Giving up on the game after 2 years played and Thousands of $$$$ spent in game

I have played Vainglory every day since discovering it about 2 years ago. I’ve been a part of the community, I’ve watch all the VPL seasons, supported my favorite teams, and have spent thousands of dollars on the game.

That being said, I just uninstalled VG and it’s a sad day that has been long overdue. My major issues with the game revolve around the social communication system, the guild system, and most importantly the matchmaking system itself. I’ve been playing competitive MOBAs for over 14 years now, since DOTA Icefrog, and the matchmaking in this game is a complete and utter debacle. I don’t think I’ve lost 20 games in a row in any game, both recreationally and competitively, in those 10+ years, but here we are in VG and it becomes a regular occurance. Seriously. I’ll play for 3-4 hrs, a combo of 5v5 and Blitz, and literally lose 20 games in a row, and my rankings are not bad. I am a skilled, above average player. This system is beyond broken. Other games have the algorithms and skill sets required to put up relatively fair MM systems. I will be moving onto those games and leaving VG behind.

Enjoy the cash I spent. I hope you use it wisely.


This post I relate to most. I don’t care about balance of the game which everyone is currently complaining about but matchmaking itself with no communication is way too frustrating.

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Oh my, TBF, thousands seems really excessive.

Over the course of 3 years I probably spent like 100$.

Yea it’s a shame, VG isn’t going in the direction the original devs planned it to go. It’s a shell of its former self. The problem is, there isn’t another moba that has touch controls, fixed cam, and is better. I invested so much time and have a lot of special stuff on my account. It be hard to leave


Exactly my problem. I would have permanently left VG a long time ago if I hadn’t put in time or money (mostly money)

The only game I put a lil bit of my money into is LoL cuz its fun


same reason i quit more than a year ago. i played a few matches every few months but after playing games like dota i now understand that this game is just fully doomed. it is so damn toxic, i don’t think any other game can ever match it. i guess this is what happens when you put real games on phones, you cant find the players to play it.

I can relate lol. Only 2 reasons i m still playing this game-
1)Its the only good quality game that can run on my shitty phone
2)Ive spent too much time on it to just leave it like this. Gladly i didnt spend any money.

The matchmaking is crushing. Something was messed up at some point and it just hasn’t come back yet. The matchups over all kill everything else because…the matchups and interplay are the game.
And it seems to be a slightly too common trend that people are getting paired with these ridiculous team comps in solo where 1 minute your team all plays like they know what’s going on, the next minute you’re the only player that even uses vision, the next minute you’re getting a win streak of 10 wins against teams that barely work together, then the next minute you’re on a 5 loss streak as you suddenly go back to no one using even basic strategies. Even just general player base number changes SHOULDN’T account for this, even if that’s the reason, not unless the system doesn’t have built in ways to compensate.

I get the best, most balanced matches when less of the player base is on in my region and that shouldn’t be a consistent thing unless most of the player base is on some level of boosted. I’ve spent maybe a thousand on this game just because it was so enjoyable when I first started but in it’s current state it definitely doesn’t have that “thing” that made me want to just drop money on it even if I probably shouldn’t. That extra care and attention to the whole game across the board, the promise. I mean that’s just part of life but good companies are so good where it counts that people don’t care about the bad stuff unless it’s really bad.

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During an SEMC Q&A, I asked about matchmaking, and I was dismissed quickly and told their MM methods are up to snuff with other games… I asked how many people were in charge of it. Answer: 1 person. You’ve got to be kidding me… I talk to my friend who’s a dev over at Riot, and also a QA person at Kabam, and both have explained a long, strategized vision for MM, and it includes a Data Scientist working with them on it.


You comparing riot to semc , semc struggling on making a vision for the game itself , you asking them for a vision for matchmaking , semc has a player base problem , player base and matchmaking are dependent on each other , semc focusing on getting new players , one of the methods to increase player base is releasing 5v5 which means killing matchmaking , so for the game you going to rely more in new players and let go old players like us .

Don’t give up man.

Keep going if you can, it gets better.

Your commentary is overly personal. Please edit your post or it will be removed.

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I think he reminds of clash of clans Devs , as players we used to put town hall outside the walls unprotected to get shield and farm safely , so one day supercell dev said a true chief should protect his/her townhall, to make their update make sense for players but it was actually killing easy farming strategy , which makes getting resources harder which means people going to spend money .

So maybe Devs think what venom thinks , you are not a true gamer , you just looking for cheap game strategy to reach your goals , you too weak to win 1 game out of 20 , like Devs could focus on player weakness and make them players problem not matchmaking problem !

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Great thing to see lol

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The amount of times I’ve seen Hazel split threads in this period of time… Isnt it like the third split?

Screams like a monkey and realeases hats

The hats…What a completely poor development choice.

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