It's ON with Lebatron!

Howdy. @hazeleyes mentioned a potential interest in observing if I streamed. Well, I’ll be streaming for about 80 minutes or so right now. Likely going to keep it to Blitz or ranked 3v3. 5v5 lags like crazy when I stream to Twitch.

If people know the Omlet Arcade app or website, I can stream just to Omlet (the app I use) with 5v5 if folks would rather watch that.

If this appears to self-righteous or egotistical, I can certainly delete this post.


Time to wait for the blitz screenshot :slight_smile:

No talents >>>> talents UwU

And you know I’m right :wink:

We hustled! @RiseChu got in on the fun, too!

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GG, just when I’m not there XD

Back at it for another 50 min or so. Trying to regain VG in NA “ranked” 3v3.

Well crap, I’m working this week …

it’s time for me to go to sleep sadly :frowning:

Whats ur twitch name so I can follow u (and get notifications of when ur streaming) :smiley:

Lebatron! My IGN now as well. Thanks!

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3 death. Smh
30 characters hshshs

I havent touched CP Lyra ever since her Tidal skin came out :pouting_cat:

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Yeah, he is feeding, shame on him :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Streaming for around 80 minutes, but this time using the Omlet interface.

Check it out if you’d like.

EDIT: For those interested, this is how I stream from my mobile device. It’s a free app (can be ugpraded though). I have noticed that when I play 5v5 and use it to stream to Twitch, I experience serious lag. However, when I play 5v5 just using Omlet, no issues. 3v3/Halcyon Fold map works fine streaming to Twitch.

EDIT x2: Will be attempting (again) to reclaim VG in 3v3. Hopefully a little more luck today!

I have been talking all the match, but apparently my messages weren’t being sent :confused:

Hitting up Twitch today. 0-2 before streaming. Stuck with the same troll 2x in a row. Let’s hope my luck improves! Thanks in advance for hanging out if you decide.


Luck did NOT improve. Shout out to :vgroles_captain: Lance building :vgitem_stormcrown: and :vgitem_sorrowblade: and to our vox who wanted to build a :vgitem_aftershock: until I convinced him otherwise, and build :vgitem_metaljacket: and :vgitem_aegis: but then decided to sell :vgitem_metaljacket:.

I will say, despite my incredible losing streatk and incredibly poor luck with teammates (no, I am not a typical “blame everyone else guy” - hopefully those who have watched feel I’ve remained pretty positive and laughed a few games off), I am enjoying streaming. A large part to that is folks like @HipsterSkaarf, @VaKTaBi, and @Guest_78 who have popped by to watch and chat. It makes it fun!


I just don’t understand how can you keep your positivity alive after such a bad luck

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Back at it. Should be on for a good bit today. Happy Friday!

I’ve been taken out of Twitch, and it doesn’t let me log in, rip.

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