The Sinking Ship

Personally, I feel SEMC found a pretty good balance. If you add too many effects, hectic fights can become visually overloaded to the point where it detracts from the information you are capable of processing.
In a MOBA, being able to read the battlefield at a glance is extremely important. If it is being drowned in effects, that is getting progressively more difficult.

Not all heroes and abilities are animated equally well, but on the whole, the art department has done a respectable job.
The Rise, on the other hand, could really do with some sort of rework, as @PopcornOne mentioned.


vainglory should be able to provide social network INSIDE the game, so people can interact, communicate, spectate each others, gambling and support top teams, daily competitions, and share opinions, gameplay, etc freely in 1 apps, even forum in-game. We need vainglory not to be only mobile moba games, but “social-online” mobile moba games, just like dota2 and LoL, ML too…
I think SEMC should consider to be a cross-platform moba asap, coz this game is totally playable and suitable in any platform, considering the graphics, uniqueness of the 5v5 map, etc…


I agree. Although it’s difficult to say how much more potential is left unused in new top-of-the-line devices. But we do know for certain that they are holding back in some areas:
Many of the environment textures on the Rise are not a high enough resolution and it’s very noticeable on devices with larger screens. SEMC undoubtedly has higher resolution textures avaible and they could easily put them to use but it seems that they are trying to keep memory usage under 2GB.
There is no reason that higher resolution textures shouldn’t be used on devices that have the memory available.

All i know is nothing else matters if every game is forcing you to predict 3 seconds into the future and looks like a cheap animation…


Where are uou living i domt see VG on top groosing here im SEA just asking

There’s a bunch of truly excellent ideas in this paragraph. Implementing even half of that would drastically increase player retention.

A few of these suggestions, such as player profiles, have popped up time and time again, even with regards to monetization. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that SEMC simply lack the know-how to make it happen.
That would also explain why they outsourced their API to a company with a less than brilliant track-record, in terms of reliability.


me personally think it is the CEO, Kristian S

its a loop
if you are confident that your game going to attract more players do ads !
but if you dont have money how you going to make ads ?
if you confident enough you could make a plan to get money and do ads ! but are you confident ?

i could be wrong but i think some of the devs thinks vainglory is not for everyone , so they do ads for targeted audience , because they probably think showin ads for everyone is a wasting of money , and we could repeat this point because it could lead to (no money to spend) and the targeted audience is a cover excuse .

True but moba games aren’t for everyone, and not everyone should play them. Though most their target auidence who is a good match for MOBA games rarely pay attention to comercial unless it a repeated thing. Even than vainglory needs some serious updates on tutourials to make it a game can be learned from new players. I hate lengthy tutorials but what I hate more is having total aspects of the game, and strategies unknown.(especially getting thrown in casual from the get go with the lpq trolls)

learning the controls is part of the problem
if you check feedbacks about the game , there is a lot of them talking about the controls

its not take it and play , its take it , learn it , then play

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Yes, which is why a better and longer tutourial is needed

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No need to be a marketing genius to understand that VG isn’t exactly in its best shape either. Maybe the saddest part of the graph is the last peak: people are intrigued by the upcoming 5v5, yet quit shortly after, disappointed.

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Vainglory is back to it’s lowest since ~2015.
Interestingly, even the 5v5 hype didn’t get as much attention as Vainglory did around 2016.

Who uses Google trends? I know of it because of you mentioning it every other day…

Playoff beard left?? Omg… why?? I don’t understand? They fire him or he judt willingy leave?

That also includes searching for the actual word itself

Does it include talking out of your ass?

He said he left bc he needed a more consistent job for his family, as well as a better work/life balance. We had a discussion here about it when it happened if you want to see.

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Talking out my ass you did a trends comparison on two of the same terms that will give the exact result without doing any search on a topic. While I am happy of the effort you are going through, no matter how little it is, if you go by topic vainglory(video game) is slightly above vainglory(topic). What this shows is while vainglory the game generated hype it did not generate sticking power for builds. While the band vainglory is a complete flatline

Alright but my point still stands. Overall trend is the exact same.

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