Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering


I have the feeling that this discussion will be a bunch of back and forth replies that will not come to a conclusion. :sleepy:


yes its kinda pointeless at this point…


how many like 5 ? 7 ? 30303003


yup i dont see how any could convince the other side :slightly_frowning_face:


I don’t even understand why it was necroed…


can you ask this with other words? i dont know if you are asking for the number of times or the tier of the players…


Im just wondering if a mod will put everyone in here out of their misery with a fat force closed thread action.

Kekekekekek Evil laughter kekekekekeke :smiling_imp:


Well i am yet to wait for a proper argument that demonstrates how reza doesn’t need a nerf, its basically you 2 against literally anyone in vg silver +


It has a solution.

@hazeleyes can you close this? It’s going nowhere.


Oh! dont get me wrong, i think he needs a nerf, but that nerf should come by buffing his counters, not nerfing him.


I’m not going to repeat myself. Idk what you don’t understand about a hero being op because he has no counters.


i think it should be both 30303030


smH u pinged him.

I wanted to see his reaction when he saw the replys


You want him killed. Seems like someone got destroyed by the poor fire mage.


i would try first by buffing bruisers, and if that doesnt work properly, then nerfing him.


It’s the only mod I’m capable of remembering the name.


No i don’t play the game in order for that to happen but i’ve seen too many people abuse this hero so its time to stop. Plus you overeact too much mate a hero doesn’t that easily go from broken to dead


they just buse him because he counters all carries lol


How dare you say that about remembering names (im joking) smh

Eyemonfish and Meme-Maker Skaarf are also some cool mods fOol :crazy_face:


If you buff all his counters and nerf him all his kit like you are proposing, yes, that’s how you kill a hero.