Took a while but I am finally here to answer any questions I am allowed to answer


Fair, I suppose. It happens. I just think it’s kinda ironic, because a lot of people were complaining AFK penalties weren’t harsh enough, and the moment they improve them people start saying they’re too harsh. Of course there’s a happy medium, but… I don’t really know where I’m goin with this. I suppose my point is that I like them harsh, as it’s a rare occasion for me to go AFK, and that’s how it should be for all players.


Im not saying they are too Harsh, Its that they dont offer any redemption, I fully admit that in the past I wasnt too careful with making sure I had enough time to play VG but nowadays I am hence the month of nonntoxic play, I think all of the penalties are justified however there needs to be a way to clean your record. Lets adjust the scenario to be more drastic. A player could go an entire year without toxic behavior rn however say he screws up one time and he was toxic in the past to where he got his final warning he will get the ban hammer.


Not a question, but I just wanna say you guys at SEMC nailed Anka’s execution. She looks pretty op, but when you balance her out more she looks like she will be very fun (and challenging) to play! 100% gonna main her #BestVGAssassin


Would it be possible to have a hero with the ability to become BIG or would that put too much stress on the device? After all Echo is gone :wink:


That is a hero ability you will likely never see. That ability is usually incredibly frustrating to play against if your any mana user. The worst person it effects are tanks. See a mage will build Clockwork and have a ton of energy that you can burn through all of it BUT someone like Phinn or Fortress doesn’t build clockwork so their pool gets burned apart SUPER fast leaving them with nothing to do in a fight.


Np. Ya I have no say there lol


Because it was really toxic. The hero had almost unlimited escapability/engage. I may go look at it later since there is a cooldown cap now.


Ill pass the compliments to the chef. (Sonata) :slight_smile: She has some strong strengths and weakness.


That would require 2 modals so I am not sure…


The CD cap/BegoneEcho move was a good one, it seems like so much more of the game is open now for messing around. I’ve been wondering, are there any other similar changes or removals that you personally feel would make the game better?


how about a hero or an ability that deals damage based on the amount of energy/missing energy an enemy has? we already got plenty of it regarding health.
allthough that may be a problem against heroes with no energy.


They fixed flickers Ulti cooldown so im maining him once again OwO

on the flip side, im a lil salty for Samuels 26 cooldown for his B… ig ill stop playing him for a while


Is the Baptiste Ordain delay actually intentional or a bug that is gonna be fixed soon. I feel like it somewhat made him feel clunky and the whole point of Ordain was to trap someone in a sticky situation but now the Baptiste needs to like think 1 second ahead…


This is basically a misunderstanding.

That warning comes up regardless of if you have ever been in LPQ or not. It is basically just letting you know next time will be LPQ (not an official ban; Those are not handed out liberally.)

I have personally never been in LPQ in the year I have been playing. But I have recieved that warning on the rare occasion I disconnect from the game and AFK due to the connection problems.

Just keep being good and dont worry about it. Its a general message everyone gets regardless of previous good behavior. :slight_smile:


Please enhance the legendary talent of Ardan


Niv isnt the one to balence talents, he said Sonata is…


Hi niv what was the reason for malene’s Cd merf also why yp guys stop putting description on the buffs and nerfs i really miss em


So now Malene is nerf… it seems like SEMC is trying push AC malene because her AA has no cooldown while she uses her abilities for pure defensive purpose…


I’m talking about CP Skye, WP Skye is currently my go to carry so I woudn’t be surprised if her play rate is only just below average . As for CP Skye she’s hardly ever played.
So I’ll ask is her CP path playable in 5v5 because I’m waiting for a patch where she is averagely good.


Do you feel like Aftershock limits the creativity of some of the builds in Vainglory?
It becomes a must have for CP assassins like Koshka and Reza.
Do you also feel like its slightly counter productive, because its mainly for heroes with low cooldowns, but since it has a cooldown reduction its also used by heroes with slightly larger cooldowns?

Also do you think that the new hero will use this item? (You might not be able to answer this right now, but its getting released soon).