Let It Snow!

You’re actually the first person to comment about it :cloud_with_snow:


Love it, those small details adds a lot to the holidays mood and general enjoyment when browsing the site. Thanks for doing it! :beers:

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wait wheres the snow This text will be blurred

What browser are you using?

Refresh the page if u didn’t. :slight_smile:

From that response, I guess the mods added snow to replace the Witch Hats from last season.

Runs to the laptop to see the snow

Interesting. It’s working on mobile Safari for me. (My Mac is out of commission, so I can’t test on desktop Safari, though.)

WoT?!? Im currently on my phone and I still dont see it after refreshing…

Imma bout to fling my phone across the room :selfie:

Don’t worry I can’t see it either on safari on me phone too

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Weird … are you guys on the latest release of iOS?

It’s done with CSS animation because I’d prefer not to add scripts that could slow down the site.

You guys on mobile should also see the hats now – I just added some CSS to the mobile version of the site to promote equality with those of us on the desktop site. :new_call_me:


OOOo will there be Spring edition with cherry blossoms?


That’s a brilliant idea!!! My sources say YES.


I see it now thanks :star_struck:

Everyone’s lookin pretty snazzy

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How can i get that H A T S
Edit: ohh… :kraken_happy_t3:


I can see both the snow and the hats. Love them!

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I see the hats but not the snow :confused:

It doesn’t work on every browser, I’m afraid:

EDIT: OH! And it’s only enabled on the default theme, so if you’ve picked a different one, you won’t see it! (Sorry, totally forgot that! :man_facepalming: )

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Currently, it’s only snowing if you’re using the default site theme. Should snow be enabled on ALL site themes?

  • Yes! (Let it snow!)
  • No! (Bah humbug!)

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Yes but there should also be a theme with no snow

and a grinch background