YouTube Channel - Pepe Tapia (Tribe Gaming)

Hi! My name is Pepe and I am the game play coach and analyst for Tribe Gaming. I was also a part of Cloud9 for Autumn 2017 and also during their preparation for Worlds 2017.
Video plans for the future:
Early game videos for every role
Hero guides that include tips and tricks from Pro players such as DNZio, gabevizzle, iLovejoseph, Oldskool, and Maxgreen!

Early Game Strategies

Bottom Lane

Mid Lane

Top Lane


Thank you so much for doing these! They’ve been very helpful. I’ve been sharing these videos on my guilds discord, I think your channel could become great :slight_smile:

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i watched the videos. The tips and tricks are good.

Some things I would add for improvement:

  • subtitles for those who don’t want to turn up the volume. especially useful for those who can’t understand English as well.
  • actual gameplay video to accompany the explaination, also for those who understand things better with real game footage.
  • Guest commentary from the pro’s themselves.

Even though I understand that these videos are more towards those who are already veteran players and will understand all the terms you use, I think it could also be viewed by a wide range of players from just beggining all the way to VG bronze.

Just something to keep in mind. Look forward to more videos~!

and if these expectations are abit much, then just create more simple videos like these. Those tips and tricks need to be more wide spread knowledge~!

:heart: very nice

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Hoi pepe, noice guides


thanks for sharing , good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

So I wondered if tribe members could join this forums?
BTW guides are lit.

Just wanted to bump this thread (and edit the original post to include some direct video links). These have been really helpful for helping understand just what the flip I’m supposed to be doing in the first few minutes of the match. Thanks for making them @pepe_tapia! Looking forward to more! :cheers_boba_t2: :cheers_minioncandy_t2: :vgcheersx2:


Bumping to note the move to Useful Resources.