Reza, L3oN, &c with a side of bickering


I’m complaining Reza has no counterplay to not make him win lane which unhealthy. He should win lane against a squishy but that doens’t mean it should be a guaranteed lane win if you use him.


If you have problems with laning against Reza just use Baptiste then… Problem solved :new_moon_with_face:

Reza is balanced. Slumbering Husk, CC, and Late game already limit him.


he is countered by bruisers but Oh! bruisers are weak, so the problem might not be Reza but maybe bruisers! SEMC should buff bruisers to counter him, not reduce his ability to counter squishy heroes.


Celeste had 7.5 range earlygame if I’m not mistaken.
He shoudn’t be strong to the point where there’s ni counterplay. Thats basically him being oppressive.
I’ll ask you two questions
Do you think there’s a way a bot laner can not get farmed against Reza?
Do you think it’s healthy for a hero to be able get a pretty much guaranteed win against all bot laners?


It’s not about his counters for the love of god. It’s about Reza being able to braisnlessly stomp all bot laners.


Cool baptiste counters Reza but does he outright win against him or can reza play safe and not get farmed?


If you are a squishy hero yes, same if you are a bruiser against a sniper. Reza should be opressive against squisies.


To the point he doesnt have counterplay as a squishy?


You are complaining about an early-mid game assassin winning 1v1 in early-mid game against a squishy hero he hard counters. If he can’t win that, then he is weak. That makes no sense, it’s like asking krul to not win 1v1, or skaarf not to win against saw.


He is an assassin. Many warriors cant counterplay snipers like Gwen or Kinetic, same with reza for those snipers.


I understand that but thats not true. Most bot laners have enough in their kit to go against Reza.

Silvernail has his A and C

Ringo has his A and B

Vox has A and C

Gwen has her A B and C

I could go into detail on how to use their abilities effectively but thats alot of writing

If you cant use that effective against Reza, then you shouldn’t deserve to win that 1v1



Given that he hard counters them and also fight the moment he is strongest at and the moment they are weakest at, yes. I still think you can win lane.


He should counter squshies but it shoudn’t be oppressive to the point where he can do it whenever he wants with no counterplay. Reza is currently like the old CP taka in 3v3. Walks up ults kaitens and disappears and how fun was that right.


The only hero who can do anything is silvernail. The other get farmed by a good Reza


He has a lot more counterplay than that, you can punish him, once he uses his combo he has no damage and needs to wait, but people usually just run instead of punishing. Also, playing safe still exits.


Not true.

Ringo can slow Reza when he dashes in and then you would use twirling silver and burst him down.

Or use his (ringo) perk to hit reza when he (reza) attempts to last hit

Same with vox, he has mobility and silence.

Use Voxs A to dodge the Scorcher from reza


No one has that kind of damage at earlygame to punish him compared with the obscene damage he does and not mention he can dash out. The only hero who was able to match his damage was Kestrel but she’s dead


He needs to buy first to have as much damage. Level 2 you can still easly punish him + playing safe prevents him from just killing you. He needs both charges of his B to dive you, until then you can harass him and if you farm under turret he won’t dive you as easily.


Both the slow and dash cooldowns are longer than Reza’s A. It’s only a matter of time before Reza stomps


Then farm safely under turret like @Guest_78 has said multiple times