RWBY Pre-Vol 7 Interlude Thread

Just wanted to create a thread for all the RWBY-related stuff I’m bound to post over the next several months until Volume 7 comes out. The idea is to minimize the number of threads to ignore for those uninterested in hearing me go on … and on and on … about the series. :wink:

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Full press release here

Even though I havent watched Rwby for over 2 years, its sad to see Qrow (not VA for obvious reasons) go.

He was like my Daddy Blackfeather to my Vg. And my favorite character but underneath Rose in Rwby.

He will surely be missed by me :adagio:

Another note, since you’ been talking about Rwby for MONTHS now, Im like 95 out of 100% on wanting to watch the whole series again…

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I’m 99.999% certain Qrow will continue in the series, just with a new VA. I’m sure they’ll be able to find someone with a similar voice, just as they did with Lie Ren after Monty’s passing.


by one of my favorite RWBY fan artists, A.G. aka Nonsuch)

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It’s ok to talk about the recent volume right? Just in case, i’ll create a spoiler.


”One Thing” and “indomitable” are soooo good! “Nevermore” is also pretty decent. Its so frustrating because one thing and indom will take forever to get full versions released! Arrrrugh

Characters and plot

We call ozma ozpin, but i’m curious to who ozpin’s last partner was like. He seems to “steal” the identity of the last reincarnate. I wonder if ozma would have spoken to ozpin like how is recently, like a whisper, or more hands on.

Why exactly are grim attracted to the relics other than the destruction relic? They themselves only are attracted by negative emotions.

Ruby’s semblence seems to have evolved. Iirc, semblences evolve over time. Ruby had speed but now she can literally burst into petals. It begs the question, other than jaune why haven’t everyone else’s semblance evolved yet?

Im sure to have lots more to say lol so i’ll close this post for now.

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Yah, I can hardly wait for the Vol 6 music to be released! Casey Lee Williams said they were going to be working hard on making the album great – I’d expect it in a few months.

Re: Oz

Oscar’s relationship with Oz is very interesting – in future, I am sure we’re going to see some sort of struggle there, as Oscar has turned out to be a strong character in his own right, while Oz basically abandoned the team when they really needed him. I will be pretty pissed at him if he shows up and tries to say it was for their own good, to encourage them to be less dependent on him. :rage:

Re: Relics

The proffered explanation is that it “has something to do with their origin” but I agree it doesn’t make much sense. Plus, the explanation came from Ozpin, who’s a proven liar. A mystery that hopefully we’ll learn more about in Vol 7 …

Re: Semblances

Semblances definitely can evolve, and Ruby’s clearly has: not only does she now have more stamina while using it, she can also move through the air rather than just on surfaces. Weiss’s has evolved too – she initially was unable to summon, but now it’s second nature for her. Blake’s may have evolved also, as her shadow clones appear to have more substance to them (e.g., in the fight with Adam, she is able to push off from them to boost herself up the tower levels) as well as persisting for longer. Finally, Yang’s semblance was already powerful – I think that rather than it evolving, SHE is evolving: she has better control over her semblance now, using it only when absolutely necessary (just as Tai advised her) and to devastating effect when she does.

I don’t really do theorycrafting much but this seemed like an interesting thought worth throwing out there


I know that’s what he says but might not even be right considering it’s him, I think maybe it could be since Salem is grim almost or grim master that she’s just given a general order to them to obtain the relics maybe? I dunno how else grim come about aside from the pools where she’s at so they all go past her at some point. And considering the history of her, she’s made a LOT or overseen the creation of grim.

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Re: Relics, Grimm, and Salem

Well, the Grimm were originally a creation of the God of Darkness, and their intended role in the world was the destruction of life. Salem has apparently taken up residence in the Land of Darkness since the god departed Remnant, and she is apparently able to use her powers to modify the creatures that continue to emerge from the pools (e.g., the post-credits sequence in Vol 6) there. We know that she and Cinder, at least, can communicate with certain Grimm (such as when Cinder spoke to the wyvern during the attack on the tower at Beacon). It’s possible that Salem has been able to communicate to the Grimm in some fashion her desire to find the relics.

However, I think that the Grimm are drawn to the relics entirely because they were created by the God of Light as a gift to humanity. As I mentioned above, the Grimm are bent on destroying the God of Light’s creations – thus, I think Ozpin’s explanation may be the correct one.

Relics & Maidens

We actually only know the locations of three of the relics, and we only know what one of them (the Relic of Knowledge) does:

  • Knowledge - with RWBYJNRQOM
  • Destruction - in the vault under Shade Academy in Vacuo
  • Creation - in the vault under Atlas Academy
  • Choice - unknown

So there’s a LOT we don’t know about these things – and there’s little doubt that they’re the key to defeating Salem.

Also, there’s the mystery of the identity of the other two maidens:

  • Fall - Cinder Fall (Beacon vault)
  • Spring - Raven Branwen (Haven vault)
  • Winter - ??? (Atlas vault)
  • Summer - ??? (Shade vault)

It appears likely that Qrow (and Ozpin) know who they are, since Qrow stated that “Spring is the problem” when discussing the whereabouts of the maidens. I thought at first that Winter Schnee might be a maiden, but that seems far too obvious. So, I don’t really have any good theories about who the other two are, except that we probably haven’t met them yet.

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Gorgeous artwork by Rebecca Sorge (aka Gentle Honeybee)

Re:Re: Relics lol

Salem was punished with immortality, until she understands the necessity of life and death. Wandering the earth, she found the god of darkness’s pits of destruction. She fell in, thinking it would eliminate her immortality. It couldn’t, so instead, the pit filled salem with the innate desire to destroy. This is the same for all grim. The difference is salem still has human choice.

A couple of folks have mentioned RWBY’s music as being a highlight of the series, and I definitely agree. For those who don’t know, the music is written by Jeff Williams with vocals by his daughter Casey Lee Williams. There have been 5 albums released so far, corresponding to Volumes 1 through 5 of the series; each album contains not only the full score but also songs that are inspired by the show. I thought I’d list some of my favorites, along with some comments about them:

A RWBY Playlist

Album/Track Name
Vol 1 Track 6 Gold Yang comforting her little sister in the wake of Summer's death -- sweet and poignant
Vol 1 Track 7 I Burn Epitomizes Yang's personality prior to the events at the end of Volume 3
Vol 1 Track 8 I May Fall Reflects one of RWBY's recurring themes: keep trying in the face of seemingly impossible odds
Vol 1 Track 9 Red Like Roses - Part II Written as an imagined duet between Ruby and Summer after Summer's death
Vol 1 Track 12 Wings A song about Blake and her loneliness and isolation at the beginning of the series
Vol 2 Track 2 Die The world is a darker place than it seemed in Vol 1
Vol 2 Track 5 Caffeine Team CFVY arrives to kick some ass -- I'd kill for this to be my theme song
Vol 3 Track 5 Neon Neon Katt taunting Yang just before the bout between Team FNKI and Team RWBY
Vol 3 Track 6 Mirror, Mirror - Part II Weiss singing about her self-doubt and loneliness -- so sad
Vol 4 Track 6 Armed and Ready Yang has moved past her trauma and is ready to get back into action
Vol 4 Track 8 Bmblb If you don't know why I love this one, just click on my profile pic ... 🐝🐝
Vol 4 Track 9 Boop Nora realizing she's in love with Ren and not having any idea what to do about it -- so cute
Vol 5 Track 7 All That Matters Yang singing about Blake -- the hurt and hope in the song will break your heart

One of my favorites is From Shadows. The song itself is honestly really good and the focus of the lyrics on the faunus conflicts, especially in regards to White Fang, are pretty intresting.

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Die and Red like roses part 2 give a REALLY colorful idea about the relationship yang and ruby had for their moms. Bad Luck charm’s instrumental is really great too.

I was thinking Jaunes sister or her wife would be one of the maidens. His sister looks like she knows more than what he thinks or is at least just sad instead of frustrated when he doesn’t tell her anything.

Although anything is possible, I don’t think Saphron or Terra are more than they appear – I think they were supporting characters for the Argus story arc (no pun intended – promise), and we probably won’t see them in Volume 7.

The Winter Maiden in particular is key to the next part of the story, and since it sounds like Ozpin’s Group knows her identity, it would make sense to assume she’s somewhere in the vicinity of the vault at Atlas. Unfortunately, we’ve met very few characters from Atlas who could possibly qualify as a maiden:

  • Winter Schnee
  • Neon Katt
  • Ciel Soleil

Of those, I think the only realistic possibility would be Winter, but as I said in another post, I just think that’s far too obvious (Winter = Winter, as it were). Thus my strong suspicion is that we just haven’t met the Winter Maiden yet.

WRT to the Summer Maiden, I’d be nearly certain that she’s in Vacuo, and I’d be surprised if we see much of Vacuo in Volume 7. *

Of course, all of the above are my opinions and have absolutely no more validity than anyone else’s (unless their name is Miles Luna or Kerry Shawcross). :wink:

* My theory is that the setting for Vol 7 will be Atlas and that Vol 8 will take place in Vacuo -- in addition to it being the location of the Relic of Destruction, remember that both Team CFVY and Team SSSN are now at Shade Academy. Sounds like the perfect setup for a climactic battle, eh?

Image result for people who say no pun intended


3D character models by Jack Banta for Volume 6 … link to his ArtStation pages below:

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