RWBY Pre-Vol 7 Interlude Thread



Concept art by Sana Freeman for the Atlas Concert Hall where Weiss sang “This Life is Mine” in Vol 4 Ch 6


I still ship white rose xd( ruby x weiss), my favourite opening is volume 2. I also need to do some catch up watching


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge anyone their favorite ship, but the reason I don’t find WR appealing at all is that there’s literally nothing in RWBY to support it. Ruby herself has shown no romantic interest in anyone. Ever. Blake describes her to Sun as the essence of purity – and I think that Miles and Kerry (and Monty) always meant for Ruby to embody love in a very chaste, non-sexual way. As for Weiss, she sees Ruby, Blake, and Yang as her family. She clearly loves them all, but it would go against that sense of family for her to have romantic feelings for Ruby – and of course, there’s never been any indication in the show that she feels that way.

Nevertheless, it’s fun to speculate about what might happen in the season to come. (October is such a long way off, though!!!)


For some reason, I really like the fact that she never has. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe because she’s younger? Something about her personality would be suppressed if she was in a relationship imo.


From RT character artist Nicolas Sangervasi – JINN! :heart: I absolutely ADORE Jinn

Nic’s ArtStation portfolio:


More Atlas concept art by Sana Freeman: the ballroom at the Schnee estate from “Tipping Point” (Vol 4 Ch 6)

Spoilers for those who aren’t up to date with rwby

I don’t remember what thread it was were there was talk about specific wording of the question ozma asked Jinn about destroying Salem but just thought with that wording possibly being important, and Salem hunting down those with sliver eyes, I wonder what exactly would those eyes do to Salem? She’s human, immortal but she also submerged herself into Grimm too, so that’s interesting to think about.


It was this post:

I’ve wondered about the effect of the silver eyes on Salem as well … I mean, clearly she’s hunted down anyone with silver eyes (Maria, for certain, and presumably Summer as well). But I wonder whether she fears the silver eyes herself or whether it’s simply that without the forces of Grimm she controls, her path to victory would be much longer or perhaps unachievable.

Salem seems fairly unconcerned about Ruby, so I don’t think she sees her powers as a direct threat – not in the way Cinder does, for example. (No doubt that’s a mistake on Salem’s part – and it may well prove her undoing.) But that would seem to indicate that her concern about the silver eyed warriors is because of their ability to defeat her forces.

Now that Ruby has begun to master her power, perhaps we’ll soon learn more about how it works. Especially as it seems likely that they’ll encounter Cinder (and Neo!) in Atlas in Vol 7!


Cinder is something else I wonder, I dunno if it was specified anywhere but if it was I feel like you’d know, why exactly was cinder effected by Ruby’s eyes at beacon when she only got Grimm attachments/power(?) after that fight?


Salem told Cinder that it was because of her maiden powers … but that’s hard to understand, as Maria said the silver eyes only affect Grimm. (My suspicion is that Maria’s knowledge is incomplete, however.)


Ok that is odd the eyes affecting maidens but Salem would clearly know more on this than Maria would. Thanks for clarifying


I thought Cinder always had some Grim in her, if we are to go back to the flashback scene where she used that bug to suck out the maiden powers from the previous holder (who was it again? I don’t think it was Summer…) If that bug was somehow linked directly to Cinder’s body… Then there’s also the fact that maiden powers may be related to the Grimm, but that’s fully theory territory. Way I see it; since Salem had jumped in the Grimm liquid pool or whatever, that already makes her part-grimm I guess? Then comes Ozma and their children. Salem herself being infected by the Grimm, it would somehow make sense for her children to present some of its traits. Problem is, they died early during the fight between their parents. It could be very probable however that Ozpin was capable of at least preserving their souls or their “essence”, which would hold the maiden powers (assuming the four daughters were the original maidens). Then the story goes as we know it, and once he meets the four women, he offers them the power that originally belonged to his daughters, and since that power has some roots in the Grimm, it could explain how silver eyes can damage maidens.


Yeah, there’s really no telling what it all means at this point – you’re right, we just don’t have enough info yet.

It’s pretty clear to me that Maria doesn’t have all the answers about the silver eyes, and obviously even Ozpin doesn’t have all the answers about Salem.

Ugh. October is sooooo far away …


Pre-production animatic for Cinder’s fight with Neo in “The Coming Storm” (Vol 6 Ch 5)! Shared by RT story & concept artist Kevin Harger:


Pre-production animatic for the Grimm Reaper’s story in Vol 6 Ch 7! Shared by RT story & concept artist Kevin Harger.


Pre-production animatic for the first part of Blake’s fight with Adam in “The Lady in the Shoe” (Vol 6 Ch 11)! Shared by RT story & concept artist Kevin Harger.


The God of Light from Volume 6! That dragon form :heart_eyes: Models and renders by Nic Sangervasi


Sana Freeman continues to share her work on the environments for Volume 4: here’s the Nuckelavee’s cave near Kuroyri in the episode of the same name (Vol 4 Ch 10). When she posted the image, Sana commented that in the final version in the show, the opening was flipped to the other side of the cave.


I found it interesting that the black pools are labeled “Grimm Goop” – could Skaarf actually be a creature of Grimm??? :skaarf:


Artist: the incomparable Nonsuch :duck:


@hazeleyes I noticed the new avi - did you change it because Yang has been there Xiao long enough?

I absolutely do not regret going for that pun in the slightest, I had to make her proud