Please keep SEMC alive, support VG, watch ads


It also doesnt help that SEMC has lost a bunch of devs over the last few months, post 5v5 i think, so i would assume that content would be a little slower. Then again, i could be wrong and they hired new devs to help. But either way, yes the player fanbase is declining and VG doesnt have much left going for it. The only reason i havent quit yet and gone to AoV or ML is for 2 reasons

  1. The graphics. The graphics compared from VG to the others is unmatched. Its so beautiful. Even on my crappy android J3v, its still great. (and yes, i have played AoV/ML so i know what it looks like in game)
  2. I have spent too much money into VG to just quit. I would hate myself for wasting money for me to just quit. I still lowkey hate myself for putting money into VG in the first place.


I’m not sure why I keep returning to this game. sigh.
But good (well, not good, but ya know) to see I’m not imagining the game being dead. Playing some matches again here and there and lately my queue time is 10-15 minutes in ranked. Prime time, in evenings… freaking crazy. …


Soon you’ll have to say more than a year !! :slight_smile:


This was my reason until I met AoV and how casual it is. 30 seconds qs and other things that I wont repeat.

Might have broken heros but it eventually balances out since 90% of the roster is broken.


(This may be a little biased) But also another reason i didn’t stick with AoV is because ive gotten so used to touch controls that i cant play joystick to save my life. After playing for a week or so, i just couldn’t deal with how boring it felt. In touch controls, it feels like you’re doing so much more with all the tapping. i like that quite well. While on the other hand, you have joystick and buttons. Tapping and dragging doesn’t have the same feel. i got bored way to quickly.
As I know VG is dying, its the only moba that has good graphics. So until another Moba comes out with equal to or better graphics to VG, then I guess I’m sticking with it. And the probability that one actually comes out is pretty slim.