How to carry 5 v 5 rank games easily. (Jungle Mains)

Now, personally myself, I’ve been using this strategy to win almost all of my rank games. It’s highly effective and I strongly recommended to use this strategy from tier 1 to tier 7. This jungle strategy gives you boost of XP in a short period of time. It gives you the advantage in high level and gold. I see junglers make several mistakes by ganking laners early. However, this is not what you are suppose to do.


For starters, choose a hero that is capable of doing massive area damage and doing burst damage.
(Suggestions: Kensei, Joule, Rona, Reza and Petal)
This is a very apt situation to choose these heroes because they can eliminate enemy heroes in seconds. The way to gain massive amount of gold and XP is to never gank your laners until level 6. Keep farming jungle minions until you reach level 6. This gives you a XP advantage over the other laners because jungle monsters give you a lot of XP. Also another important tip is to never recall. Recalling is a waste of time unless you have to recall. You can always gain back health by killing those golems that give you health, xp and mana. After 10 minutes of the game only gank 1 or 2 times for extra gold - mostly just be inside your jungle farming- ,but after 10 minutes you can start killing enemy heroes and easily stomp them. By following this guild, you will earn more gold and xp than other players in the game and carry your team to victory.

Made by: Smexyboi
IGN: Smexyboi
If you have any questions, add my IGN and I’ll answer them!

Checkout link below for proof!

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Vg jungle doesnt work like that.


If you don’t try it how would u know

This is truly terrible advice.

Not ganking until level 6? Thats a 1 way ticket to losing your lanes early.

Not to mention you will not gain a lot by never leaving your jungle, even if you manage to secure your entire bot jungle every 2 minutes. In that time the enemy jungler does the same, and gains ambient from lane, aswell as most likely securing kills.

By the time you hit 6 with this strategy the enemy will be ahead of you, making you a potato for the rest of the game.


Listen i will personally video tape my game play and show you how its done properly and again, you won’t know until you try it. And i said this strategy is for rank 1-7

Ganking your lanes starves the enemy laner. now, if you don’t gank and pressure the lanes then you won’t gain the lead you so wanted to obtain. Ganking also eases pressure put on the lane, making the enemy laner more hesitant to being aggressive against inst your own teammate.

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Even in low tiers this is a very, very poor strategy.

You can record it, and it could work sometimes. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is probably the least viable strategy for jungling that could exist.

The entire point of the jungler is to exert pressure and gank early. Most junglers can do this before you even get your first t3 item, and long before level 6. All this does is waste time while the enemy safely farms and gets to the mid/late game without worry.

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I forgot to record it but here
My most recent game. The next game im going to record using this strategy.
If you call this not viable when im 20/2/10 i don’t know what this is.
As I said, I have the highest kills level and gold in the game, plus if you are interested in the kensei build check out on my other forum.

aight then ima try his strat and see whether it actually works.
This is if i don’t get 3v1 aggro on the first rotation. I also hope that the enemy and my own laners dont frequently steal my farm throughout the game
Hopefully my laners know what they are doing and not feed the other team.

IMO This could work but only in very low tiers take t4 or t5, since in those tiers most people dont counter-itemize and having good mechanical skill and positioning with this strat on top of it will surely give you a very good advantage.


This is why you tell your laners to use their wards to ward off the jungle camp for vision… this guy

A pro jungler can do this from the get go. level 1, level 2 and just snowball out of control. My first rotation is to steal jungle creeps and get kills if possible.

it absolutely shits me when a jungler is not rotating and not ganking. it shows poor skill, poor confidence and you just know it’s going to be a shit game from there.


I think it worked for him because he probably out farmed everyone , just remember at lower tiers to mid , they don’t farm , they just fight for no reason , so he was probably out leveling them and got t3 items , so it will be easy fights .

As a general plan it’s bad , but for that specific tier I agree with it .

The best jungle rotation right now imo would be to play a strong early game jungler and babysit top instead of bot. If you win the first early game fight (and your captain can join you to ensure you do) you steal their entire jungle, which means you put both the enemy laner and jungler behind. If you babysit bot you only manage to put the enemy top laner behind, and they generally build utility anyway so you’re not having as much of an impact.

This strategy is horrible to be a victim of. The enemy will take your jungle away multiple times, the only way to counter this is to arrange a lane swap and most people in soloQ wont understand. (Or win the early game obviously, but if they have a stronger early game comp that simply isn’t possible).


As a captain I manage to counter this strat by rotating with mid to their WP buff instead. So my bot and jungler is behind but captain and mid can gain advantage therefore its not a big deal. And with that strat you’re not sure if you’ll win 2v2 100% that you get a chance to invade their WP buff. Their mid laner and captain can rotate to help, and if you get killed they’ll invade your CP buff + get first blood gold

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KDA is not everything, also you were against players far below your tier, in that conditions every strategy works.

Makes sense, but kind of hard to coordinate in soloQ imo. Also can’t the enemy mid and captain just secure your CP then? And then move back and secure their own?

If their mid and capt invade our CP buff, I’ll defend it with the help of top laner (since their bot is alone and often gold hungry hero, he cant join) so it’ll be a 3v2 in my favor.
But if I’m Lorelai I’ll just gonna solo steal their WP buff. My mid can secure our CP buff or go for theirs depend on where’s their mid and capt are heading to.
Again, this new rotation is kinda risky because you cant ensure the outcome of a 2v2. If you win its nice but if you dont youll be even more snowballed

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Extremely hard is more to the point. i usually solo invade and pray that some other player has the balls to follow up.

good map awareness is the key to a successful jungle invade. As a jungler, I’m always finding better vision points to place and spot out the enemy. it is always changing, because all my vision points get learnt after about a week of playing, then i need to find new ones. it makes me a better jungler, to be always on the ball and it tests my innovation in cam placement.

The number of successful solo steals that i’ve done is just crazy.
To clarify: a “steal” is when you last hit a creep from an enemy trying to take it, not a uncontested creep just sitting there.

I’m just going to say it again, because it is SO damn important: vision control. vision placement. vision timing. vision destruction. vision. vision. vision. we need vision. period.

it is the crux to keeping jungle camps, preventing steals and getting steals. also one of the reasons Flicker is so strong / permabanned.

i’ve got a secret vision placement that i shall share with you all and save a tonn of dragon takes: if you place the cam exactly inline with the health bar of the dragon, the enemy will have a very hard time trying to clear it without “accidentally” attacking the dragon instead. i’ve been doing it for ages. it’s time the rest of the world did it also.

edit: the reason for my sharing this secret is that I already figured out how to counter this move. if you’re smart enough, you’ll find it out as well.

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I’m sorry but this is terrible advice. If you are on the forums looking for strategy and you stumble upon this, don’t take it to heart.

My first main issue is your hero selection. Petal is a counter pick, that I play quite well, and I still know she is difficult to play in 5v5. Rona is great and all ( if we ignore some direct and indirect nerfs ) but why bother when you can Krul. Kensei is practically perma-banned once you reach draft tier.

My other major issue is no recall. There is a point in the game when you will almost never need to. The first 5 minutes are not it. If you have completed a rotation AND there is no one to gank, take the free health and energy replenish and shop early and often.

That leads to my third and biggest issue. No ganking ? What ever for ? A decent jungler will be able to gank or apply some form of lane pressure after EACH rotation. You should be going through your farm faster than the carries are, which means you have extra time to gank or pressure in your “down time”. This is also when you can recall by the way, since I have zero idea what you’re doing if you’re doing neither. A great jungler can gank immediately and know the timers on their farm ( 2 minutes after update ) and use that 1 minute every 2 minutes to apply lane pressure. This helps your carry win the lane battle AND gives you a larger XP and gold advantage than just farming.

I’m a roam main who carries well. I jungle the least but even I know better than this. If you want more specifics with some good junglers on the forums, I’d listen to @Ve3nNo0wM , @PumpkinKing666 , @Wali

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