Know your rotations! How to execute rotations correctly and what to watch out for

Content archived from the OG Vainglory Forums - originally posted by TheFollowing on the 13th of March 2017. Archived by @NinjaBryden.

With the release of 2.2 we have all seen new play styles and rotations. The best part of this, is there isn’t a staple rotation anymore, and all rotations can be successful given the correct team comp and execution. And thats the purpose of this thread, to inform you all on how to successfully perform these rotations and teach you how to counter them.

Types of Rotations

Starting off with the most common rotation this patch; The Traditional Rotation.

This rotation usually consists of the laner going towards the lane to farm while the support/captain and jungler make their way to the middle treant(not the elder treant!) then take their own fronts and wait awhile by the elder treant for an early skirmish. This rotation is common amongst teams who are equal in scaling power, and one team isn’t too much stronger in the early game than the other.
How to counter - There are two ways to counter, one being “The Gank Rotation” and the other being the “All Hands on Jungle Rotation”

The next rotation and one of the most dangerous; All Hands on Jungle Rotation.

This rotation usually consists of the entire team coming down and going straight into the enemy side and contesting their middle treant, if successful, they will continuing to push the enemy out of the jungle and build a snowball lead. This is extremely hard to come back from and can be rather frustrating if done correctly.
How to counter - Counter jungle, have your laner rotate towards their backs and take your own and move towards the lane and wait for their laner to come back and try to gank. If you wish not to risk it, just perform the “Docile Rotation”.
Red flags that this rotation is going to happen - If the enemy comp is an early game comp the chances of this gank happening are far higher, I recommend that you choose the “Docile Rotation” if your comp is a late game comp instead of risking first blood.

Not as common but dangerous if underestimated; The Gank Rotation.

This rotation usually consists of the entire team going up into their lane bush and awaiting the laner to begin farmer for the opportunity to pounce on them for a quick and easy first blood. This rotation usually happens throughout the entire game, so be careful. Don’t drop your guard. The goal behind this is to try to snowball and somewhat annoy and put the laner behind.
How to counter - Have your laner hide closer to turret of if your jungler and captain don’t spot the enemy team performing “The Traditional Rotation”. Then take the elder treant and their fronts.
Red flags that this rotation is going to happen - This comp is most successful with a stun and gap closer. Watch out for Glaive, Catherine, Koshka or Lance.

Best rotation for late game scaling teams; The Docile Rotation.

This rotation usually consists of the laner going to lane and the captain and jungler farming their backs and back treant then checking if their farm is still is up in the mid treant and front camps. This rotation is the safest option when playing against early comps. Yes, you may lose some of your farm, but better that than your life and starting a really aggressive snowball. Essentially you’re saving yourself the frustration of both getting killed and your entire jungle stolen.
How to counter - Essentially, perform the “All Hands on Jungle Rotation” except you’ll go deeper after taking their middle treant. Camp in their jungle because odds are they’re only doing this rotation to avoid confrontation. However, don’t get too aggressive and know when to quit while you’re ahead or risk dying and throwing away the lead.
Red flags that this rotation is going to happen - If the team is late game scaling its highly likely that this is going to be their rotation. Use that to your advantage to and steal some of their jungle!

Possibly the most annoying rotation ever; The Heavy Lane Pressure Rotation.

This rotation usually consists of the laner and captain in lane while the jungler solos his farm. Essentially, the captain’s job is to harass the enemy laner. This comp usually consists of Lyra, Adagio or Saw.
How to counter - If your jungler is stronger than the enemy jungler, have them invade and force the enemy support out of lane and into the jungle to aid their own jungler. If not, just have the captain babysit in lane and have your jungle go up occasionally to help relieve the pressure and allow you to shop.
Red flags that this rotation is going to happen - Lyra, Adagio, or Saw. These heroes live to frustrate you in the early game!

Thank you for reading, I’ll update as I see fit. These rotations are not always performed a certain way, but expect something similar. Please let me know if I’m missing something, whether it be counters or actual rotations. Huge thanks to @HipsterSkaarf for the images and helping organize!