Party Queue is The Only Way Now

Well, I’m certainly in a far better mood than my post I made in the Salt Mine the other day. No longer getting upset if I lose. It’s all good. I think VG is just in a place where over 80-85% of the player base doesn’t understand MOBA strategy. It’s all good.

With that in mind, I do feel the best strategy to rank is party queue. I took great pride in being a mostly solo queue player. However, it’s just not feasible. Having just dropped from 2520 to 2453, I can say with certainty, unless your a former/borderline pro player, solo queue can’t be done right now in Vainglory.

I look forward to playing mostly casual in solo queue, and potentially ranking with guild-mates, and more hopefully - some of YOU. I’d love to play with forumers more.

Thoughts on this? I didn’t place this in the salt mine, as it’s less a complaint for me, and more of a statement and observation on strategy. While it is unfortunate that such a good game has such a inexperienced player base, one can’t change that on one’s own.

Feel free to hit me up IG at Lebatron. If you’re tier 8 bronze or higher, I’ll rank with you! As long as we stay focused on having fun, and if/when necessary, being open to being educated on MOBA strategy. I am certainly not claiming to be some almighty player, but it hs been a tad bit annoying that no one is solo queue accepts my advice - if only they’d have known I’ve been playing MOBA since, well, MOBA came into existence!

Good luck in all of your future games. Again, I highly recommend party queuue (preferably trio or even full penta for extra fun) in ranked 5v5 and at least duo in 3v3 to maximzie fun, learning, and overall quality of gameplay.

Do you agree? Disagree?


Sadly, I have to agree. Solo Q is one of the worst experiences in this game. It’s not strange to see most people who try to climb partying.

Every time I try to solo, win or lose, I remember why I basically only duo with my brother.


As someone who plays pretty much exclusively solo Q, 5v5 ranked, I think the experience is decent, at least in mid tier 10 bronze. I actually think players have only recently (last couple of months) gotten a good understanding of 5v5. I am seeing a lot of really good rotations, and last night, was surprised to see two lane swaps from our top/bot to create better match ups.

When you think about it this statement has almost no meaning. Obviously it is more fun with friends you know are reliable, that is true of any online game. I would say VG has a comparable solo Q experience to other online games, except for slightly longer Q times (my average rn seems to be 3m or so).

I really do believe the player base is overall getting better at the rise. One big factor in my enjoyment of the game, is that the captain role is actually popular now, which is a testament to all the work that went in post 5v5 launch to really make the role more fun than it ever was in 3v3. As a captain main, it has been really nice to play other roles more than half the time.

This is the only thing I disagree at. While I wish to believe to this, most resources are outdated and or no longer good.

Newer players dont have much to look at to get better at the game.

Sadly, from my experience, I couldn’t disagree more. Builds are getting worse. Rotations are almost non existent. The toxic cultures of “my farm, gtfo!” continues to prevail. I hope future MOBAs not only provide tutorials/academy features for their specific game, but utilize skilled MOBA players to provide tutorials on best strategy for playing MONA in general.

I am glad to hear your experience is different! :slight_smile:

Maybe newer players, at least in tier 10 it feels like players are finally mastering rotations, vision, objective controls, and so on. I have repeatedly been outclassed on a macro level, which just did not happen before.

The other day I we had a WP Alpha jungle. At 10m, she asked to take over top lane, and split push it. It created way more pressure then our top catherine, and allowed her to bring utility to our team fight.

Last night I had a Gwen shot call the set up and take of Ghostwing the moment it spawned.

Like I said earlier I have also seen multiple lane swaps in soloQ.

Now thats where I get confused. T10 players are more involved such as streams and such (I see @Lebatron on Xenos streams but I just lurk) but the majority of the playerbase is lower tiers so its harder to learn.


Completely agree with that, I guess I was talking more from my own anecdotal perspective.

VG has a nice set of tutorials, and covering the basics worked well for 3v3. The issue is 5v5 is so much more complex it is hard to understand what is good to do and why. In 3v3 so many players got to tier 10 just based on good mechanics (I used to have a bunch of tier 10 friends who just copy pasted builds from online, and just had amazing mechanics) but mechanics can only get you so far on 5v5. It would be really nice to have a set of tutorials roughly outlining how to play the map properly.


@idmonfish did that with a well-written article. If only there were a link to that directly from the game/app. As an experienced player, I found very little I disagreed with from that piece.

Edit: for readers of this site:

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This sounds like a great forum challenge to me! We have our hero guides for builds and things (hint hint, all, please feel free to add to them), but we could use some collective threads on rotations, wave management, map control, and all those other intermediate/advanced concepts.

For instance, a new generation of threads like this: Know your rotations! How to execute rotations correctly and what to watch out for could be great for 5v5. I’m more than willing to help folks if they need graphics to illustrate their words!

Let me think on how best to organize this, but I think we can do it in a fun way that doesn’t require too much effort on any individual person.

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I don’t play the game like before , I play some br and casual 3v3 if it’s available and stop the decay , so once my NA account close to decay and I decided to play a game 3v3 .

While we were in the draft I got busy doing stuff and didn’t pay attention to the draft , I picked last second with a quick look to the picks and I picked roam because I didn’t have time to pick other picks and it was a quick decision .

When the loading screen appeared I looked closely to read the name and it was you playing jungle in the enemy team , my teammates were lower ranks so I said to myself rip I should jungled .

My teammate didn’t invade you and you did pressure the lane and killed the laner , but the game was chaos , in paper you should win but you were doing questionable plays , like I can’t say you don’t have to be frustrated , because I countered your plays , and the only thing made my team win is my jungler was following some of my pings and I protected them very well , but in that game I surrendered twice but my team refused the surrender not because it’s not winnable but because it’s chaos and players dying for no reason , that’s why I don’t play and only stop the decay and I didn’t care about the win .

I don’t see any reason to party it’s easy win , like the only way you lose in a party is if the enemy trio and you duo or the enemy duo synergy is high and they got strong team plays .

In my experience, solo Q is a nightmare. You get paired with people who doesn’t even know the basics. You loose the match for reasons out of your hand over and over. I barely play solo Q because of that, I mostly duo.

Agreed! we have so much community tutorials but nobody is going to go out of their to find it (like LORE) and it would have been nice for it to be in the app itself like old times.

Rotations are only important in VG silver and gold… I got to t10 “just by mechanics” basically because seems like most players in 5v5 bellow VG silver have lost many mechanics, they no longer use RB well, doesn’t know when to engage, nor when to be aggressive or retreat.

Are there good guides on how to play the map or how to use rotations?

In tier 10 bronze, as someone who plays cath whenever she is up, I am seeing her ult blocked reliably. Frankly I have just not seen what you are describing.

The gatekeeping of rotations is an odd idea. My brother who sucks at mechanics (who is tier 6), relies almost entirely on using proper rotations to do well. If you are a mechanical god I guess you can get by without map awareness, but some understanding of rotations is way more important than it was in 3v3.

Multiple. Theres been some since the introduction of 5v5!

(I remember seeing some on Reddit) Though Ill link some cool ones.

Excoundrel, Pepe Tapia, and Broken Myth has good guides.

In EU there is no rotations until VG silver lol. Is not about being a mechanical god (which I’m not), but if there are no rotations, then its all about mechanics, and people tend to not have them.

If he is t6, then it’s clear that rotations are not enought. In t6 he should focus more on mechanics, you can start practicing rotations in VG Silver.

Tapia has a handful of really awesome guides, yeah!

And the BM one, you’re thinking of the map I made, with idmon’s articles? Those are helpful, yeah, but maybe a touch outdated now. Could use a refresh.

I’m not too familiar with Excoundrel’s vids actually… they’re fairly long and not my speed for gaming content, but he includes a lot of useful info, for sure.

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WAIT i have a question!

Is BM still a thing or did it disband cuz I havent heard anything from them in a LONG while…

sorry for being off topic

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