RWBY Pre-Vol 7 Interlude Thread



Whoops, I thought he had a saxaphone in his hand.


:saxophone: Saxophone on left, :trumpet: trumpet on right


I honestly don’t know why I thought of a saxophone when it was clearly a trumpet.


Never mind Flynt, I’m totally loving Neon duck! Her song is now running around my head and I can’t get it to stop!


I was about to ask you what song you were referring to when I saw you edit it in. I’ll give it a listen when I’m not surrounded by people lol


It’s KILLING me that Vol 7 is still 6 months away!


The hashtag #ThisIsAnimation is trending on Twitter right now, and several folks who’ve worked on RWBY have posted to introduce themselves:


Absolutely gorgeous fan art by 泉彩 Sai Izumi


(Artist: Nonsuch)

Happy Kentucky Derby Day!


We appear to have a release date for Volume 6 on Blu-ray (and presumably iTunes as well): multiple sites are listing July 2nd as the date it hits the shelves! Running time will be 354 minutes …

Also, if you don’t already have the first 5 volumes on Blu-ray, you can now get all of them in a recently-released set for a good price!


I was excited to come across these today: a set of sketches and the corresponding fully rendered drawings of our heroines by the amazing Einlee – these were created for the Japanese division of Warner Brothers. The sketches remind me very much of those she made for the manga covers!


Sana Freeman just posted her design for Raven’s tent from Volume 5 — how did I not notice her bed in there???



Soooooo, based on this tweet from Miles, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of the general in Vol 7 … (not really a surprise, but still! :star_struck:)


“Ironwoof” :rofl:


Tooootally unrelated, but my wife is one of those people who pronounces “wolf” as “woof” and we have an inside joke about how if Theon (game of thrones) had a direwolf, it’d be an ironwoof. It’s funny, trust me. :sunny_happy_2:

This has been a HipsterSkaarf intermission; back to RWBY.


do i smell corruption?!


The beautiful courtyard outside the Schnee manor house where Weiss’s Volume 5 character short takes place. Design by the talented Sana Freeman


Arryn is doing a very cool “FaceTime” like session via Unlocked Live where she’ll chat with you and write you a personalized autograph that she’ll send to you after the session! It’s tonight, so sign up right away if you’re interested – sounds like there are still spots open! Cost is $35

FYI: In real life, Arryn is an absolutely lovely person and extremely sweet and funny, so don’t hesitate to sign up if you’re a fan!


This was SOOOOO fun! (And Arryn actually recognized me! :open_mouth:)

I watched the whole stream – she’s really, truly the sweetest person!