Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering


Baptiste is becoming meta again within the last 11 days of this patch lmao.


bruiser don’t counter reza he’s way to elusive and mobile they could never kill him


baptiste is rough for reza pre level 6, post level 6 he just ults out of his B


That’s just because they are trash this patch, so the issue is not with Reza but with bruisers overall.


Even if bruisers were relevant they still wouldn’t be able to kill reza he has too many dashes, movement speed buffs and dodges for them stick on him.


And? I said bruisers are shit no baptiste.


Because they are weak and can’t do anything.


But even if they’re strong it wouldn’t change anything, like reza wouldn’t be able to kill a bruiser but a bruiser still wouldn’t be able to kill him


Well, they would be able to out trade him easily, but right now they can’t.


I don’t think the objective is to kill Reza, it should be to punish him so he can’t kill you and your loved ones. This should be the general rule of thumb for any assassins tbh. A Reza going 0/0/0 into the late game is going to be useless, he just won’t have the burst and when he does everyone else already has husk. WP Reza inferior to CP Reza burst-wise. WP Reza can abuse his early game but by mid game his damage becomes trash if he hasn’t gotten a ridiculous advantage which becomes difficult in a 2v1 especially considering how hard WP carries scale up.

I feel like people have been exaggerating the usefulness of bruisers. They don’t suck at all, they are just too dependent on barrier allies and a good mid laner. Heroes like Glaive, BF, and WP Idris can do some serious damage but if they want to carry they need a Lorelai or Ardan captain. Both BF and Glaive can deal with Reza and the moment BF gets his defense buff to be on par with the other bruisers he will become really strong.


but either way even if bruisers are underpowered that doesn’t mean Reza doesn’t need a nerf because he does. iIdk y’all are out of ideas to make him sound balanced but basically everyone in vg silver agrees that he’s broken so i am not buying it


Idris is assassin, not bruiser. BF isn’t bruiser either. Bruiser are warriors. They are shit: they can’t tank damage, they don’t deal damage, they can’t even counter the heroes they are supposed to counter.

Edit: honestly, BF is a joke right now, he can only dream to beat a good reza, but it won’t happen.


When a hero has no counters he becomes naturally op. What you all are asking is to be able to win the bot lane against reza. You are all complaining that he wins top easily, but that should happen. Keep nerfing assassins instead of buffing their counters, and you know how will it end? With a stupid poke meta. I’m sure you all love those metas, specially when paired with healers. That’s what you are doing. You are nerfing a hero because his counters are weak instead of buffing them, by doing that you nerf the only counters of a class that it’s already dominant.


Well of course when a hero wins top lane he’s overpowered he’s winning a lane 1v2 how is that okay lol


not right now, the jungler is not always in bot


He isn’t in a 2v1 always. And when he is in a 2v1 he doesn’t win, it’s a draw. But all bot laners are crying because they get destroyed by reza, like it shouldn’t happen.


The furthest a jungler goes from bot lane is mid lane, any jungler that goes beyond the upper mid lane bush is basically trolling


Ppl is trying to beat Reza with range carries, so they try to win the matchup against a hero that counters them… ok. This paired with the fact that his counters (bruisers) are not viable makes him really strong, but thats not his problem, he is op… but because of the lack of counters he has. Buff bruisers and he will fall from the meta, but nerfing him is not the way. We have the same problem we had with Kensei, ppl is asking for a nerf just because he is strong in a meta that benefits him… ok.


minion candies would like to have a word with you


dont agree, i’ve seen many times junglers not being in bot.