The Sinking Ship

I don’t disagree with you. I think Vainglory needs a revamp of some sort. Not a wholesale change of everything, but something about it does just leave a staleness no matter what. I could point to a number of reasons why but the problem is Vainglory is actually one of the best games I’ve played, and SEMC does do a lot of things right.

Honestly I think part of it is there’s not enough oomph in the visual action in the matches. You’re going to be doing the same thing every match, at some point or another, and while this is what you do in almost every game, the action packed moments just don’t pop to make you feel like you’re in vicious battle, the power plays are strategic rather than really explosive, and they take so long to come in match: most of the match is jockeying until the end, rather than epic moments.

I think it’s actually more of an animating and visual issue rather than anything else. Not a lot of heroes have epically animated moves. Even basic attacks could look more interesting in a lot of cases, character movements could have more flair. Part of this might be the angle we view the fight at though. I think it has to do with most model’s sizes as well. There’s not a lot of dynamic variety in what you’re seeing in fights after a while too, and it’s not as easy to set up those strategic yet visually epic moments as often as would make the battle look really intense.

I have always felt like blitz was a more visually fun mode to experience thank ranked, but the power and stats for talents were of course too little at first and way too much after the revamp.

All that said, sinking ship? Nah, I don’t think so. And even with all that criticism, it’s still such a beautiful game. I think the push to make vainglory more vibrant is a good thing, but not at the expense of it’s polish. I see vainglory as a cool, refined game, not a gritty, or goofy game. They’re working on things though, as always


SEMC fanboyz hate dis! it’s all FAKE NEWS! VG still going stronk with 10 mil download.

oh on a more serious note, read this


This is partly why I like the Fold better. It has far more striking visuals. The lower camera angle let’s you see the battle up close and get some epic lense flares. There’s also the theme variation in the Fold. The Fold has 3 distinct themes: high fantasy town, jungle/thick forest, and the technologically advanced camp. Meanwhile, the Rise has the same bland theme throughout the map. Just watching it on stream can be confusing because many parts of the map look so similar.
Also, the Rise is not as polished as the Fold. You look in the Fold and every nook and cranny is filled with perfection. The artists clearly poured a lot of love into it. But on the Rise, there is a lot of repetitiveness and many areas and ‘nooks and crannies’ that feel unfinished. In some ways, the Rise looks like the Fold in the really old 2014 screenshots.
Of course, that is something that can be ironed out over time like the Fold–but the Rise really should have been ready on release of 3.0.

P.S. I dare you to try to find a spot on the Fold that doesn’t look perfect. I know of only 3…
Now look at the Rise…


prehaps to reduce staleness they could only have updates were there are balance changes, in game changes and ui changes. changes to help prevent toxicity and fix old sytems like guild or sunlight. and then release vainglory 4 with multiple new heroes new gamemodes and new other stuff. probably keep regular skin updates though. a burst of new content in the game which has been polished and fixed would remove the staleness because there is o much to learn or something don’t bully me im tired

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That share your stats thing with a simple button push would be really awesome. And free advertising. Shoot it would be cool to just share your stats from your last match with friends in game. That was actually a great reddit post, and the theme really hits home: it’s the little things that really count.

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The top 4 things that could create a better game and make money still.

  1. Make a community driven skin environment like DotA2 use to have with people fully making skins to sell with SEMC getting a 25%-40% cut of profits from this(these skins would be a direct purchase like ice is from the play store in order to keep track)
  2. Produce more diverse heros without constantly balancing everyone instead make a new hero to balance things out.
  3. Diversify the items
  4. Make the shop easier to use with more items like a custom quick build feature

Not 7v7 there next project should be 4 abilities for each heroes. That way. 5v5 will feel more 5v5 to players.

I just want to go back to the good ol days of 3v3 and mechanics-based play and rotations like clockwork and absolute perfection while farming.


Honestly I would appreciate a AoS concept except 2 lanes. For those that don’t know AoS it is the 4v4 starcraft mod grandfather to all moba

Give it time eventually you will get the 5v5 map down

I’d like this better than the current lane-centric map.
Vainglory should put a huge emphasis on the jungle, like in pre-crystal-sentry 3v3.

First they need to fix the jungle bug of not seeing monsters or heros until you are on top of them


I can only assume that this is why


I think its a sinking ship because they couldnt make the game popular in the easy days , they cant make it popular in these hard days , i think thats why playoffbeard left the company he can see clearly how vainglory going to do in the future .

5v5 was a hard decision for them iam sure , and i honestly blame them for not working towards 5v5 Long time ago , they did make 5v5 but the time it takes to be a real good 5v5 moba not in their advantage , mobile competition getting harder and harder , expect any time a mobile moba game release and take everything .


I know, I wish they just did it much faster. It FEELS like SEMC is holding back on their visuals because of older devices. Not saying it’s guaranteed, but it’s what I think is likely.


Dungeon hunter champions is coming and will be a very major game being both rpg and moba. It will have a huge progression system unlike most other mobas.

More precisely, vg is dying after 3 summers skin era ended.

Then there’s no hope for vg if it’s a sinking ship
Look at titanic

Thats why for me the only solution is spam the ads everywhere. ML might be an ugly game but its famous because of their advertising(cringey ads). Even now the ads is still widespread. SEMC should be doing it hard right now but instead they hide on the reddit cave and discord instead of pushing VG to market. Wish the devs would read this discussion it has more depth to it than mindless memes on redshit.

Or maybe different effect on overdriven ability. Will bring a lot of choices and diff playstyles with the hero if implemented right.

It’s not hard to add details for higher quality settings. There are a lot of games that do it really great and thus runs on older systems with ok gfx without sacrificing the top visuals on the powerful systems/phones.

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