Community Tier List [4.5]

:spring_happy_3: POLLS ARE CLOSED! I repeat - POLLS ARE CLOSED!! :sunny_happy_3:


Susie is ranked higher than :potoo:, sad times we are living in…


No need to be sad.

After all, there will be alot of :poop::bomb: this weekend on some homes :slightly_smiling_face:

On the flipside, my votes are on top the list of each poll. Good to know that Im not that out of touch with whats strong and not


:sunny_happy_2: #blessed #grateful #bestVGbirb


I know that your a birb and everything but I fixed it for you. It must be hard to type with talons :potoo:

This message was brought to you by the Potoo Gang Potoo Gang Pottoooooo gAnG

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Kind of amazing that Yates has walked away with his second “Best Community Rated Support”! I should really learn to play him, I guess… :sunny_happy_1:

So everyone knows - all five of our top-rated heroes now have guide wikis. Drop by and add a build or playstyle tip:

4.5 Top-Rated Heroes

:vgroles_captain: Yates
:vgroles_jungle: Inara
:vgroles_carry_top: Joule
:vgroles_carry_mid: SKAARF!!! :skaarf:
:vgroles_carry_bot: Kestrel

For reference, here were our 4.2 winners:
:vgroles_captain: Yates
:vgroles_jungle: Reza
:vgroles_carry_top: San Feng
:vgroles_carry_mid: Magnus
:vgroles_carry_bot: Gwen


Top 3 :vgroles_captain: picks I have no issue with. The three heroes - Catherine, Lyra, and Yates and in that order from 3rd to 1st sounds right to me.

As to the :vgroles_jungle:, and I imagine I’ll get opposition here, I disagree with the top 3… completely. I understand Inara’s prowess in top tier/scrim play, but I pray less experienced players who read this don’t start spamming her. Overall, she’s one of the worst played heroes overall by folks that don’t seem to understand her kit well. She’s very hit or miss depending on the player, and to me seems to be an unpopular pick in most public/general matches. This could come down to how each of us voted, and our criteria. My two areas of interest were : popularity of pick, strength of hero. Inara for me aced the latter, but failed the former. In regard to Reza and Anka - they’re just not that strong anymore. Reza, I understand. I’ll take a good Glaive, Ylva, Leo, Catherine, or Lance over Anka and Reza though. This is why I love polls though - interesting!

For :vgroles_carry_top:, pretty bread and butter there with the top 3. The top 2 are almost always banned now from my experience ( rip Catherine :sob:).

For :vgroles_carry_mid:, @HipsterSkaarf, how much did Celeste drop? She’s 4th now. What was she previously? The nerfs hit her a bit hard, I’m surprised she made it above Malene, tbh. I have zero issues with the top 3, and the order they’re in.

Finally, :vgroles_carry_bot:, and I don’t know why I didn’t vote her, but Joule should at least be 4th. Otherwise, no issues there as well!

Thanks for doing these, @HipsterSkaarf! Fun to see what folks think. Good job, voters :clap:

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For 4.2, she was second place, but nearly tied for first with Magnus. Really strong back then, and yeah, she’s dropped quite a bit!

I agree with you on Inara. I really like her kit, and love to see her used effectively, but she seems really hard to get the most out of, because she’s not only kind of high skill cap, mechanically, but also requires high macro awareness, AND also requires teammates to be on the same page a lot of the time. That said, I really want to learn how to play her, because she’s really fun to play and her Nightblade skin is awesome.

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Pretty much what I expected, but not in fact what I believe to be accurate. I love my girl Lorelei, my most played hero in 5v5 for sure, but she is not better than Ardan, San Feng, or even Phinn at the moment. Cath I would actually put above Lyra for solo Q, only because if you pick Lyra and your team has a squishy top lane you will probably lose due to having zero frontline.


Pretty much accurate imo. Jungle is pretty hard to judge just because there are so many good picks, but these tend to be the best.

Top lane:

Yeah… as a top lane main that looks just about right. Alpha should not be 4th tho. Grace, and BF are much better picks. Warhalk should also be top 5 at minimum. Top lane is his best position, and he is honestly really strong. Honestly too many good top lane picks rn.

Mid lane:

Top two seem correct, but I would honestly still put CP Vox third, and Varya 4th. Has anyone actually had success playing Sam or Celeste this patch?

Bot Lane:

If we are going to pretend kestrel is better than Miho, I’m all in. Sometimes it’s better to escape the truth than embrace it.

For real though besides that mass hallucination seems about right. I feel Gwen is much more reliable than Leo though. I would also put Kensei above Baron, and even Kinetic.

Seeing the results, It seems my votes didnt registered XD

@coltonJW why would CP Vox be 3 is something i dont understand, here he is considered dead. Literally, all VG Silver/good players here when asked how to play Vox they all say “dont”. It was a massive nerf for an already not close to top tier hero.
I had success with Samuel, havent played celeste.

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From what I’ve heard about you, isn’t that always the case? =P

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He is my most played hero in 5v5, almost a one trick honestly. As a 3v3 player used to heavily control the early game, his play style suits me very well, and i just love the hero itself so …

His Samuel is his best hero IMO. He has been a main Samuel, even a one trick, for a long time.

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Having just won two ranked 5v5 matches SUPER easily with Fortress as :vgroles_jungle:, I am surprised to see that only @Osama voted him. What are folks’ thoughts? I’m going to keep experimenting, but he is still strong as heck imo.


He is weak early game , I think if your enemy is fortress it’s a free turrets pushing and getting objectives early , so it depends on your enemy if they giving you the chance to level up and farm while they do nothing.

I recommend an early invade and steal all the farm if you against fortress , easy snowball .

Agreed. It’s a lot easier to do that in 3v3, but in 5v5, from my experience, folks seem pretty hesitant on early invades. The opposing team, if aware, can collapse on your early invade and be rewarded with a few quick hero kills if you’re not careful. 5v5 seems to be a bit more forgiving on Fort early game.

I played a party with a friend and we were against fortress , my friend was barely vainglorious like he can make good plays but his game knowladge and map awareness are bad , we snowballed fortress hard in 3v3 and got huge advantage but I know the fortress was/still vg silver and playing a party and told my friend to not overextend , but he got baited and died once and then fortress came back , and the game lost , I think it’s crazy how fortress can easily comeback from a snowball so people should becareful while playing against him .

I am surprised magnus got so many votes, he’s terrible

He is bad, but still better than others.

Not at all, warhawk skaarf celeste samuel varya malene and vox are all better options (maybe vox is debatable). Magnus is basically the last hero you wanna play in mid.