RWBY Pre-Vol 7 Interlude Thread



Atlas … one of several incredible matte paintings for Volume 6 by Weston T. Jones, one of the environment artists at Rooster Teeth.


The Domain of Light … one of numerous environment concepts and modules created by Weston T. Jones for Volume 6 … amazing!


Hilarity by the one and only Nonsuch


One question, have they improved on their animation skill?

Because one thing that irks me when I first started to watch was how static or artificial their movements was…


I always thought that Blake was beauty and the beast at the same time :scream_cat:


The first three seasons were animated in Poser Pro due to budget constraints. Beginning with the fourth volume, they changed to Maya, and nowadays most of the human animation is done using motion capture. The quality of the imagery has continually improved, and the difference between the early days and now is simply night and day – the models, animation, compositing, lighting, etc. in volume 6 are spectacular.


You’re not wrong at all. While the inspiration for Blake was Belle from Beauty and the Beast, there are allusions to both Belle AND the Beast in her character.

The inspiration for Yang was Goldilocks.

I’m giving Nonsuch the benefit of some artistic license in her cartoon. :wink:


It honestly feels really weird watching early volumes bc of the drastic difference in animation and visual quality compared to the more recent ones


I’d be seriously remiss if I didn’t post a link to Ein Lee’s DeviantArt profile – she’s the brilliant artist behind the designs of many of RWBY’s characters, including Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang:


Loving these art links, anything for Grimm artists/concept art?


Here are some Grimm designs for Vol 6 by A. Kim (more cool stuff on her Twitter feed)

I have lots more Grimm concept art, but I’m holding off posting it until I can identify the artists and hopefully provide a link to their profiles … stay tuned!


I feel like linking mojojoj’s (the Chibi concept artist) twitter is a good idea, as his RWBY art (especially the seasonal-based ones) is some of the best imo.


what are the bandages on oscar’s collarbones they really annoy me


He’s a farmhand, so I think it’s meant to evoke the scarves/neckerchiefs worn by cowboys in the Old West. The style reminds me of parts of Cinder’s “Huntress” outfit that she wore to the Vytal Tournament:

But basically, I think it’s there because the artist felt it looked cool. :sunglasses:


I don’t think that’s just a coincidence :thinking:


Whats a good website/app to watch Rwby?
Vrv? YT? ?


I would probably say the either the Rooster Teeth site/app or VRV, whichever your preference is. Volume 6 isn’t currently available on YouTube, so you’d have to use them to watch it anyways if you choose to use it.


Cinders shoes are so nice, imagine them in black and different metal coloured details aside from that soft/dull gold, I want them now lol


Also, the Rooster Teeth app is great for watching on your mobile device, btw …



Great! But

Last question is that, does the Rooster app have a butt load of ads like crunchyroll (without membership)?

Cuz if not, ill download it on the spot