Fire Emblem Heroes: Discussion and Summon Cheers

Lmaoo I saw dorth and I instantly thought of you in a panic.

Anyways its been a while since I wanted three units on a banner so Im really hyped. I didnt pull for Summer Dorth cuz I didnt have enough orbs but Duo Dorth and Raph are my main priorities!

Tbh I really want Tharja since shes always been one of those characters that you dont know about but their personality and voicelines intrigue you, buuuut we already have base game tharja so…

Poor blue hair girl isnt getting no attention from me or my orb stache :potoo:

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Im so sad… Plegian banner was a bait :pensive:

Her being the new mythic hurts so much… Dorothea still hasn’t shown up for me so I guess I’m gonna have to skip this banner to keep on chasing her.
Also on another note, I think it’s pretty funny how Gatekeeper managed to get memed in to a top CYL spot. I’d honestly be willing to use up my free summon on him just for the sheer meme value if he actually does manage to beat out Chrom for the 2nc place spot lol.

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I started vote for Nader and when I saw GK being voted for, I decided to jump on the bandwagon for the Memes.

Ya boi had to pull out the story orbs and bless garden orbs (plus a cheap orb pack-) to get this huge haul, but it was worth. I only pray that I have enough for L!Claude.

I think around (edit: above 200) orbs for both banners combined and now Im starting to feel sick to think all those orbs went down the drain like that- Atleast my FE3H Pokedex is coming along nicely.

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Wow, those are some really good pulls!
My luck last month is still biting me back rn lol. Getting Altena before finishing my spark and Hilda off my 40th pull exactly for a Bernie spark, plus a 2nd BClaude and Jill on the legendary banner had to hurt my pulls somehow. Dunno how many orbs I’ve used for far, but the only 5* I’ve pulled off the plegian banner is a dupe Mareeta which isn’t too bad when she’s still amazing fodder.

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GATEKEEPER ACTUALLY GOT FIRST LMAO. I’m definitely gonna use the free summon on him if I don’t get him before a spark for Marianne. The anniversary is pretty packed for FEH standards though. All the free stuff, especially the forma soul, is really good. Both the 4th anni and valentines banners outside of the jelly skelly duo are meh for me though so more orbs for the Dorothea hunt for me I guess. Being able to customize Kiran is cool though, even if I don’t care for it much myself. The buffs to the old legendaries are pretty cool too. Its nice that they’re gonna get updated kits and become sparkable. The summoning changes are what excite me the most though. The units from the removed pool getting readded through 4* sike-outs is really cool.
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Last anniversary was pretty sleeper heavy but Im glad thats changed, so many changes that are nice. Cant wait to see what other units are getting buffed…


I honestly gave up hope on getting her considering the banner is about to go away but I’m so glad they finally decided to show up. I had to completely skip everything else, but I least I was able to get them.
Also, on another note, I got some other good stuff off the anniversary. I mostly got dupes (Annette, Ewan, MByleth, EChrom off a 4* spook, and WAltena off the free seasonal pull) but I managed to get Kaden, VAlfonse, and Miranda off tickets too.

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Well ive been pulling on the valentines banner and got 5* Alfonse once, and 4* Alfonse seven times… Ig at this point, i might as well give up on husbando Gustav :lanceheresy:

Tbh having the demote as the same color as Gustav made me want to not pull at all but all the anniversary orbs i had gotten made me say otherwise :sneezing_face::mask:

Anyways, hows the orb stache after finally getting DuoDorth? :flicker:

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I’m sorry for stealing the 5* featured luck lmao. I hope you can get him before the banner ends if you still plan on going for him. Hopefully not on the last day of the banner tho so you don’t have to go on the same wild ride I did trying for Dorothea.
Also I’m not too sure I wanna talk about my orb casualties… I more or less got every orb I could get my hands on from the start of the Plegian banner and every single one I had went straight into it… All I have now is a whopping 3 orbs.

@RiseChu uh I hope you had your orbs saved up…

I’m definitely going all in for him bc it’s Claude and he’s pretty broken.
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Im so so SO BROKE :lanceheresy:

And IK this was gonna happen while since i was so loosely spending orbs ugh

Uh oh another 3H banner

Marianne and Ingrid are pretty tempting to me, I’m gonna pull for sure. I’m pretty happy that Corridors of the Tempest is getting added to the song pool. I hope that they don’t it shorten it like they did with God Shattering Star tho…
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And once again, i didnt get a notification of your reply, maybe I should see if its a mobile glitch or sumthin :bacon_tears:

I pulled on that banner for Marranne and got nothing. Not surprised.

Things to note:
• Edel built like a wall
• Dont like it at all
• Seeing all the skills and Fallen Dimitri is making me want to pull.

Does this mean Claude is going to get a fallen alt as well :opaf:

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The last 3H banner has been the only one I’ve actually gotten lucky with for a while now. I lucked copies of Dedue, Marianne, and Linhardt then sparked Ingrid. Other than that tho, I haven’t pulled any new heroes at all, mostly just old ones that are admittedly good to have like a +atk Igrene, Julian, FLyon, and OGAlm. I’m def gonna pull on the new banner tho bc Edelgard and Dimitri look nuts.

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Apparently the playerbase are triggered that Dimitri has a fallen alt… Atleast the memes coming from it are funny like

Brave and L Dimitri: Angry
Fallen Dimitri: Angry but with purple :rofl:

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Tbh I’m not really understanding why some people are bothered by Dimitri getting a fallen alt. He’s not possessed or anything like the rest of the fallen characters, but outside of the fallen flames he somehow got, I’d say he fits the fallen title considering he goes from a good boi to actually insane in every route except like the last part of his own. Saying “KILL EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM” kinda seems a bit evil too, I dunno.

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Idk about the others but my reasoning is that he really doesnt have that wow factor that the other units have. Edel is a monster and the other two children are getting alts after two years iirc.

Dimitri just being a infantry with a new kit is just… okay. Plus he doesnt bring much aesthetically to the table imo.Imagine if he was swapped with Claude or someone cheerful. I think seeing a darker side of such a cheerful character is more interesting than seeing another post war Dimitri.

I would even go to the point to say that a prewar fallen dimitri would be more interesting than what we got.

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That’s fair. Personally, I’m not really that bothered with him being with a bit of an odd one out on the banner bc I half expected it tbh. I figured hegemon Edel would’ve been an obvious choice for a fallen banner once the game stopped caring about 3H spoilers and timeskip Dimitri or CF Rhea could’ve worked alongside her too. Him being infantry lance for the 3rd time in a row kinda sucks for sure tho and flame emperor reveal, freshly unhinged Dimtiri could’ve been cool too.

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