Fire Emblem Heroes: Discussion and Summon Cheers

Not just that but she had a Summer Cypher card that looked stunning. And this is what we get in Feh? Lmao, I guess ill have to wait for a next alt for her next year…

Im pretty sure if that happens, all my story orbs will be gone and Ill have nothing to grind orbs from.

I’m honestly really sad that they axed Cipher. I’ve never played it for somewhat obvious reasons, but I really liked all the art/new designs they made for it.

Exalt Lucina and edgier Cipher DK when

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Huh FEH channel tonight was a surprise

It’s kinda meh for me tho. All the summer rewards and auto raids are certainly nice, but I don’t really care about yet another mode addition and a new unit type to pull for.
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The auto raids seem pointless tbh but the free unit is cool.

His kit is… Okay? Not massively broken but not as bad.

I wont be rolling but its nice that the Seliph fans finally got their unit.

Rip to the Seliph alt meme now. At least he was finally able to get one. I don’t think I’ll really pull for him and I’m planning on still doing more pulls on the summer one. He definitely seems cool as a strong enemy phase unit, but red is really the only interesting color to me and I already have both the units he’s sharing with.

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I just saw the summer silhouettes and I’m absolutely scared for my orbs now. My stash has already been nuked from unsuccessful attempts at Lucina and if it really does end up being Sylvain and Ingrid I’m gonna regret my spending choices so much, especially if they’re a duo.

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By the time CYL4 comes out, ill have all my free orbs drained by then :skull_and_crossbones:


WHYD THEY HAVE TO BUST OUT THE SUMMER DOROTHEA RIGHT WHEN IM AT 0 ORBS? Summer FByleth with Rhea is cool too but rip me. Time to start playing more to farm orbs because I refuse to let this banner end without Dorothea in my box.
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God… Usually I like one or two units in banner but I really want everyone except Ingrid (never used her).

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Im about to ruin it but happy 250 messages on this thread :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Next milestone is 500! No buts about it. :smirk_cat:

I’m the same tbh. I am planning on absolutely going all in just for 1 Dorothea. I’m already kissing all the remaining chain challenge and garden orbs goodbye. I’m also partially considering going to the dark side of FEH pass if needed… Byleth is the second priority for me. I don’t know how hard I’ll try for memelord Sylvain to join Lorenz and Ingrid is the lowest priority for me, even if I liked her dispite her initial rascism.

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This was the reason why I never attempted to get her to join my class…

To be fair, she kinda hated everyone at first except Ashe bc he’s a good boi lol