I give up SEMC

I give up on ranking myself to t10 to following reason


This is the first reason i give up ranking. When we have the perfect team comp someone dodges, when they hate the comp, dodge. minutes and minute my time is wasted constantly trying to counter then someone just dodges. what kind of :cow2: :poop: is that no punishments???


Nothing works. I try to roam=teammates who cant even stutterstep. Junglers who dont know how to rotate. Then who’s to blame because i didnt “protect” them
I try to carry or jungle incompentetnt support who freaking presses the fountain even though were all full health.
Nothing works even on parties. They invite teammates who is imcompetent then we lose then they fight. Blah blah now the party is over.

the elo system

This is the most irritating of all i can handle trolls and incompetence while this is unaccepttable.
From double spoils of wars=double lose elo. to freaking losing almost a 100 elo from a 1 match!
I went from 2334 to 2260 in one match??
Then there’s the bug that you lose elo even when you won
then there’s also the bug where you dont gain any elo…its maddening all the time and effort wasted.

Tl:dr im not coming in rank. Until next update i thought i could reach t10 bit even the system dont want to. SEMC pls fix. Surely enough im not the only one experiencing this.


dont forget a new broken hero every patch


Have u seen Pyke on LoL, i had 1/3 health left and he killed me and three other members of my team.

Im pretty sure every moba makes their newest hero stronger then the rest for sales and allowing players to learn them easier.

but thats my opinion


Mmm is the no elo gain thing actually happening? Because I swear I was stuck at the same elo for a prolonged period despite winning 9 on the bounce, I was expecting to see my ire change but it didn’t.

It is. And its infuriating you wasted your time on a hard fought match and theres no elo not even 1 :,(

That’s terrible, I even checked on VGPro and my elo remained static for 12 games (10 of which is won).

Surely this can’t be the case, we must be mistaken. If not what’s the point in ranking!

You mean in different games and the elo numbers for them? Because vgpro shows only the elo before your last played game.

Its not happening everymatch though its like a bug or somethin. We literally won a match in oarties then after match someome pointed out that they didnt get any elo i checked mine and i L O S T some elo all of us was shook.

Yeah I’ve got the same elo for 8 matches in a row on VGPro, I check because I had expected to gain rank with 8 wins in a row but I hadn’t moved.

You’ve lost elo after a win rofl… :man_facepalming:

I meant did you check after each game? If not you’ll see the same elo in every game you check right now. Also if you lost and then won a game and it is your last one your elo would be showing lower after the victory as it refreshes every time you play a new game and takes the elo you had from the one before that.

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lol why are you guys trying anymore? It’s already been reported as broken, and SEMC just gives us :okx99:.

Although Nivmett said they’re “working on it”, so why would you play a mode that the devs have acknowledged as broken just to make yourselves salty?

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Where did they say the ranked was broken? Link pls i shouldve known. Well im done for now. Bit still… loool

Haha. I don’t know but I was expecting my elo to be a bit higher than it was after my last win. Frustrating af.

Aspects of ranked have been brought up numerous times in this thread, and the Salt Mine and Dear SEMC are filled with reports of dodging, broken mmr, and “how am I supposed to rank like this??” threads. If you take a look around you can probably find similar stuff in every thread, I mean I see stuff like this every day.

VG gives more content(heros we don’t want right now) and creates bugs. Don’t they have a test server for this sort of thing? I haven’t played a lot of vg this patch, but they should be focusing on these bugs right now or else I’m not going to play…more periods…

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Future question


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I personally am having no problems with ranked ELO wise. Maybe ur skill too good and MM is like naw if this kid wins he gets no ELO for bullying


I kinda give up too after sitting, looking at the screen for 7 minutes straight

Before that I was in matchmaking for so long that I ate an entire giant bowl of cherries, and it kept on going, yet suddenly the matchmaking decided to give it a cha- Nope, dodged ffs

for me its the morning rn so i’m not really expecting any of the VG players to be playing so i’m trolling POA guys even though wait times is 5+ min long rn…