Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering

Reza nerf maybe some day… 30

I don’t think he needs a nerf, but maybe I’m missing something. He doesn’t seem op, strong? Yes, but not one of the strongest ones.

Yes you are missing something reza is basically what krul is in 3v3 but on steroids in 5v5. A standard reza play in 5v5 high elo at is to go top side dragon pit at level 1 and wall jump to the enemy red buff, if the enemy placed vision in their red jungle you wall jump back to the dragon pit with your second B charge and secure both blue jungles, if they didn’t place vision you take their red buff and gold oak and win the game from there. Reza is just obnoxious you just can’t stop him to cause havoc, 2 dashes far enough to wall jump and that grant movement speed bonus, when he hits level 6 + aftershock spike he becomes even more obnoxious he’s now got 3 dashes which he can wall jump and grant movement speed and his passive + aftershock combo makes it impossible to secure camps over him. And if that wasn’t enough reza happens to be the perfect assassin, if reza decides he wants to kill you he will kill you don’t even bother hiding under tower cause that won’t save you, the only carry that can 1v1 reza is late game kinetic but that’s if he full commits to the 1v1 he can just bail and you can’t chase him.

Yet he is still under 50% win rate. I dont think he is at the level of the 70% winrate krul.

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Reza is far from being as strong as Krul in 3v3. Reza is strong because he counters almost every hero in bot lane (he is played in top, so the match up is bot laner vs Reza (top)). The heroes that are usually played in bot are range ones, and Reza does well into them. You can’t expect a nerf to him just because he is strong against those who are countered bu him.

Yes reza is far more complicated to execute than 3v3 krul mainely due to how most people play top lane, most people inderstand reza’s strength as an assassin but they play top lane passively and just wait for opportunities.

Reza’s burst is insane he destroys every mage/carry but that alone doesn’t necessarly justify a nerf he’s an assassin after all. No hero in the game possesses half the amount of mobility reza has, 2 dashes that allow you to wall jump and grant movement speed pre level 6, 3 dashes that allow you to wall jump and grant movement speed post level 6. His mobility is what makes him the krul of 5v5, you’re forced to concede something whether its both red jungles or both blue jungles. Just like krul controls the 3v3 jungle, reza controls the 5v5 jungle due to his mobility and map size but whilst krul as an individual hero isn’t that really special, reza on ther hand is an exceptional dualist hence why i consider him the 3v3 kurl on steroids. So when a hero posseses so much individual quality and the potential to set the pace and control the game that’s when he needs a nerf. Tbh it doesn’t take much to make him bearable, they just need to slightly reduce the range of his B so that he can’t wall jump the dragon pits and add 2 seconds on his B’s cooldown and 10 on his ult.

That nerf is huge, do that and he will die.

Nah relax you’re overeacting, you do that and he still has more than enough burst and mobility to destroy every single mage/carry in a 1v1 but you stop him from being an absolute nuissance in the jungle. Reza’s B has the perfect range to wall jump the dragon pit, you remove 0.5 metters of its range and he won’t be able to do it but it wouldn’t change his dueling ability. And 2 seconds on his B and 10 on his ult isn’t that big of a deal considering aftershock, clockwork and cp infusions are part of his build.

He is an assassin, so of course he has enough burst, but with that nerf you are nerfing every single aspect of his mobility, thats huge given that late game thast the only thing he has and SH, that hard counters him, is everywhere. I dont see him being as oppressive as you say, im yet to see all that, not even in the streams of the pros, who are supposed to know how to abuse that.

Read the edit, a similar nerf wouldn’t change anything regarding his assassin ability. If you see any top lane main in 2700+ you will get my point on how oppressive he is

I dont know who mains top lane. Also, as they are the top, you can say that with any hero in any position, the top players just dominate in their respective position.

Personally, i find Krul more obnoxius than Reza, i think he is pretty balanced right now IMO. Yes, he has great movility and good burst damage, but is not that hard to fight against him. He is played in top, so he is in 2v1, you can abuse that advantage to bully him and snowball hard

HellsDevil and L3oN host a lot of private games with pros of EU you should watch those, i’ve seen many times the likes of Hundor and EXDragon lose to rezas its mainely sneaky and l3on that execute the pick to perfection.

Well its his ability to to win the 2v1 that makes him unbanlanced

Given that L3oN wins with basically everything, i cant cosider him a true proof.

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Thats because Reza’s outplay potential is higher than the heroes he faces. L3on won with SAW, doest it mean thet SEMC should nerf SAW? same with Kensei, just because some players can play Reza so good doesnt mean Reza deserves a nerf

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That’s not true, L3oN wins everything in the dead eu ranked scene but he loses very often in privates.

No lol you’re missing the point, its pretty clear how shit Saw is when L3oN plays it he just pulls it of against the average vg bronze player but when you see him destroy the best players in EU with Reza thats when you understand how terrifying the pick is

Anka is worse.