RWBY Pre-Vol 7 Interlude Thread




Nicely done. Yang approves.


Design for the train station where Oscar boarded the train to Mistral (and where he encountered Hazel) in Vol 4 Ch 10 (“Kuroyuri”). Shared by RT concept artist Sana Freeman, who has been on a roll lately!

She teased that she might post her design for the train as well – if she does, I’ll add it here!

EDIT: And here it is!


Omggg I want a chibi duck emote now :celestelove: Potoo needs a birdy friend


Sana Freeman has been my hero this week! Here’s her design for the pub in Mistral where Oscar found Qrow in “No Safe Haven” (Vol 4 Ch 12).


Team RWBY will be appearing in Philadelphia at Wizardworld, June 13-16! VIP packages are available that include a group photo with all 4 VAs!


Some interesting information about Team CFVY’s Fox Alistair: as some fans had suspected, he is indeed blind. It seems he is also an orphan.

Source: RWBY: Amity Arena

Also (spoiler)

Fox’s biographical information above has been confirmed in a leaked copy of the upcoming RWBY: After the Fall


Volume 5 concept art for the Shallow Sea in Menagerie! Artist is the prolific and talented Sana Freeman!


The Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) is July 5-7 in Austin, TX!! Lindsay, Kara, Arryn, and Barb confirmed to be attending!


Sana Freeman shared this 2nd concept painting of the vault underneath Haven Academy that she did for Volume 5 … that’s one of my favorite environments in the series!

(A different view is in this post above.)


I liked the appearance of the vault because it reminds me of what i imagine an elf forest party to be like and also looks like a good spring place. The desert looks like a terrible place for spring though. I think it would of made more sense to be a flower garden or something i don’t really think deserts represent spring or knowledge.


So I asked Sana Freeman about the inner part of the vault – the part beyond the door that only the Spring Maiden could open. She said that Erin Winn had designed that part of the environment, so I contacted Erin – she said that idea for the desert came from Kerry Shawcross; Erin wasn’t sure of his reasons for that decision, but she interpreted it as representing something otherworldly and beyond human understanding – that’s why it’s so different from the main vault.


Looks like Arryn is getting ready to record Blake’s lines for Volume 7!!! :open_mouth:


Over the past few days, Sana Freeman shared several concept paintings she did for locations in Mistral in Vol 5:

(She hasn’t posted these to her ArtStation gallery yet, though.)


Welp, they’ve definitely started recording Volume 7!!! Kerry, Barb, and Arryn all being teases on Twitter tonight!


Things. Are. Happening. #RWBY7


Coming soon! Official announcement


Great storyboard art for Ruby fawning over Yang’s prosthetic arm in Vol 5, Ch 7, “Rest and Resolutions”:

Final rendered scene:

These are from RT storyboard artist Cassidy Stone, who works on not only RWBY but also gen:LOCK and Archer! Here’s a link to her web site:


More RWBY ducks from A.G. Nonsuch


Flynt’s saxaphone made me think of Skullgirl’s Big Band for some reason.


Lol :smile: Flynt plays a trumpet, tho :wink: