Hit me up if you want to get carried all day every day with a 92.86% winrate

Tier: At 7th tier bronze .Going to 8th tier 5 v 5
Hit me up if you want some carry
By the way for the people who said my Jungle strategy is trash, look how stupid you look now.

Glass cannon jungle gets you to mid T8 max, if you play well.

Blowing off your teammates for an entire phase, making it 4v5 will get you to high T7.

People get smarter exponentially in rank. Going from T1 ( or is it T4 now ) to T8 is like going from T8b to T8s. Enemies get smarter, matchmaker becomes more ridiculous the higher you go, and your strategy will not carry you much further.

Is that a challenge??? Hahaha

I want to give you a challenge, try winning 14 games in a row.Has to be in solo queue in a smurf account tier 6 bronze

Yea, it is. If you get to T9 with that strategy, you’re a VG smurf who’s trolling around. In that case, your mechanical skill outweighs strategy. However, even then, mechanical skill only gets you so far

Im not a smurf, this is my main. Would like to 1 v 1 me?

Play more than 14 games and get to T9 and then maybe.

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Smart rotations will starve u


Wait, isnt that my rank? hit me up and i will carry u easy

Wait, i just realized ur a captain player lol

What does that change exactly ?

Captain players cant carry and get free elo when they get carried

You’re actually serious now? Smh. Good luck climbing with that attitude


I carried before I learned to roam. I rarely was carried and often hard-carry as a roam.

Wow that word is versatile lol


How do u carry as a support??? You do no damage and you just stand there and tank for the team. You play an important role but other than that its a lack of skill to play Captain

Hard carry means carry the match itself

i have participated in plenty of games where captains carry the team. each role is necessary to finish the team.

@Dasmexyboi stop wasting time arguing and just prove them wrong. It would be absolutely funny to see you fail but also very much exciting if you prove everyone wrong. I would say don’t underestimate tanks. In high tiers matches the two tank meta is real and if you let your teammates get rekt and the enemy team gets fed I promise you the tanks will be unkillable and have a ton of damage if you don’t build defense. I’m interested in seeing where this goes and I might have to keep an eye on your account now if you don’t update the thread often. Good luck!

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I only provided them evidence upon evidence. They are just salty. :frowning:

I am an analyst lul and ik drafting to a T10 level. Nah im fine, your stragtegy will start to fall off as soon as players know their rotations. Smart rotations will starve u so badly.

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