Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering


He may hit you with his A, but without his B he can’t proc it so you can outdamage him. Problem is bot laners have forgotten to play safe, always used to being able to bully the enemy.


Ones Reza gets his items that plan goes down the drain aswell


Then what about you as the opposite laner then? You wont buy items and let him win?

No, you would have bought items aswell and you would still have damage to punish him or enough defense to still not die in one combo from him.

edit: Ill also stop commenting cuz its starting to drag


Most tanks can outdamage bot laners early cause they have higher base stats.
Well either way this conversation is dragging on too long and not going anywhere. Bottom line Reza is OP imo, even vgpro says that even though your precious winrates have him at 49.5% and hopefully he’ll be toned down


Honey that damage is nothing compared to the damage Reza does(and how effortlessly). Defence just buys more time I guess


So once all assassins hit the ground to the level to not be able to kill squisies, the we will have a range meta and again everbody complaining because X hero has no counters, and we will say: you wanted to nerf Reza to that point, that’s what you deserve


Yes. Nerf Reza to the ground and Idris he’s also so OP nerf him aswell just like I’ve explained numerous times above. I’d expect everyone to understand that by now . Koshka and Taka should also get nerfs so they won’t see the light of day aswell. Anka can stay OP she’s perma banned anyway right. You understood me perfectly.


so you dont want the game to be balanced, you just want to be able to play you main no matter the hero you face, then, all the discussion is over, you said all you need to say.


Correct. I want my bot laners to be able to win lane without any COUNTERPLAY and have a HUGE POWERSPIKE AT LEVEL 2 making them extremly OPPRESSIVE to the top laners. I need to be able to BRAINLESSLY WALK up to the top laner and kill him because thats balanece according to ME.


I cant even. Koshka and Taka arent even played because of the latest nerfs.



Ehh no. If anything Varya has a little advantage.

I mean Guest literally said that before you even did. He CAN beat warriors because they just suck. If they don’t suck they’d be viable (obviously) and would be good counter to him in bot.

It’s like there’s no problem as long as a bot laner can make top laner’s life hell but if a bot laner is losing to 1 hero it’s such a big deal and he certainly deserves to be nerfed to the ground.


Oh my god the nerf to the ground part and taka and koshka nerfs was sarcasm.
Although I agree top lane is harder place than bot lane it’s not that bad atm. Tanks can hold top lane for quite sometime now it’s hard but top is supposed to be a tough lane. The problem with Reza he makes top lane too easy. With tanks you have to be mindful of alot of stuff to win top lane but for Reza it’s just a walk in the park. Reza should be a counter to squishies but not to the level he is now. It needs to be toned down. I mean why would anyone use a tank when Reza can do it with less than half the effort. He’s way too forgiving for the oppression he can give. It’s disrespecting to all other top laners.
Just try Reza top for 3 matches and tell me he’s not OP


Why should top be harder and bot easier? Who said that? That’s jungle problem.

Anyway he’s supposed to be able to beat squishies like that. If there were other assassins that were fitting the position so should they. You can’t really complain that people are trying to find a solution to getting bullied 2v1 lol. It’s annoying that jungler has no choice to go help there. Of course top laners gotta adapt. They’d always abuse whatever can give them easier time in a disadvantaged position. If you remember top Taka he was even worse than Reza. Remember Adagio? You just can’t ask people to not try to fight unhealthy and unfun meta. As long as jungle is that bad you just can’t.


Thats the difference between counter and Hard counter.
Seeing that Saw cant win against skaarf or celeste, i propose to nerf them as they have too easy of a time against him. I also want to nerf krul because its too easy to win 1v1. Finally, i want every early game hero nerfed, there is no reason for them to have an easy time against my late game hypercarry Baron/Kensei that comes online at min 20.


@Guest_78 team germany banned Reza in all 4 games in wesg final, when asked why on his stream Hundor said Reza is way too broken and couldn’t afford to let it trough the draft


That’s what happens when his counters suck in a meta where he counter every other hero


what heroes counter reza ? 3030


Papa Baptiste This text will be blurred


And bruisers, like any other assassin, but all bruisers are shit right now.

Edit: I wouldn’t call baptiste a hard counter, it’s tricky because though his cc allows for that, he is squishy, so reza can easily burst him down too.


Bruisers 3030303030303030303030