Return of ARAL


It was announced in Reddit, SEMC is moving rumble to rotating modes whereas ARAL will return as permanent mode… It was the only mode I was playing, so this leaves me with no modes to play…


The only two modes I play are ARAM and Rumble. So, I’m pretty much in the same boat now …

Ugh. They constantly think of new ways to reduce interest in their game, don’t they?


Some part of the community was asking for it but… my queues in rumble are shorter (even with 4 more players) that ARAL has ever been, so in fact seems like there are more people playing Rumble than ARAL :confused:

I’m hating this new patch and is not even live…


Honestly, there’s no telling what (if any) their plan is, since they have virtually stopped communicating at this point. I agree with you about the queue times, for what it’s worth. Plus, the fact that there are no talents in Rumble makes it much more fun than ARAL.

More fun still is ARAM, which is pretty much the perfect brawl mode for me: no talents, interesting map, reasonable matchups most of the time.

I’ve not played that much this patch (only have 40-something wins at this point), and I haven’t seen anything that’s going to inspire me to play more in 4.2 :frowning_face:


I really miss the way SEMC used to communicate before…like Alpha’s release. They always used to make big events out of a hero release and generate TONS of hype, but now they just…come out


My two cents is that I loved ARAL way more than I ever did rumble or ARAM… And that comes from a (mostly) F2P player, so it’s not like I have talents maxed out…
So for me, good news !

ARAL was really strategic. The few ARAM games I played were a huge mess, and Rumble kinda too, but not as bad, and the idea behind Rumble is rather fine.


I don’t like how their lack of communication has also affected the patchnotes. It was really nice to see the reasoning behind balancing changes, as it feels like they’re making changes at random sometimes without the reasoning.


Probably not even them can justify the random changes.


This is extremely disappointing. Based on queue times alone, to echo what was mentioned earlier, Rumble games (10 players) were found far faster than ARAL (6 players) games. That seems like a pretty clear indicator Rumble is more popular.

This is simply for the use of talents, which require a lot of glory to level up. When you run out of glory, what’s the fastest way to get more? ICE. How do you get ICE? You spend money.

They can say it’s what the community wanted, but I don’t believe it for a second.

Let’s just hope they don’t incorporate talents into ARAM…


Like others have said, I could be wrong but it kinda seemed like rumble was the most popular mode lol.


Keeping the mode with monetisation as permanent disguised as a response to the community’s “plea.”

hmmmm… :thinking:


My average wait time for Rumble was around 3 minutes. I only played it because it let you complete the “Play a Standard PVP game” quest; I hated Rumble after the first time it was introduced. Rumble is not an appropriate substitute for ARAL/ARAM because it is essentially standard in half the time, whereas random modes offer both the random hero and the single lane aspect.


Rumble isn’t supposed to be a “substitute” for ARAL or ARAM. It’s a brawl mode: a quicker way of playing the game.

Why would you want every brawl mode to be single lane, random hero?


My queues only takes around 1 or 2 minutes maximum O.o (is a surprised face)


Same. Most of the time it’s right around a minute for Rumble, in my experience. Sometimes much faster.


As far as the gaming experience goes, Rumble is standard PVP. Nowhere did I say that wanted a random mode for everything; I want each mode to offer a unique experience. You can continue one-tricking in Rumble the same way you might in Ranked or Standard because there is essentially no difference in strategy, but random modes force you out of your comfort zone in a way that none of the other modes do at the moment.

Also, Rumble was essentially a substitute for ARAL when they removed the latter.


If you think strategy in Rumble is the same as in 3v3, all I can say is you’re doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s incorrect. Rumble appeared an event mode first. When it proved very popular, SEMC decided to remove ARAL as one of the permanently available modes, and Rumble was made available all the time instead of in the event rotation. ARAL was never removed but instead became one of the rotating modes.


Less than a min peak times and 3 mins during extremely off hours. About 1:30 on average. I do agree @5230984 that it doesn’t quite feel like a brawl mode, however that is of no relevance to the fact that it felt like the most popular mode due to wait times over time. It may well have not been. No idea.

Regardless, I actually like that they’re bringing back an all random. Forget which one doesn’t have talents and personally am hoping it’s the 5v5 map one without talents. I feel like we should have one talentless all random mode permanently and have felt that for some time, however I don’t think rumble fits as an event match type. It’s not really unique enough for that. Now if they added some new interesting mechanic specific to rumble that spiced the match up more then I’d say throw it in a cycle, but barring something along those lines, I’d say keep both on as regular modes and figure out some more interesting ideas to make more event match types, or throw them all into a random match type option that is available permanently and…yeah; figure some new ideas out for weekend events.


They are bringing the talents one in the 3v3 map, so the bad version.


Fml. Well, I guess they’re forcing us to play ranked or 3v3 now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the introduction of rumble didn’t up ranked 5v5 que times, and with the changes to 3v3 in general, not to mention 3v3 has a rank still, I think they want us to play those and talent modes more than Rumble or ARAM.