Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering


he destroyed the best eu players with Kensei, so please, nerf him, are you saying that? Again, just because someone uses him great, doenst mean he needs a nerf


Well yeah i know Anka is broken how is that related to reza needing a nerf


Do you have any proof of him destroying pros with kensei such as vods, screenshots etc…

Edit: + He’s destroying on Kensei cause he’s played in a lane where with his jungler babysitting him and that provides more gold, he’s destroying as reza in a lane where the odds are against him


i think its this. And against a reza.


There is a poa and 4 vg bronze in this game and Joker is jungle main, i want something where all 10 players have 2700+ mmr and most players are playing their main position


But L3on is main roam! lol 30303030


And i want to be rich. You are asking SEMC to have a decent MM.


L3oN mains every position in the game


No you can watch privates lol 30


some of those players were professionals


usually someone else gets Kensei, so… hard to find it lol


Joker ans Scorpion are out of position, Nomad L3oN ans OnceTT are playing in position, the rest are randoms.

5v5 private, L3oN’s side has a slight disadvantage, joeyscaggs top tier bot laner and he got annhilated on Kinetic nonetheless.


wow, one match. Reza defeat a squishy hero, please nerf, its not like he is an assassin


Mate you’re missing the point, i watched that game live and basically everything i explained regarding jungle control happened joey barely got a red buff this game and the few times he did it was a the expense of both blues. Watch more high elo privates and you will see the same happen, my statements are based on explanations regarding rotations and how reza can abuse them by watching them happen in actual representitive games. You’re yet to give a proper explanation on why reza is balanced, “L3oN is a god on every hero” or “its only one game doesnt mean anything” are not very convincing arguments.

Edit: And in response to your last argument, you’re again missing the point he deafted an entire team not one squishy


Yet they are true, a single match proves nothing. Where can i watch those matches?

#36 and


He won because Reza countered the enemy damage dealers.


what damage dealers reza doesnt counter ?


He is an assassin, so he is supposed to counter range heroes, get your conclusions


You said L3oN won cause the reza pick countered the enemy damage dealers then you say reza counters every damage dealer so i am not following your logic here. Also to add on what you said previously you have no clue why how the game was won cause you didn’t watch it, i did tho