It's ON with Lebatron!

I’ll be hanging out for a bit, streaming from the Omlet app and website.

Overall, lag/performance for game is better when I want to play 5v5 using this app, which I hope to do today!

I’ve now switched over to Twitch. Going to see how 5v5 performs when hosting to Twitch…


Instant fail. RIP 5v5 for Twitch (for me, any way). Back to Omlet!

I’ll be charging the ole Halcyon for a bit - perhaps the next 90 minutes or so - come hang out, if you want!

@DIMTI and @remi have joined in on the fun! Come hang out! :smile:


Rip, i was out in the cinema, how did It go?

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I went 1-1 in ranked 3v3 solo. First game was a win with CP BF… First time playing him since at least autumn 2018. Was fun! Second game I had a Phinn that gave up after 5 min… I have no explanation as to why.

@remi, @DIMTI and I then lost a ARAL in a nail-biter, then dominated a ARAM and Rumble!


Sort of off topic, but CP BF seems to be the strongest assassin/dive rn. Assuming you don’t count Miho

It’s not strange, the rest of them are crap. Neither Taka, koshka and reza saw play at high elo (EU) last patch, having only anka as an assassin, who was later on killed with the nerfs. Being just viable is enough to be the strongest assassin.


Never said it was strange, just something I don’t think most people have acknowledged. CP BF is actually viable in the right hands.

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Back at it! With my new device. My first test was a big one - set graphics to high, and streamed 5v5 on Twitch.

Prior to my Pixel3, graphics were on auto, and 5v5 meant 15000+ ms if streaming to twitch. My first test, 5v5 casual, graphics high, on twitch - pretty smooth! Check me out!


I like the beautiful black :confused:

I’ll be streaming the next ~ 2 hours! Playing random modes/games. Right now, practicing more Kestrel in 5v5 (plus, it’s part of the current event with VG right now).

Stop by and hang out. Happy Friday! :slight_smile:

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Where are you streaming? A link would be good … :wink:


For the end if the stream, how did It go?

We won the 5v5. 3/0/21 EDIT: YATES! The in-game chat was funny, but the fellas got it done! Atlas ruined Bap and brought him back down to earth.


Thats because lance is awesome :slight_smile:

Sometimes, just sometimes, my brain shuts off.

Hahahaha, Yates, then he isnt awesome >:/