Match maker improving?

I have been very pleasantly surprised today with with appropriate skill tier matchings. Did SEMC fix the problem? Anyone else experience this? Although I have really enjoyed learning from playing with higher levels… It has been “real” today and that has been a lot of fun!

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Hate to say it, but it’s not improved too much. All my matches consist of anything between about 4 to 7 brand-new / unranked players, and the rest of us are T6 +.

lol no
I got like t4s in my team, next game got POA gold in my team, next game got t8, next game again t4s and unranked…

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I think it is cause you have a set mmr again. 5v5 had a mmr reset. Nivmett even said that that was heavily requested and found it funny that people didn’t see the outcomes.

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Nope, not at all…

Bummer, I was hoping. Im a lower tier guy, and finally have been feeling like the matches we’re on our level, and that I wasn’t dragging the upper tiers down… Lol. The highest I’ve seen today is a T6 .

That is how my day was yesterday… All over the place.

If that is what they did, what a bummer for the upper tiers… I’m so used to elo purgatory ( I’m hoping to work my way out)… ( One day)… I don’t think I’ve noticed much.

Definitely not fixed, still can’t get anyone to join up to help in a team fight regardless of how hard I spam the “stick together” And “let’s teamfight” buttons

No, its still imbalanced. My team consist of 5 members of newbies (play vg not more than a month) and got matched with some members of impunity (which is known as one of the best vg team in current 5v5). Is this fair? I thought vg is experienced enough for these kind of matchmaking.

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So uh.
Apparently my guild buddies went in with a pretty solid party (t7-t8 average) and got paired up against all SoloQers. Ones that sucked.
I wasn’t there so I can’t testify, but that’s some info I guess.

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O boi rip.
Apparently the matchmaker is “still learning” , so we gotta give it time until ranked 5v5 is released

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If anything it’s worse than before. No fun whatsoever.

Yeah, today has been back to the usual. Oh well. Lots of practice time and at least im not getting hurt in the ranks. Working on getting my hero pool deeper. Have to ready for that triple draft right? :wink:

The unranked players can be old players who did not rank last season and came back. These players can still have decent mmr…

I’m well aware of this, and while I understand this is the case, far more often than not the ones who are unranked play fairly poorly. And that’s no insult to them, it’s just what I’ve observed.


I tried WP Kestrel in bottom lane today. Rough matches. Mediocre allies at best.

Found this on Twitter, says posted around 7 hours ago.

Here’s hoping they got it fixed! :beers:

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2v5 :joy:, i was just a body guard for LyraLyrics and we litetally just carried the whole game.