Return of ARAL


I think one of the main appeals of Rumble is that it’s a shorter mode WITHOUT TALENTS. All I can say is that SEMC must be convinced that they are making money off talents, because (1) talent-infected ARAL is replacing talent-free Rumble as permanent and (2) they appear to have abandoned the “Classic Blitz” (blitz with no talents) mode they promised months ago.


Rumble is really different compared with 3v3 and 5v5 ranked, the strategy is no near the same.


RIGHT!? I forgot all about the potential for the return of classic blitz. As someone who wasn’t around for that, and the excitement that news brought many of you, it’s super disappointing that it has NEVER happened.


That’s just pedantry. If one mode is unavailable for weeks on end and another mode is introduced in its place, then the latter has effectively taken the place of the former.


:man_shrugging: Perhaps try being more precise in how you express yourself?


Literally after the update after ARAL was “removed” a lot of players were dissatisfied on what SEMC did
From facebook to twitter, reddit, and even here…kept saying they did a mistake of removing ARAL … so i guess they just reverted it back I’m really not defending SEMC but thats just my cent into it :man_shrugging:


No doubt every mode has their partisans – I mean, that was the original point of adding them, right? To give people options. Removing things that people like is always going to cause some wailing and gnashing of teeth. However, SEMC continue to make this problem worse through their inexplicable reluctance to actually COMMUNICATE THEIR REASONS FOR ANYTHING THEY DO.

It’s really astounding.


The reason is reddit. They’ve been crying for months, and SEMC decided to hear those noise makers instead of seeing which mode was actually more popular. It seems people just need to make noise, even if it’s just 4 players.

I should had done one thread every day complaining about the removal of 3v3 casual and I would have made them go back it seems.


Actually most of them are the same ppl just with different account, SEMC just realize removed of ARAL drive most of the whale away thts it


It seems people just need to make noise, even if it’s just 4 players.

But when it comes to, I dunno, guild revamps, they don’t bat an eye. Huh.


That actually requires some effort to do from their part, so “iT’s NoT a PrIoRiTy RiGhT nOw”.


Truth… Rumble and ARAL should stay and remove blitz…but NoOOoO they can’t do that or the talent whales are gonna freak and they won’t have :money_with_wings: …which leads to one solution just try to balance the talents…like actually balance it but instead we’ll probably get new hats and emotes.


Yea what sucks is they just listen to those on reddit how bout visit this forums…it has a lot of ideas(actual ideas) and some with great concepts…but instead they go to reddit lile how hard it is to type and browse some ideas…


Or… why not just look the stats about the amount of players en each game mode? :confused:


Lmao I actually like aral.

Rumble was just “who can take kraken faster?” because really, even with helga’s nerf, she was still an instawin. ARAL is rng’y but ironically it’s more balanced than noob city 5s impossible to carry, or tryhard meta slave trade ranked modes.


I play rumble without the kraken :frowning:
One of the last matches, the enemy send us like 3 krakens and still lost XD I prefer rumble rather than ARAL, if it was ARAM things may be different, but ARAL… seriously? The least played mode in the game? Why not bringing us ARAM which got amazing critics from the community instead of that RNG talent and unbalanced game mode?


There’s more unknowns in Aral compared to ARAM though. If you get more rangers or metas in 5s, then you just 5 man push and win easily.

In aral, there’s the random talents, random heroes, different playstyles. There’s enough variability to make it interesting. ARAM is just when you squeeze a map down and see what happens. There aren’t enough opportunities for unique plays. Compare this to casual, where the map is so big, most “big plays” are when your teammate get 2+ man ganked xd.

Aral has a good check and balance. Get stuck with triple melee? Well, your talents and improvised support will make up the difference.

I’ve also had the most fun losing in aral compared to any other gamemode. It’s extremely fun to party with aral


In ARAL most times is full ranged against full melee, which is no near a balanced matchup, whereas in ARAM, from my experience, matchups are more balanced, is really strange to see a full team of ranged against full melee, and the lack of talents makes it better, since you rely on your skill instead of your P2W hability


Can’t wait to have reim, krul and Rona vs Baron, Samuel and kestrel, sooo balanced and fun. Talents don’t make it more manageable, they make it even more unbalanced as they strengthen the strong parts.


You forgot kinetic

and Cain, Silvernail, Skaarf, Celeste, Magnus, Vox