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“Wraaeeh rahr rrr rwr!!” :skaarf:

Welcome to the forum-built introduction to Skaarf, THE BEST HERO, part of our #guides series! If you’re new to Skaarf and would like an overview, you’re in the right place! You’ll find builds, playstyle tips, and other resources by clicking the links below.


If you’d like to contribute, please do! These posts are wikis that forum members can edit. Post your builds and playstyle tips! But don’t make it too detailed. The goal is a quick, easy-to-browse overview for players who are new to this hero. You may want to check out our other hero #guides for examples!

This thread is also for discussion, so feel free to reply with comments and questions about Skaarf and the builds and tips posted here.


Skaarf Builds

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Skaarf Playstyle Tips

If you’re quick, you can place goop puddles on spitfires that are still mid-air. With a little practice and coordination, you can ignite the enemy with a goop puddle right as the spitfire hits them.

When up against mobile heroes with annoying dashes, like @Vox or @Idris, you can take this tip one step further. As the enemy dashes away from your spitfire, place the goop puddle so that the edge of it still hits them, while also just catching the edge of the fireball. This can effectively extend the hitbox of your spitfires, so that you still damage the enemy.

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Skaarf’s A ability, Spitfire, can be a useful tool for checking if enemies are in a bush. Before walking flying in blind, shoot some fire, to be safe.

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This isn’t so much a tip, just a thing to remember:

Skaarf is the best hero. Let that lead you to victory.

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Other Skaarf Resources

Voice Lines

Official Hero Spotlight:


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I can’t say how much I love that little flamethrower. Hoping to see lots of playstyle tips, so my skaarfing can be even more fun. And maybe someone has the best updated Critspit™ WP build?