The Sinking Ship

Does anyone else get the sense that Vainglory is barreling towards the ground in a shroud of flames?
5v5 seems to have flopped. There were tons of bugs right off the bat that I suspect ruined the opportunity to gather new players.Google Trends data shows that searches for Vainglory are down to where they were before winter. Multiple esports orgs pulled out, staff members left, and communication seems to be breaking down.
How much longer do we have left?


Downloads went from 5 to 10 million and you don’t know the player retention or the returning players.

I myself am finally climbing and enjoying 5v5 now that ranked is working well.


I’ve heard a handful of streamers say their VG numbers are up, so I don’t know. I think between the pro scene being in off-season, 5v5 being new and confounding the expectations of older players, plus negative impressions being louder and more memorable than positives ones, it’s natural that you’re feeling a lull.

I’d say just give it some time. Have fun and try out crazy strats to see what works and is the most enjoyable for you.


It is going downhill but 5v5 isn’t the cause. The biggest issue was not pushing back the update though. If I downloaded the game right after 3.1 came out I wouldn’t play it at all hell for a couple days of the long wait times I stopped playing all together only getting on to collect chests

Nah. Vainglory is experiencing some of the most significant changes in a long time, challenging long held notions & finding that they’re not that bad, and experiencing strong player engagement & less toxicity in 5v5 as far as I’ve seen.

Of course some of that is subjective opinion, but I don’t think Vainglory is failing as much as going back to ethical roots but in a smarter way.

Tony’s ult knockback is wildly ridiculous though.

This I can kinda agree with. The update would have been nice if it coincided with the Halycon Days event, but it’s there now. Not restricting 5v5 pendants to early adopters too was meh. Little things. 5v5 needs tweaks, and normalized balancing for both 5v5 and 3v3 is something that should happen, but I don’t doubt that things will work out.

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Based on social media, the VG is dying train has started up again. Again, with nothing to back it up but personal feelings.

The game was “dying” when I started, “dying” before worlds, and is “dying” again now.

The funniest part to me is this is common on so many games, and yet those games are still going strong. Just like VG.


On a six game win streak several heroes with 100% win rate…

I can win games myself.

Nah, Its not. While I do agree bugs and glitches in 3.1 gave it problems its fine now. Vainglory never gets boring and IMO is the best mobile game and moba around. In fact I like the controls better then mouse controlled mobas on pc. Even if you like the mouse keyboard control you can use it on vainglory as well.
This game isn’t going anywhere. it will be around forever and im going to play it till its gone. even if i’m salty I always come back and play it because its awesome.


The download were 5m for years. Most likely they were already close to 10m before the 5vs5. :wink:

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VG 5V5 is new give it a chance this is the most change we had since 3 years ago. Yes esports org pull out bit that really doesn’t matter because its not really the reason why people VG. And there’s always new people hired in SEMC and we had like 3+people leaving…so not that big of a deal and most of their reason is personal. And for me what should SEMC do is focus on their marketing get aggro on ads and spam them as hard as how ML does it.

And its said 10m+ so we could be near 20m and not even know…but id doubt that.


I think Vainglory become famous nowadays, based on google play rank. If you played dota2 since the beginning, it faced the same situation like VG now, long time matchmaking and bad elo systems for matching all players, especially on ranked matches. Now, lets give SEMC a chance to fix and get out from this situation, wait patiencely for a while, and I believe this game will be the best moba in the future :slight_smile:

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Controversial Opinion: I hope VG starts dying.

VG has had so many issues for so long and 5v5 is making these issues glaringly obvious.

  • Bugs
  • Servers
  • Binary, unfun kits
  • Servers
  • Non skill expressive kits
  • Strain on older devices

I’m sure there are more, but you get the point. SEMC needs to fix their game before they monetise it. And if they stop supporting my device because the specs on it are too low, that just gives me even more of a reason to keep playing Battlerite.


in 2013 people say clash of clans dying

and in 2014

and in 2015


maybe it’s still dying now. coc is dying for too long

maybe vg will, too…
in patch 2.0 vg is already dying because of minion mine to sentry change. that was people said…

Eventually all apps stop supporting older devices especially ios devices the saving grace for Android and a big challenge for Android is the fragmentation of it’s distros. The top three are Nougat (28.5%) Marshmallow (28.1%) Lollipop (24.6%)


Companies have deadlines, just like any other business. My theory is that semc had to push to release 5v5, but now that it’s out, they’ll have more time to polish and fine tune everything.

Even with deadlines in 3.0 5v5 was implemented. And allowed them to collect data by rushing things you only screw up a project. For example look at windows 8 it was so bad that they skipped windows 9 to make sure to distance themselves from it. What’s SEMC going to do get rid of 5v5 and go straight to 7v7 because of the bugs?

I’d be certainly heartbroken if VG fell off the map, or ceased to be in some way. It’s been with me for a while, and, it’s brought me together with some pretty great folks (such as this forum). It’s also one of my favourite games, hands down, and that goes for consoles and PC alike. That all being said, I can’t help but feel like it’s definitely seeming to fade a bit, and I can’t put my finger on it for sure but I can’t deny the feeling.


Tencent releases AoV
Post-5v5 Vainglory is riddled with bugs; fails to gain traction
PUBG buys MadGlory, weakening the little support that the stats API had
SEMC employees are dipping out left and right
So this is how it ends…