Please keep SEMC alive, support VG, watch ads

Please watch more ads everyone! Help out the dev a Iil bit! I don’t know how long can VG hold on, but just help carry it through this tough year!!!


they should do this “optional ad in game” back then before talents, when they have more player.

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I mean, everyone would do if the ads weren’t bugged as hell.
You watch one and then they get blocked as if you watched all five. And they unlock again randomly, sometimes after a few hours, sometimes until the next day for it to bug again as soon as you watch one…

To keep opening the app just to check if the adds are available… ain’t nobody got time foh dat.


I don’t wanna support a game that doesn’t even care about it’s playerbase. We’re getting weapon skins instead of new items, I just wanna play the new hero and leave again.


I would have watched ads everyday, but unfortunately they weren’t available on my device. Shot themselves in the foot on that one I’m afraid.

I thought that I was the only one going to to do that…

If the new update doesnt have anything good besides the new hero, :v:️peace out lol


Yeah the game is dead so if there are no new items and a serious change to the 5v5 map I think it’s guaranteed that this would be the last update or there are 1 or 2 updates after left. The game had a chance to succeed it would never be as popular as LoL but it would’ve been like DOTA where the playerbase has stagnated but it has dedicated playerbase too bad.


This, the game won’t be up for long. Now the 2.9 update is taking more than 1.5 months, development is rapidly slowing down.

Also that MM… 3 games I am paired against 3 same good players that are not party and I got in my team drafts like bot !CP! idris that was super bad too, captain lance that is bad too and this in the same game. So much fun, that I need to play something else now. 3 games in a row I play vs super good players and got noobs that not only can’t play, but also draft ridiculous things. Frustrating game and I am 2500 elo, i.e. expect to play with atleast semi competent players in both teams.

Side note: I like the snow on the site. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If they fix 3v3 (and if they stop implementing retarded balance changes), I’ll buy ICE.

Until then, my wallet stays closed lol.


From your standpoint, I do not think you have a say on game development. Sure, SEMC is in a bad status right now but that does not mean you should put the final nail in the coffin. Game development is hard. Getting everything in schedule is harder. There will always be errors and delays.

As for the matchmaking, yes it sucks. But everyone deals with it eventually. It will also depend on your current rank and mmr.
I would stay off in stuff like “in t4 its normal blablaba” but really, you cannot win every game or have everything come your way. Learn to bounce back.

P.S: do you mean 2.9? because that is really a year ago.

No one should have to deal with a bad MM, nor should they “get used it”. The problem is apprerant and obvious, and it has been there for a few seasons now. Yes, developing a game is hard, but the fact that SEMC does not listen and come up with unnecessary stuffs, makes it harder. Instead of pumping out heroes after heroes, hats after hats after re-colored skins; why can’t they improve the MM? Design new Items? Or improve the 5v5 map???


You had me on this one. Okay I retract my argument about “deal with it” attitude for MM.
Because of my own experience I have learned that even if your teammates suck or the enemy was just too good, It will all boils down to how would I feel afterwards.
Blame game is fun tbh I am guilty of that too.
“It is not my fault we lost my teammates sucks!”
“Thanks to the MM i cannot climb to (insert next tier)”
“I am always getting matched with this noob guy” --just get a party.

At the end of the day, it is just a game we all chosen to play. Change, good or bad we must accept it. We can influence the development but we cannot change their plans on how to handle its management entirely.


Part of the problem with the matchmaker is the small pool of players it has to work with – particularly at higher tiers.

There’s no easy fix for that.

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I actually got to POA gold on both game modes so I’m glad

Is this what’s happening to VG?


Imagine seeing this post a year or two ago. I can just see the FUNNY and USEFUL reacts.


Sorry, I don’t believe I understand what you mean.

If someone made a thread in the old forums that said to watch more ads to help SEMC out, it would basically be a rating farm for “funnies” and “usefuls”.

(Off topic: has anyone confirmed Joule_leaps to be a troll?)

Oh! Sorry I read it a few times and I just could wrap my head around it, I think I am just having a slow day. You’re totally right, though… It’s weird where we’ve come from, and where we are now.

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