Let It Snow!


Ok yup that explains it, I had rainbow glaive as my theme but in default it works. Is so nice! And hats too!

Poll: I want snow on my rainbow glaive pls


Oh, then maybe it’s because of chosing another theme.

Edit: now I have it :slight_smile:


Please sign a partition to have SNOWing effects on the 5v5 map!


Would love it :heart_eyes: Sliding on a frozen river oof


Uhmmm…For the spring months, can we have the Rose Petal from BlackFeather’s old A on the forum?
Too much?


As the voting has been unanimous so far, it should now be snowing on all the 3.8 themes … :snowflake:

I’ve added a “snow-free” theme as well, as @PopcornOne suggested, in case someone doesn’t want the snow effects :man_shrugging:



This text will be blurred


Snow? I thought it was salt :thinking:


I gasped when I saw it! I actually came to talk about VG’s Celeste on Ice (presumably) teaser which I think is kind of funny. I love all the forum quirks!


Me @ reddit with the falling snow