So... You were wondering why Magnus seems so like Vox?

So I was looking through this thread:

…And I found this:


Quality post I know but I thought it was interesting


Actually, There’s a lot in here that looks quite interesting. This for example:

I’d like to know more, anyone know anything about this?

Ooh, interesting.

I wonder if the Riven-like hero might be referring to Idris… the initial post was in August '16, and he was released December that year, so the timeline kind of works.


Maybe its the hero that we saw on one of the semc developer video on the computer of a employee. It was a full splashart…

Vox was originally thought to be a fire mage, reason why his name was Magnus.

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Oh I hadn’t thought about that… I was thinking more Kensei, but Idris is definitely the more “arabic” hero

If you go to the hero’s that could appear according to lore there is a picture of him

Is this the thread you meant? I can’t find it…



Idris is an arabic name as well so it does tie in nicely.

Same reaction to this instead

Would have been nice to have a dragon slayer hero to help expand the skaarf group in the lore since its only him while Bf has malene and phinn :adagio:

Them constantly trying to “kill” each other, but really they’re great friends and put aside their differences to kick butt together :adagio:

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