RWBY Pre-Vol 7 Interlude Thread



FAN ART: RWBY x NieR by Bach Do.

Crossovers aren’t usually my thing, but this one is so well done that I thought I’d share it here. The artist is working on another series called “RWBY 3.0” (an illustrated story) that some folks might find interesting (I don’t like it myself, but the artwork is pretty incredible, I must say).


One thing that continues to impress me about RWBY’s artists and animators is their ability to convey emotion so clearly through their chosen medium. To choose an example from Vol 6, just look at Blake’s and Yang’s reactions to what they’ve just done in “Seeing Red”:


The shock and horror they both feel is obvious.

I’ve rewatched the entire series a number of times, and you can see example after example of this, even when characters are in the background of a scene. Attention to detail like that helps bring the characters alive for viewers, and it’s obvious that the directors see it as vitally important to realizing their vision for RWBY.


Ubisoft concept artist RJ Palmer was asked by Rooster Teeth to do a painting of one of the most fearsome Grimm encountered by Team RNJR in their journey across Anima – the Nuckelavee:

The folks at RT were so impressed that they commissioned two more Grimm illustrations, an Alpha Beowolf and a Beringel:

His ArtStation profile is here:


You really weren’t lying when you said you can’t slip anything past us, don’t think I didn’t notice that little rwby tag :wink:


Happy Birthday to little Luna Claire Jones, daughter of Lindsay and Michael Jones, born yesterday!

Instagram Announcement (and baby picture)

(For those who may not know, Lindsay is the voice of Ruby and Michael is the voice of Sun.)


This came across my Tumblr today … it’s not a new tweet or I’d link to it, but I think it’s fascinating – this scene would have had a VERY different feel had this been the final version!


Just a gorgeous AU image of Weiss and Ruby by Bach Do, who I just learned today is doing concept art for gen:LOCK!


For the obsessed fans who can’t get enough of RWBY, particularly now that the series is on hiatus until the fall, I thought I’d mention the following games in which you can get your RWBY fix:


An enjoyable romp through Vale alone or with friends, smashing Grimm and unraveling a nefarious plan by a bunch of bad guys. Takes place between Vol 2 and 3. DLC includes new characters and outfits. Certainly nothing ground-breaking here, but the characters are voiced by the actors from the series, and it's just a lot of fun to play as your favorite hero while you hack away at the enemy. Available on Steam (PC + Mac), PS4, XBone.


Want to play Clash Royale with the heroes and villains from RWBY? Here you go! It's well done and fun. Available on iOS and Android.


Looking to add some RWBY to your board game nights? RWBY: Combat Ready is a lot of fun for 2 to 4 players: you and your team take on villains from the series in a series of scenarios. I highly recommend getting the separate villain figures (otherwise they’re just cardboard counters), and there are expansion card packs available as well. Currently sold out in the RT store and on Amazon, but some game stores may have it. A second printing is in the works, with estimated delivery in the summer.


The newest RWBY game, this was just released last week. Oddly, there was no advance notice that this was coming, so the player base is currently pretty small. Also the iOS release was delayed until this morning for unexplained reasons. It's a card battler which seems to be well done overall, and the gameplay is fairly simple to learn. Reviews on Steam are mixed, but it is probably worth a look as it's free to play (with expansion packs being the stuff that costs actual money). Available on Steam (PC + Mac), Android, iOS.


The cover art for the Japanese releases of RWBY’s first four volumes on DVD is pretty amazing. There are two separate covers for each volume, one for the standard release and one for the theatrical limited edition:


Kristina Nguyen is a Los Angeles-based freelance artist who did a lot of concept art for Volumes 1 and 2 of RWBY and was also the art director for Volume 2. Much more of her RWBY work is available at her portfolio site.


These gorgeous sketches are the work of the fabulous Ein Lee. They were originally planned as the cover art for the four character-focused manga volumes, but for reasons unknown, different illustrations were used instead. In an artist’s note in the books, she says that they were meant to be paired: Ruby with Weiss, Yang with Blake – so I’ve done that here.


This is the sweetest thing ever: a RWBY children’s book! Created by Nonsuch and her partner – just lovely in every way.


It exists IRL! Totally hoping that she can get RT to give permission to publish it!


Some cool concept art from Volume 6, originally shared by Rooster Teeth on Twitter. Unfortunately, they did not credit the artist in either tweet, and I’ve been unable to identify the artist(s) myself.

I find the first one of the Argus Limited really interesting because it shows Mistral in the background!


“Hello there lil’ lass, I’m Doctor Cammie MacCloud… all of us here in the lab have waited a long time to welcome you.”

gen:LOCK x RWBY by Bach Do


Arryn will be appearing at the Huntsville Comic and Pop Culture Expo this weekend! She’ll be featured on a panel at 2 pm CST on Sunday. That tweet is from a few days ago, so you now have to get your tickets at the door.

There’s a chance I might be going – if so, look for pictures!


is it just me overthinking or should the gang of asked how do we defeat Salem instead of how do we kill her


Okay, so this is obviously the key dilemma facing the team (and the world), right? If Salem can’t be killed, how can they win? Like everyone else, I’ve been thinking about this a lot since V6:E3, and here are some important points:

  • The question Ozma asked was, “How do I destroy Salem?”
  • Jinn’s answer was, “You can’t.”

One conclusion from that exchange is the one that the team jumped to immediately:

There are two possibilities that I see:

  1. Jinn was speaking literally, and she meant that OZMA couldn’t destroy Salem – leaving open the question of whether she can be destroyed by other means or persons (e.g., Team RWBYJNRQOM)

  2. Jinn did indeed mean that Salem can’t be destroyed/killed by ANYONE, but Ozma asked the wrong question because he assumed that her death was the only way she could be defeated: what he SHOULD have asked is, “How can Salem be defeated?”

At first, I thought that #1 was the likely explanation, but after rewatching V6, I’m pretty convinced that #2 is actually the real answer to the dilemma.

My reasoning is this: I think that #1 is too simplistic. It would mean the answer to such a critical issue depends on a single pronoun (“I” versus “we”) in the question Ozma asked. I think #2 is much more likely because it FITS with RWBY’s – and most importantly, Ruby’s – view that killing is to be avoided at all costs. Look what she says on the Argus Limited:

And of course, there’s Maria’s exhortation to Ruby when they’re facing the Apathy:

So my strong suspicion is that it’s NOT necessary to destroy Salem to defeat her. HOW to do that is an entirely different matter (and surely involves at least some of the Relics as well as Ruby’s newly-mastered powers).

I think it’s entirely possible that Ruby is going to realize this and end up using her last question for Jinn to discover the answer.


My kids and I got to meet Arryn today in Huntsville! She is simply a lovely person – friendly, kind, and very funny. She autographed a couple of things for us, and we got to talk to her for a few minutes while she wasn’t busy. We also spent 45 minutes laughing with her during her panel. My daughter was so pleased that she drew a special picture for Arryn, which we showed her just before we left the convention center.

I just can’t say enough nice things about this lady!


Team RWBY will be appearing at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA 29 Aug - 2 Sep!


After a short hiatus, I’m back with some cool concept art & more to share!

First up is everyone’s favorite super mom – baker of cookies and slayer of giant monsters: Summer Rose!

The artist is Jimmek Rankin, who worked on Summer’s model before he moved over to working on gen:LOCK. His ArtStation portfolio is here: