The Sinking Ship

Godseye and Vainshame also left. Not sure if they left for their own reasons or if they were booted by SEMC.

Actually it doesn’t as those searching for just the game are higher than the term which icudes quotes, words definitions, specifics about the game. To prove your point they would need to be exactly the same yet they aren’t

Note that searching for the topic Vainglory (video game) also accounts for related terms and spelling mistakes, so this is the most accurate.

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This comparison contains both Search terms and Topics, which are measured differently. "

Also what are the odds of two curves being so similar in their numbers and evolution? It’s obvious that Vainglory(topic) = Vainglory(term).

IMHO if SEMC can get 5v5 right, it will begin to pick up popularity with people who play other 5v5 MOBAs via a computer and that will in-turn launch it into the future with promise and purpose. If they don’t make 5v5 engaging and popular, it will die for sure. As of right now, the major issues i see are:

  • Lack of cutting edge communications/social aspects, (e.g. guild/clan/group interactions, lack of team coms)(maybe Discord support or something)
  • Matchmaking woes (poorly set up matches, lack of punishment for abusive play)
  • Lack of meaning in the ranking systems
  • Hard to find guilds; recruitment and guild-finding is difficult to manage or participate in.
  • Hero designers need to introduce more raw mechanics. There are several that already exist in other MOBAs and that familiarity is something current PC MOBA users will be looking for.
  • Continued mobile optimizations: My iPhone 6S+ gets smoking hot and dims the screen every time I try to play 5v5 (even without a case on it).
  • Hire a ‘real’ game balancing team instead of whoever is doing it now… I recently heard a dev on a stream say that they balance by looking at who’s picked the most and taking the lower ranking heroes and buffing them until they become popular. How pathetic is that? The issue is not that simple.

Balancing is a simple thing to do honestly if you remove 99% of the balance changes ever made the game will be balanced and diverse

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Im from singapore, but atm I work in Indonesia :slight_smile:

Tony’s taunt is a new mechanic and it is very very powerful!

Simplistic perhaps but very potent.


For the point of your 6s getting hot in 5vs5, I can second that for my s7 edge. Not only it’s getting hot faster, that mode drains the battery a lot faster compared to 3vs3. Both shows clearly that 5vs5 is using a lot more processing power compared to VG before.

This is also a design flaw in Samsung devices that cause them to be dangerous

Joke aside, the phone is heating a little, but before was cold for more that 1h of gameplay. :slight_smile:
As for the note 7 bang bang edition, yeap… you can really pull on it explosive team fights. :slight_smile:

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The note was the phone that got publicity Samsung had a ndo for you to use your warrantee on other Galaxy devices you also had to sign away all future warrantee claims against Samsung

Like in Mobile Legends. Even though it might be ugly, the social media platform IN Game is really quite inspiring. EVen though their game was released way later, it became so much more popular and the social media platform in game really helped advertise it and bring players together.


It didn’t help riot sued them too XD

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Wait? i also use s7 but it doesnt really heat up, after extemded use perhaps but mostly not. And you can decrease the brightness and turn power saving mode so it doesnt consume that much batttery.

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If they dont have money then they should implement Vg to conmect in to famous social platforms… (like Facebook) Although yes its cringey but look at ML they are connected to social media that most often enough most people share their moments and other shite then more people gets to notice ML then share their experiences in the game and so on. Then there you have you it, have free publicity by letting people share their experinces.

Fullhd? Also we all have diff criterias for hot. I am comparing vs my phone before (exynos). As for the powersaver, even without it can drop fps in 5vs5 team fight, esp with two forts using ult.
As for the batt life - 3vs3 for 4h30m, 5vs5 for 3h. It uses more power. I use highest gfx, default set it to lower quality in the 3.0+ version and is a lot lighter.

Agreed to a degree. As we both agree on, some character animations could use work, so could the rise in general.

I think the google info is interesting, as google is the most popular search engine. Vainglory needs a kick in the rear, a real firestarter under the ass, so to speak.

I’m hoping you stop playin as well, what ou running? Spectrum 64?

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