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As title says, basically a thread that just has all the pointless trivia we players know.

Infamous Heroes

  1. Ardan’s gauntlet once did insane damage because of a bug.
  2. Petal wasn’t a potato back then and had a farther AA range.
  3. Taka used to have lifesteal on crits.
  4. When Skye was first released many thought of her as a useless hero:_:
  5. Taka’s mortal strikes used to be a guaranteed crit.
  6. Koshka’s YCF used to be able to target jungle bosses.
  7. Ozo’s Ultimate originally had a bug that could allow him to move the Kraken and turrets, and it was hotfixed pretty quickly.
  8. Vox use to get a barrier for basic attacking
  9. Phinn’s polite company used to grant OP barrier instead of fortified health. (Not long after reim was introduced)
  10. Skye used to be UP. Back in her released patch, Target Lock can only apply on her 2nd basic attack
  11. Koshka used to have permanenent stacks on her B.
  12. Catherine’s perk used to provide 2 armor and shield instead of 1.
  13. SAW used to have a wp ratio on his Ult? back in 1.0 or something.
  14. Reim used to have the fastest jungle clear back in 1.13 and a big ratio on his ult so he could wipe teams easily.
  15. Lyra is the hero with the fastest time to hotfix her because of her B which lasted for 6 seconds when overdrived
  16. Kestrel used to have a very wide hitbox on her A and some of the best wave clear and damage on release
  17. Ardan used to have a 50% hp ratio on his vanguard
  18. Skye’s missiles did not formerly home in on the target, but rather attempt to lead their target and explode there. Actually, this was not OP in the slightest because the missiles almost always missed; rather, it was very UP, and so they were changed to their current incarnation to have them actually hit the enemy.
  19. There was once a time where Vox had ratios shudder
  20. Adagio’s B used to have a time limit on it instead of x number of buffed attacks.
  21. SAW’s max speed buff on his A used to be 2.5 but now it’s 3.2 (they just never told us in the patch notes ^-^)
  22. SAWs B used to be 2.5 seconds long and had slower tick damage than the one we currently have which is 2 seconds long and has faster ticks of damage.
  23. Tank skaarf used to be a thing because his perk used to deal % of hp damage?
  24. Looking back here Skaarf had a pretty big 600% ratio on his ult before it was changed(source:
  25. Petals seeds used to heal you when you stood on them.
  26. Skaarf had absolutely trash scaling (also credited because of bad CP Pierce item) but had stupid high base damage making him utterly powerful early and forced to go tank mid-late game. They made significant changes to him which gave rise to pure tank Skaarf which would later get nerfed to the ground.
  27. Taka’s Kaiten had a WP ratio.
  28. Catherine’s B skill was bugged for a short time and allowed her to deflect turret shots after a buff boosting its deflection damage when overdrived. Fun times.
  29. SAW’s ult used to splash damage with WP. At the time, he was the 2nd best duelist (under Krul) and the best 1v3er due to his ability to delete teams with ults.
  30. Vox was designed to be a jungler. He used to have a small barrier when hitting things equivalent to a portion of the CP damage of his passive. This made eve crazy on him alongside to his 1v3 ult nuke.
  31. Vox used to be able to proc resonance bounces on Kraken which was also nuts. Fairly recently, he used to have a % WP increase for a few seconds when you used an overdrived A skill.
  32. For the longest time, you couldn’t reflex block Krul’s ult slow because of a bug.
  33. Crits used to give Ki Stacks to Taka. Not like anyone built crit tho because passives strikes autocrit. His ult used to also instantly give 3 ki stacks at any level.
  34. SAW’s Roadie Run CD used to start as soon as it was activated. People then was complaining SAW is too agile, cannot run away from him or cannot get close to him. Some fancy ‘Ninja’ build with 2 CW could let him run forever with 2-3s break in between.
  35. Celeste and Skaarf used to be able to delete waves. Considering this was before diving was a widely accepted strat, it was thought to be unfair because you can go extremely late game because the enemy team had to get Kraken in order to start a teamfight which they can lose. Keep in mind, during this time, Skaarf was the best hero to mow down Kraken because of passive and B damage. That’s why pretty much every single AoE ability has reduced damage on minions.
  36. Speaking of Skaarf, again, one of the reasons why he was underwhelming on release is because his A skill could not pass through minions. Just imagine being a Skye in lane trying to A skill without a strafing movement speed buff or a gap closer.

Random Hero Trivia

  1. Arcane Passage is the only ability that doesn’t have any damage or any effect on damage, whether direct or indirect, implemented somewhere in it.
  2. Catherine was the first hero created. This is why Alpha says something along the lines of ‘Hunting Stormguard 001.’ (Confirmed by @Nivmett)
  3. Petal is the only hero from the original set without a Tier III.
  4. Lyra’s quotes are usually what runs in a roamer’s head.
  5. Adagio was gonna live his life being called “warren” until playoffbeard convinced captain neato it didn’t fit him.
  6. Contrary to popular belief, yelling into a minion’s mouth does not echo.
  7. Taka’s original name was Sayoc, the name of a type of Filipino martial art. (He was designed by Chainsaw who is Filipino.) Then they changed his name to Taka after an employee. Rona’s name was going to be Vissander, after Heini Vissander who is head of marketing, but then people were complaining that they named too many characters after employees so they changed it. (And she did eventually cosplay Rona, who is based off of her!)
  8. Krul is often thought to have been part of the original cast, but he was added shortly after official release.
  9. Glaive was the one who took Ringo’s arm.
  10. Ringo was once almost indefinitely part of the weekly free hero rotation.
  11. Vox’s original name was Magnus.
  12. When Ozo was first leaked, people thought that he was Malene.
  13. There is an Arabian looking Riven-like hero teased by Vainglory that we still don’t know anything about. Some believe it is a hoax.
  14. All 3 of Petal’s abilities have been reworked multiple times.
  15. The most recent hero is often in the free rotation the week before a new update.
  16. A hero whose name may or may not be Malene has been missing for several months, after being effectively announced as the next hero.
  17. Corpus being implemented into the actual game has been hinted at a few times.
  18. Celeste, ardan, and vox’s heroic perks have pictures of Julia in a different color (and are named Julia’s ____)
  19. Skaarf was the first Mage role hero introduced to the game
  20. The heroes released along with the game (meaning they were the first) were Catherine, ringo, koshka, adagio, petal, Glaive, and saw in no particular order.
    21 Koshka’s difficulty used to be easy.
  21. The first t3 skin was Shogun Ringo.
  22. Petal still does not have a hero spotlight (as of the creation of this thread).
  23. During the events of the VG eSports, Blackfeather can be heard saying “Zorro? You mean that pro laner?”. This was found and heard by IraqiZorro himself, who was flattered and posted a short clip of it on his twitter.
  24. Skaarf has an extremely high Weapon Power compared to other mages.
  25. SAW= Secretly A Woman (A forum joke, that is not actually what it stands for).
  26. When Fortress was first announced, people thought that he was a Taka skin and that he could be mounted by allies for faster movement.
  27. Catherine’s perk, “Captain of the Guard” used to be called “Panzer Faust”, which was 10x cooler.
  28. SAW is supposed to stand for “squad automatic weapon”.
  29. Skaarf was first teased in Joule’s hero spotlight, hiding in a brush.
  30. Phinn’s previous splashart had his anchor placed in such a way that it looked like a dong.
  31. Celeste and Kestrel are the only heroes with global abilities.
  32. People called SEMC racist because there was no black hero until Lance was released.
  33. Blackfeather’s name was referred as BlueFeather or RedFeather based on which build he has in game. This way of calling was used by the Dev in one of their streams for an update.
  34. Ringo used to have 2 guns, one called Faith, one called Reason. He now got rid of Faith as he only has one arm.
  35. Vox’s B ability, Pulse, used to look very detailed and the ability was also able to detect not just enemy’s position but also their direction of movement.
  36. Ardan’s C abilty, Gautlet, used to look transparent with particle effect more visually pleasing than today’s.
  37. With the information from Fortress’s lore “A Story for Everything,” halcyon were secreted by two brothers who were gods. They fought often and were banished to become halcyon wells. One is located in the Halcyon Fold. The other is hinted to be located in a faraway archipelago. Alpha and Krul were the only heroes to have ever been to the second well. Alpha, before she became the robot she was, was stationed there as a guard. She was killed(Neck snapped) by Krul who was seeking Halcyon to release him from his curse.
  38. Krul used to only reduce CP and Attack Speed with his stacks.
  39. Taka used to start off with 60ish% attack speed. He then got 100% base attack speed but was the only hero at the time to have a 1.6 second attack cooldown, 0.2 seconds higher than everyone else.
  40. Legend has it that during development, Adagio’s A skill when used on self was supposed to stun. This got swapped around with his ult I think. A developer has to confirm this tho.
  41. SAW used to lose all stacks of Spin Up at once when he was stunned on older versions of the game, SEMC decided to remove this mechanic to make SAW a more viable pick.
  42. In his Summer Party skin, SAW has a cartoonishly drawn moose on his chest.
  43. SEMC once held an art contest regarding the ongoing “bikini Krul” joke on the forums.
  44. Krul’s sword which is embedded in his chest is named Hellrazor.
  45. SAW uses a pair of minions as lifting weights and drags turrets as exercise.
  46. Skaarf’s full name is Skaarfungandr and has had many different incarnations, having the role of “the ender of civilization”.
  47. Taka used to be able to recall while invisible.
  48. There is a 1.2-second arming timer for Kestrel’s mist. This was previously unknown to most players, but was added to the Active Camo description in update 1.20.
  49. Taka’s Shiro Kage Taka skin has a epic card called Healing with the text “I am stolen life.”, however in the same update (1.9) that they introduced his Tier II skin, they removed lifesteal from his perk.
  50. Petal’s skills were not locked at level 1 before. So people could wrongly put the first point into the B skill, which was then a summon skill from seed to munion, but at level 1 you do not have extra point to but into the A skill to drop the seed.
  51. Skaarf used to have only one really cute voice line. Here’s a thread about how people felt about the change:
  52. In Rona’s Killer Bunny skin splashart, the bunny beside her looks like Skaarf’s t2.
  53. There was a would-be dragonslayer that tried to defeat Skaarfungandr, but ended up getting burnt to a crisp.
  54. Phinn was first seen in Joule’s lore, as “Gator”.
  55. Phinn possesses more mammalian traits than he does reptilian.
  56. Krul is a viking who did not make it to Valhalla. Alpha (then Daisy) is also the woman he killed in his lore.
  57. In one of Celeste’s t2 cards, she has fewer fingers than the average human, implying she is an mutated alien space creature that resembles modern H. Sapiens that has the power to control stars and was inserted into Julia’s womb through probing.
  58. Skaarf’s favourite food is possibly chili peppers, as in his lore he ate the entire field of chili peppers on a farm he wandered into.
  59. Taka’s X-Retsu had a long-time bug in which it skipped the casting animation, giving him an indirect buff.
  60. Joule’s Thunderstrike isn’t actually thunder, as thunder is the sound produced shortly before lightning strikes a surface.
  61. Reim and Krul are vastly similar in many ways; Both have a long beard, are of of old age, possess a helmet with horns, based off of Norse mythology, shirtless, and their skillsets revolve around sticking to and slowing their opponents to deal damage.
  62. Alpha’s Prime Directive at full Core Collapse stacks, with 5x SG, a Clockwork, and a Crystal Infusion, does the single most damage to a turret in one shot in the game, at an astounding 3,140 damage - credit to Reddit user ITS-JOHN-CENA.
  63. The background in Adagio’s splash art bears a lot of resemblance to an ancient temple called Bayon Temple. The gigantic stone face is similar to the smiling faces that can be found at Bayon Temple although the one found in the splash art closely resemble Buddha while the faces at Bayon is widely believed to represent the then king, Jayavarman VII.
  64. Both Ardan and Kestrel say “Stay in your lane.” Both Joule and Saw share the line “Coming through!”
  65. Heroes used to not have any kind of voice.
  66. Taka’s Kaku used to not heal himself until it was overdriven (and even then it would only heal for 1(?)% of his maximum health per second.
  67. Glaive was the first ever hero to have a ’ hero spotlight '. Ciderhelm did a tutorial on glaive as he really liked him, though Ciderhelm had not yet been recruited by SEMC when he made it.

Hero References & Name Origins

  1. Many of Skye’s lines are from Top Gun. (@ZeroNoKai)

  2. Vox’s legendary card is a quote from Peter Pan. (@ZeroNoKai)

  3. These are possibly the origin of names of certain heroes, some are probably obvious than others:

    1. Celeste - From Celestial(Heavenly Bodies = Stars)
    2. Adagio - Musical term(Slowly)
    3. Vox - Voice
    4. Lyra - A constellation
    5. Alpha - First letter of Greek Alphabet
      6.Petal - (Plant)
    6. Fortress - A fortified structure(also apparently a dog of a developer)
      8.Krul - A VG developer
      9.Koshka - Female Cat in Russian
    7. Lance - A kind of weapon used by a mounted warrior
      Pretty sure there’s more… TBA
  4. Krul is named after Tommy Krul, an employee at SEMC.

  5. Many of the skins pay homage to pop culture from as far back as the 60s.

  6. Skaarf’s name is a reference to Tommy Krul wearing scarves very often. He is also known as Scarf Man. If you search Vainglory on Google and scroll down long enough, you will find some cool pics of heroes wearing scarves, such as SAW and Krul!

  7. The name “Infinity Skaarf” is a reference to a convention speech done by Tommy Krul in which he wore an infinity scarf.

  8. Krul spelled backwards is “Lurk”, which means “to hide and watch”, which also implies his specialty.

  9. Taka is Japanese for Hawk.

  10. Kestrel is a type of falcon.

  11. One of Ozo’s in-game lines is: “I like it, let’s put a ring on it!”. It’s a reference to the song “Single Ladies” by Beyonce.

  12. Catherine is @TheRealKrul 's wife name. He basically based on his wife’s name to create Catherine

  13. Ringo means apple in Japanese, and Ringo is Japanese. Apples are also commonly placed on heads for shooting.

  14. Skye’s tier 3 cards contain of Sierra, Uniform, Killo, Alfa, Echo, Echo = S-U-K-A-E-E. They’re NATO phonetic alphabet. As we know she’s korean. In hangul/korean SKYE would be 스카이, you can read it as SUKAI/SUKAEE. It was found by reddit user & it was confirmed by the dev

  15. Ozo’s Bangarang might be a reference to Skrillrex. It’s animation is pretty odd too, as he faces the wrong direction whilst rolling.

  16. Phinn was either named after EvilFinn a developer at SEMC or was named after a part of a fish-what Phinn loves to eat.

  17. Glaive’s name was also named after a type of a melee ranged weapon with a long handle and a blade at its end. This is also a reference to Glaive’s very own wide and far melee range in game.

  18. Joule is named after an unit of measurement for Energy, which makes sense as she’s controlling a battle mech.

  19. Taka means “Hawk” or “Falcon” in Japanese, and his A “Kaiten” means rotation, which makes sense as he rotates his position around the enemy as also spin mid air. His ult is also translate as “line” or “row”.

  20. Reim’s ultimate, Valkyrie, was named after the female servant of Odin in Norse mythology. They often are refered as beautiful girls in armor and have dove wings. They are also skilled in using weapon like spear and bows.

  21. Ozo is likely based on the Monkey King (Sun Wukong) from Journey to the West, a famous Chinese novel.

  22. Two of BFs lines (‘I use my cash on looking flash’ and ‘Stand and deliver!’) are lyrics of the song ‘Stand and Deliver’ by Adam Ant.

  23. The Killa Joule skin is a pun on Kilo Joule, which is a measurement of energy.

  24. Phinn’s “bonecruncher” skins are a nod to LOTR’s Sauron, even going as far to make a green version of The Eye of Sauron mounted on his back. (@Achillo)

  25. Reim’s “north wind” skins are also a nod to LOTR, this time being likened to Gandalf and Saruman.

  26. Fortress’ “netherworld” skins are based off of Cerberus, the three-headed guard dog of the Underworld from Greek mythos.

  27. Fortress’ “gift wrapped” skin seems oddly similar to the Doge meme.

  28. Alpha means “beginning” or “leader”, being derived from Greek.

  29. The Leviathan from SAW’s lore is coined from the bible monster which had an impenetrable hide.

  30. Taka’s Nightshadow skin seems to be based off of Star Wars, particularly Kylo Ren and the Fetts.

  31. Catherine’s t3 skin is a reference to Medusa, a Gorgon, also from Greek mythology.

  32. Glaive’s A skill, Afterburn, got it’s name from Afterburners, a part of planes and jets used to provide thrust.

  33. Celeste’s “Heliogenesis” means “sun origin” which is pretty strange in my opinion.

  34. Rona’s t3 skin is akin to Harley Quinn from DC Comics.

Those were the Days…

  1. Originally the gold miner could be taken just like minion mines. It would fight for you, provide vision, but also give out a hefty 300 gold pay out whenever it was full.
  2. At official release, VG only had one mode: ranked. It wasn’t till almost a full year later that the queues were split and casual was created.
  3. Vainglory used to be called Kindred: Asunder.
  4. Vainglory used to be iOS exclusive.
  5. Double tapping the recall button used to initiate the hero dancing. #givebackherodancesorrito.
  6. There used to be (still is?) a bug with which you could instantly go back to shop and return to your current position with certain movement abilities. E.g. Suri strike, Into the Fray, Gauntlet, Vanguard, Acrobounce etc…
  7. Back in the days the ? ping had no cooldown. ahhh so nostalgic.
  8. Don’t forget about when there was a bug in bots match, people exploited it to get illegal NS taka cards, and got tons of essense from it. But semc removed all the illegal cards, including the crafted skins and essence from those illegal cards.
  9. Corpus has already been implemented in the game but was taken out. His skull was in the kraken pit and its eyes would glow red every so often in the halloween update.
  10. The game used to favour those who could shop the quickest at the start because there was no time limit restricting you.
  11. Capturing the minion miners used t increase the bounty of your lane minions(so no-one really took them unless they wanted a big payout from the minion miner at about 8 mins).
  12. Tier 1-6 used to be named Ask again later, Just beginning, Getting there, Not Bad, Decent-ish, Pretty Good in order from 1 to 6.
  13. The scout trap damage formula was changed due to it blowing people’s health up early game. This was credited to placing a scout trap during an early fight to ensure you win.
  14. WP ratio used to be based off of total WP. (Since everyone had built-in WP, it naturally had an advantage over CP.) This was changed to bonus WP, and every single WP ratio then got steroid buffs to compensate for the change.
  15. The base turrets used to pay out 300 global gold which snowballed harder.
  16. Remember the good times of the good ol days when you’d use SAW pick up an SGB and mow down every turret with ease? (the poop strat was real)
  17. Petal was extremely weak at level 1 because she only had seed and those days the enemy could reach you before you could kill the back camp minions. Early 3 men jungle invade was a super valid strategy then because enemy could be lock at level 1 for a long time.
  18. Minion Candy (boost 40%) used to work on Petal’s munions. That made her had a super power spike at level 2.
  19. Stutter steps used to increase the attack speed of auto attack. Those days Adagio could wipe off the entire enemy team easily with his range and slow. Spinned up SAW was an instant death machine if you got into his range, people even went as far to call it hacking. Ringo and Petal were up there as well, and together they held on to the top 4 meta for a very long time.
  20. Capturing a minion mine used to increase the gold value of minions. The moment you took one, gold would be trickling to the enemy team which would give their laner a significant edge over time.
  21. There was a minion mine change that significantly buffed up minions when captured. I remembered getting killed by minions as a Ringo at full HP after I failed to freeze the lane.
  22. After significant jungle changes, the jungle camps used to terrorize the roams because of buffed damage and bulk based off of gold value, even killing some if the duo couldn’t clear fast enough.
  23. When minion mine was made such that the gold value of minions don’t increase when you have 1, people were still hesitant to capture it for whatever reason.
  24. The front camps used to have Big + Small monsters. This was changed because people kept robbing the front monsters which made the jungler accumulate a steady advantage over the other.
  25. The Kraken used to be incredibly weak in older patches, that even a roam like Ardan could solo her without difficulty.
  26. There used to be only one server, and because of this you could easily party up with devs and have some fun games.

Infamous Items

  1. Flares used to be global.
  2. Breaking point used to be incredibly strong, dealing significant damage on its own.
  3. Some active and passive items used to be stackable, and their effects could be used multiple times.
  4. Broken Myth’s old passive was that the lower your health was, the more shield pierce the item gave.
  5. Items used to not have shared CD. Fountain of Renewal had higher activated health % regen and the ticks were locked at the first missing HP calculation (current one recalculate each tick), they also came with high passive health regen. 2 FoR could turn Catherine and Adagio into super unkillable tank.
  6. There was a time before gold pots and level juice in practice mode.
  7. Stormguard banner used to deal a consistent amount of damage , teams would go with heroes that could leap walls , buy SGB + attack speed + defense and just rush all the turrets down. Most games didn’t last even 10 mins.
  8. Broken Myth used to be called Splintered Myth.
  9. Both piercing spear and piercing shard got nerfed because stacking them did a stupid amount of damage.
  10. Shiversteel had a slightly longer slow duration for ranged heroes. This made Adagio and especially Petal to become OP because you could kite out everyone.
  11. Frostburn had a flat slow (as opposed to a scaling slow). This made Krul’s primary rushed item Frostburn. This was also the suggested item by devs iirc.
  12. Breaking point used to increase armor penetration every second in battle iirc. It also used to increase crit per hit. It also used to increase WP per hit.
  13. Broken Myth used to only give CP and a flat CP Penetration.
  14. Aftershock used to be slightly more expensive, had a longer cooldown, but had a large flat HP slice %. Quite a bit people complained over months which made it get changed.
  15. Scout Traps did not have an arming animation prior to recent patches.
  16. Three leaked items rumored for Update 1.18, named “Unity,” “Siege Engine,” and “Shockwave” have still yet to be released as of Update 1.20.
  17. IGC used to be this weird item where you had to take X amount of hits to receive X amount of gold. I don’t even think it gave you HP upon monster kill.
  18. Minion candies used to cost 500 gold.
  19. Contraption was the first item to be released through an update.
  20. Flares used to be called Flare Gun. This was changed when the actual Flare Gun item was released in update 1.19.

SEMC & Miscellaneous Trivia

  1. ICE stands for incredibly concentrated evil (and used to be found within the game but was mysteriously removed from the UI after some time).
  2. Doer was the first SEMC employee.
  3. CaptainNeato designed much of the original cast, but character creation is now mostly done by Ciderhelm (the voice of most of the instructional videos in the game).
  4. Zekent is a professional MOBA player with accomplishments in LoL.
  5. PlayOffBeard’s favorite hero is Koshka.
  6. NA>EU
  7. The original map design was intended to have two lanes split by one jungle (or was it two jungle w/1 lane?)
  8. The three “bear” shopkeepers have a lore to them. They were once brothers and split up due to argument on where to put the shop.
  9. Halcyon actually means a period of time in the past that was very happy and peaceful.
  10. Corpus is supposed to be the goat in the Ardan lore that was killed by Stormguards (most likely Kestrel).
  11. Vainglory technically plays on 2D (as opposed to 3D). This explains why you can’t jump out of Ardan’s Gauntlet using Joule’s Rocket Leap.
  12. As of right now (Patch 1.20), Sorrowblade is 96.8% gold efficient which makes it good to stack. SG is about 75% efficient. On its own, BP is 62.5%. It requires 48.75 WP (or 4.875 stacks) for it to be 100% efficient which is really good. Clockwork (the calculations here are really finicky here because of energy battery) is 45.1% efficient. You require 366.22 CP to make it 100% efficient and 199.56 CP to make it 75%. The reason why T3 CP is so inefficient is because crystal bit has so much CP.
  13. The model for the Vainglorious trophy is a forumer here! :eek: HAHA I FORGOT ABOUT THIS
  14. In the Halloween Map of the Halcyon Fold, several easter eggs are seen. The tombstones on the base on the right side of the fold had several names on them. Notable lore related names include Faith(Ringo’s Gun), Julia (Wife of Ardan and Mother of Vox and Celeste), and finally Krul’s tomb (It is the only grave that is empty.) Also, an even creepier easter egg in the map is the mysterious hand on the side of the tent. This is located on the right side base.

  1. Previously all damage used to be coloured in red and wouldn’t distinguish between cp and wp damage but a change not too long ago changed that which now clearly shows what type of damage you’re dealing.
  2. The game used to not have an name system.
  3. @adit1996 was the first to reach the Vainglorious tier ever. It took over 100 continuous wins.
  4. There used to be no BRONZE SILVER GOLD tiers.
  5. TeamSG was the first ever ‘guild’ formed (in 2014).
  6. There used to be no level system.
  7. @XaVierZ was the first vainglorious gold, having already been awarded with it the moment the BRONZE SILVER GOLD system was released.
  8. There used to be no party system.
  9. The profile used to show the total games played (so you can figure out your losses too).
  10. Simply amazing used to be called Rather Amazing.
  11. Some voices such as TRIPLE KILL! Had been recorded before, but never released. Look at the vainglory trailer for more info.
  12. The base used to have no resistance buff to heroes who enter, meaning heroes like Ringo can keep shooting at AFKs in base and get free kills.

I’ll continue to update this list as more people respond, let’s see how big this thread can get :stuck_out_tongue: