Thoughts on Cheating

Not only cheap - by any means necessary. Adaptation is a gamer’s true strength.

Yes, even Cheats and hacks are considered acceptable IF you’re smart enough to get away with it, even the top pro’s use cheats - unfortunately - it’s insanely hard to get away with cheating these days.

Are you being sarcastic here? It’s impossible to tell.

In no world is cheating considered acceptable, whether you’re “smart enough to get away with it” or not.


no, I am not. if you look at the history of games, the developer’s themselves include cheats that are “easter eggs” as you Americans like to phrase it.

Some may call it a “bug”… or an unintentional programming error… kinda like immortal Yates. But never the less, it it a creation by the Developer’s themselves and it exists in all games.

The history of “cheating” in games can extend to board games as well. “accidentally” made a sound during a game of charades ? oops. Gave away that mayfair property for too cheap ? you got swindled.

It is this very idea of “cheating” that engages human ingenuity at it’s finest. Game developer’s know it and will include little “hacks” that can only be found by pure luck and determination.

Another way to look at it is “shortcuts” or “lifehacks”… it exists everywhere, from arts n craft to Lawyers bending the law… to mechanics bypassing “safety” rules… and it exists in games as well.

Nope nope and nope.

An Easter egg is a hidden video game feature or surprise.

I could go on about how I disagree with your other statements but Im not feeling it about this topic.


exactly. some are more obvious than others. I just used that term to show that some “cheats” are intentional by the developer’s themselves.

I wrote a whole book about the difference of hacks and cheats to help explain what’s acceptable and whats not…

But I deleted it, I doubt anyone wants to read a whole 50 message.

Hacks are NOT acceptable but cheats are because they are approved but the developer.

I think (my thought) you’re confused on what a cheat and hack is, and what acceptable and not. But thats what I think based off of your message.

Pls do tell if im wrong though

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you still don’t get it.

it is “acceptable” IF you can get away with it. Meaning, if the hack is of such a quality that it cannot be detected, Then ultimately it is the programming that is flawed that has allowed that to happen.

I don’t know how Gaming companies are run these days, but the game belongs to us, as the consumer and it is up to them to fool proof it - which is why i added - these days it is near impossible to “hack” a game without somebody noticing.

it is “acceptable” purely for the reason that the programming has allowed for it and hasn’t detected any foul play.

There’s so much wrong with your point of view that I don’t know where to begin. And I doubt it’d be worth the effort to argue.

I’ll just leave it at that.


Cheating has long been a part of gaming, and a part that people either tend to love or hate

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exactly my point. that’s the first line in the blog you posted.

Not really, the first line just states that cheats have been around while you’re say thats is acceptable if you can get away.

Im also going to end it here because I have the feeling that this is a topic that will never reach a end point. Lets just say we agree to disagree. :potoo:

did you even read the blog ?

Cheats are the things that are actually coded into the game, and are, these days, usually a feature included in the game’s design

keywords - included in the design -

also other keywords - love or hate - so yeah, i get it - let’s just agree to disagree.

Honestly I didn’t expect you going to mention cheating , cheap game strategies are accepted in the community , like someone could hide in fortnite and wait for last 1v1 and win , true gamer should fight from the start to finish , both are strategies but there is always a cheap one , now speaking about cheating its in another level , like I can’t call it cheap strategy , cheating is no strategy , the worst cheaters are the ones who get caught or the ones who got beaten in the game while cheating .

Like we could pretend that talking about cheating is weird and avoid the topic , but at the end if I put a link to a legit cheating app for vainglory , the forum will be super active suddenly and people going to click the link super hard .

Moral wise what people said here except venom is right , reality wise venom is right , and people can actually make it acceptable by saying it’s just a game not real life , so it’s bad but not that bad , I know it is wrong and Iam against cheating , but I think the (if you can’t beat them join them) is what actually spreading cheating in games , people expect cheaters and they cheat back .

Love it or Hate it - it all comes down to Murphy’s Law - what can happen, will happen and through all these exploits, hacks and cheats - game developer’s get better at weeding them out.

So, the question of whether it is “acceptable” is largely a societal one. The history of cheats was programmed in for the purpose of letting that less - than - skilled - player - advance through the game without feeling frustrated - and as that blog also noted - these days developer’s are moving away from cheats and promoting fair play.

I personally - am for the gamer - and what does the gamer desire ? to have fun. pure and simple unadulterated FUN. that is the crux of why games where created in the first place. So if cheating is what it takes to have fun - well . . . would you rather a player fall out of love for the game and never play again ?

I mean, if one person’s fun comes at the cheated expense of another’s (as it will in a PvP game like Vainglory), then I 100% prefer to keep the non-cheating player.


The whole basis for cheating is - it is part of the CODE - meaning the dev’s have knowledge that part of the programming has been activated - and thus can also have measure’s in place so it is still fair for those who don’t cheat - such as the cheater doesn’t climb ranks.

Messing with the programming of games has been incorporated into many games - because developer’s foreseen how players like to make their own maps, items, etc.

The way games are made these days, it is near impossible to “cheat” without it showing somewhere . I kinda sense a fear of the word “cheat” when it is talked about.

The fact of the matter is, it is a bunch of code and it takes a very intelligent mind to hack any code. So that’s why I said “IF you can”. . . and if somebody does, they will most likely get found out. The cycle of breaking the code and fixing the code is never ending. If somebody has a nack for doing it, I have no problem in them doing it.

There’s actually a job for “ethical hacking” and companies pay you to try to “break” their code. But that’s another subject altogether. All I’m saying is, there’s no harm in trying. in fact, they’re doing SEMC a service when they succeed.

So, yes, there’s a definite value in “discovering possible mechanics” which I agree is something that ultimately benefits SEMC or any game company, and helps them tighten up their game so that it matches the developer intent.

That last bit (developer intent) is important, and personally, I’d term anything “cheating” that goes against the developer intent. This gets fuzzy because developers can’t outline every way they don’t want players to win, just encourage players toward strategies that they do want. But you have a sense of the intent, and you know cheating when you see it. If a developer is including features that are largely hidden, but meant to be discovered, then you’re describing something different from exploiting unintended mechanics, and different sorts of games, so we shouldn’t conflate the two.

For instance, consider original poopstrat (September 2015):

This is a non-hacked, mechanically legal way of playing the game. But by no means does it match the developer’s intent to create a dynamic and engaging experience. I would thus call this cheating, and accordingly, it was hotfixed quick af. By your definition though, this is perfectly fine and in fact, preferred?

This is pretty lazy, dude. Lawyers bending laws and mechanics bypassing safety regulations leads to people dying. It’s in no way comparable to video games, for one, not how law works, for another, and for threesies, using the existence of wrong-doing to excuse future wrong-doing is logically flawed.

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Not gonna go too much into this but I saw this and straight away thought playing overwatch and versing an opposing player using aimbot isn’t fun(tho this is through use of third party software/hacking?) or glitches that allow a certain character to go into restricted areas were they hinder the game/can still kill but not be killed not fun to play against, nor is it actually acceptable. But then there’s mercy’s super jump bug that players exploit which has I think happened before(bunny hop I think) which then got turned to a nice feature to her ability.

Cheating in multiplayer games is a no no. If it goes against the fair play the devs sought out to make its generally not ok, but if a bug is discovered that actually is alright or even promotes good fair gameplay it’s then seen as alright even possibly made an actual aspect of the game

When SEMC removed the option to teleport in Kaku, their was a secret way to do so even for more than 10 patches after it got removed. Pressing Kaku and then pressing teleport before the Kaku smoke bomb detonates. That saved my ass so many times in ranked games. Nostalgia pure…

it can happen and will happen, i’ve already acknowledged that the question of being acceptable is largely formed through societal majority, so whether it is preferred, fine, or however you want to phrase it, can’t be established due to that “love and hate” relationship each individual has.

it isn’t lazyness, it is cunning-ness, or creativeness. Finding loop holes, other ways to do things that are still in the prefix of “acceptability” is how inventions come about. This is another case of reading negativity into those words.

Say for example - the text book answer is “use a hammer to drive that pin” doesn’t mean you can’t use a pin punch with a press.

The same way lawyers use words the determine what stipulates as a “house” a “flat” or “garage”… Remember, rules, regulations, code and everything in the human world was created by us imperfect humans. it is only natural that we find loop holes in them and better ways to do things.

yes, it got exploited.

and then it got fixed.

By your definition of cheating not being acceptable, Every player should just conform to how the dev’s want you to play.

Like i said above, the question of it being “acceptable” cannot be established. Rather, see it as something that can happen and will happen - Murphy’s Law.

For arguement’s sake - let’s take it to the other extreme and we all just do whatever we’re suppose to. this exploit would never get found and there wouldn’t be a hotfix.

I will say this one more time - it is no longer a question of whether cheating is acceptable - in case you are still thinking of ways to say it isn’t.