Return of ARAL


Or you know, rely on a small lane, 5 man bum rush turrets, and your lucky meta hero? The unfairness of talents in aral equate to the unfairness of a 5 man turret rush with metas


The unfairness you are talking about has been proved to be lower in ARAM than in ARAL from most people experience. You can also apply that argument (about having meta heroes) in ARAL.


See but being meta is aral doesn’t improve you nearly as much. When vox was meta, he didn’t do squat in aral


Try fighting a magnus in ARAL, so much fun.


When Vox was meta, he was OP in ARAL, and if he had his Legendary talent, he was even stronger. The meta is important in both situations, but in ARAM, thanks to being 5 players instead of 3, you are unlikely to find a match as unbalanced as in ARAL, and the fact that the lane is bigger, helps against long range poke mages, so overall is far more balanced than ARAL has ever been.

Perspective/Food for Thought

I think rumble is the reason behind removing 3v3 casual not just replacing ARAL , and semc probably didn’t expect the players going to move from 3v3 casual to rumble , they probably wanted more 5v5 players , now making ARAL back means they pushing brawl talents again and telling the causal 3v3 players to choose between talents or ranked , or the unbalanced 5v5 casual.


Or… just leaving the game, what about that? Those 3v3 players who hate 5v5 or talents will just play ranked or leave the game