ULT)
Improve damage of Gauntlet(ULT)


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Every match in high tiers that I have seen a CP Skye she has dominated. In high level play for those who have mastered her she is incredibly good.


One I dont balance talents. Two Ardan does not need any buffs right now lol. If I do buff something it will come with a nerf to something else.


I actually don’t think so to much. To be an aftershocker you also need high base damage and mid to low cooldowns. Assassins pick it up because it gives a strong early game power spike which may allow them to snowball while still giving them the ability to kill tanks. The new hero in my opinion isn’t great with an aftershock though.


Because she has far to many tools on far to low cooldowns. At level 12 she becomes an endless stream of roots, damage, slows and barriers. She is intended to be a combo mage. Not a spam mage.


Even in my PoA matches, I have seen CP Skye just go off on people. The 1v1 high mobility heroes with excellent “get ahead/stay ahead” ability have a ton of space to operate on the Rise. Lanes are wider and the jungle more vast. I think one of the best balancing decisions made on 5v5 release was to err on the side of Skye and BF being not meta.

Do you prefer lane or jungle Anka?


Skye is a hero with a LOT of tools in her kit. If she is ever staple meta she becomes the pick all be all. I prefer lane Anka.


CP Skye is either dominate or be dominated. She heavily relies on the enemy team playing passively or making mistakes. She’s still not in a good spot imo.


That’s literally every counterpick tho…


If you could implement one talent into a hero’s kit, which one would it be and why?

Ex. Churn’s Cloud of Torment to make him more of a threat (as he is lorewise).


Nivmett if you could add a new hero to the game personally what would you want it to be like? (IDK how much time you want to give to this but even a “Roam, healer” answer would be great)


What is your opinion on Ardan? Many claimed that Ardan has no counter.


You dont need to counter Ardan, just kill his teammates


well, i am talking about Ardan and solely Ardan.


How has your philosophy on designing assassins change after making Anka? She feels like she can fit her assassin role perfectly, but can always stay viable because of how her kit is designed unlike Tako who is either opaf or terrible cause he needs to either always stay on his target or use multiple bursts of damage with meh range.

Also you guys should design a skin where she wears a white cloak and name it Blanka :^)


Forgot you are in the balance department, but is it possible to get input from the people who design new heroes? I’d really like to see their input in how they make assassins now


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