EdAWACS Hero Idea: Hadeon

Welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight, today we will be looking at Hadeon, a destructive slayer clouded by vengeance for his kin.

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Hadeon is a stubborn warrior with a vicious grudge. Once he’s riled up and fully enraged nothing short of absolute death will get between this man and his adversary. Properly used, his abilities devastates the strongest of foes and gives his enemies a taste of their own damage capability.

HEROIC PERK: Rancorous Resolve

Hadeon gains 10% Critical Strike chance for every 15% health he’s missing.

Instead of energy, Hadeon uses Wrath which is generated whenever he lands a critical strike, takes damage or is subjected to negative effects. This is shown as an orange bar below his health bar which turns red when he is at maximum Wrath.

  • Wrath caps at 100 and decays at a rate of 35 Wrath when Hadeon is out of combat. Critical strikes and negative effects generate 20 Wrath while taking damage generates 5 Wrath.

  • At maximum Wrath, Hadeon becomes ENRAGED. During this period, he gains 5%-35% (Level 1-12) bonus attack speed and becomes immune to all SLOWING effects. This effect ends if Hadeon is out of combat for 4 seconds.

  • While ENRAGED all of Hadeon’s abilities gain ONE additional cast only if they were on cooldown (aside from his ULTIMATE) and are empowered.


HEALTH: 827-2234

ARMOR: 30-75
SHIELD: 25-60

WEAPON: 62-149
ATK SPEED: 100%-125%

RANGE: 2.4

FIRST ABILITY: Slayer Backlash

Hadeon throws his spinning big ax which returns to him after reaching the targeted direction dealing weapon damage to all enemies that it passes through. Hadeon can reactivate this ability on its return path to DRAG all enemy heroes in the weapon’s path towards himself.

  • When ENRAGED, Slayer Backlash’s weapon damage will CRITICALLY STRIKE.

Cooldown: 16s/15s/14s/13s/12s

Energy Cost: 0/0/0/0/0

Damage: 120/165/210/265/310 CP Ratio: 120% | WP Ratio: 100%


Hadeon lunges at a targeted enemy landing an empowered basic attack.

  • Enemy heroes struck by this ability will be tethered to Hadeon taking 40% of all weapon and crystal damage Hadeon receives when they are within 6 meters of him.

  • The tether can be broken if Hadeon or the enemy hero is killed, Hadeon uses this ability on another hero or if the tethered hero moves 6.5 meters away.

  • Each of Hadeon’s critical strikes will decrease the cooldown of Suffer With Me by 1 second.

When ENRAGED, Suffer With Me will also HEAL Hadeon with the strength of the heal increased by 35% if Hadeon is below 50% health

Cooldown: 14s/14s/14s/14s/12s

Energy Cost: 0/0/0/0/0

Basic attack damage: 60%/80%/100%/120%/130%

Range: 4.5/4.5/4.5/4.5/7.5

Heal (Enraged) 90/135/180/225/270 CP Ratio: 50% | WP Ratio: 30%

ULTIMATE: Savage Reprisal

Hadeon gains bonus movement speed when moving towards enemy heroes and bonus critical strike chance for the duration of the ultimate.

Hadeon can reactivate this ability to consume all of his Wrath, to unleash a 7-meter shockwave around himself that deals 70% of all damage he’s received as crystal damage while healing himself for 50% of the total damage he received while his ULTIMATE is active.

  • This ability can only be activated when Hadeon is ENRAGED

  • Savage Reprisal continuously drains Hadeon’s Wrath and ends if he is below 60 Wrath

Passively Hadeon has an Adversary which is the enemy hero with the highest amount of kills. All of Hadeon’s abilities and basic attacks against that enemy deal amplified damage.

Cooldown: 50s/35s/20s

Bonus Movement Speed: 1.4/1.8/2.2

Critical Strike Chance: 15%/25%/35%

Damage Amp (Adversary): 5%/15%/25%



I like him! Your description and the model made me think immediately of Hazel Rainart from RWBY, but his ult is similar to Adam Taurus’s semblance. Very, very cool!



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I don’t know , I think his healing and critical strikes are op , and I was thinking about if he buy critical damage with his bonus strikes chances from the ult while I don’t know the ult duration because you said the ult duration but nothing there about how long it lasts .

But he is a better glaive I think , it’s unfair to compare them this hero op compared to glaive .

His ultimate ends when he runs out of Wrath. It’s like a Rona Ultimate it steadily uses up his resource bar so the more you hit him and CC him the longer it stays active.

He has bonus critical strike chance and healing because he’s meant to be either a top laner or a jungler. Crit items take time to acquire.

I’m very happy you like my hero idea, but what do you think of him gameplay wise? What roles and how well will he fit into Vainglory as an actual hero?

Sadly, I am probably the wrong person to ask about that – I really don’t play standard modes any more, and I dislike 5v5 altogether, so placing him in a role isn’t going to be something I am really able to do.

That said, I find his design really interesting, and he sounds like he’d be a lot of fun to play. (I like the fact that he’s got a ranged ability, the lack of which is why I don’t like Rona.)

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Man this is too complicated for me , he gains wrath from multiple sources and loses it as a decay , so in his ultimate is he losing them the same rate as his perk says or different , so when he activate his ultimate I should leave him for about 3 seconds to make him skip his reactivite , I think the reactivate is easy to apply so like they nerfed Rona before and made her cast the ultimate if she has 50% blood rage and up , but then they back to 25% , I think 20 wrath is easy , make it hard for him like 50 , or nerf his ultimate heal , movement and attack speed .

It’s not that complicated really to understand. It’s fairly straight forward.

Pretty much avoiding a fight with Hadeon when his ultimate is up is always the best option. The best way to win is not to fight. As I mentioned before Hadeon is a bruiser who wants the enemy to damage him and apply CC to him. Everything that would stop most other bruisers in their tracks works against the enemy team when facing Hadeon.

It is easy to reactivate his ultimate but to get the maximum effectiveness, Hadeon wants to take a large amount of damage before reactivating his ultimate to deal as much damage as possible back to the enemy team.

I can up the amount of wrath left which will cause his ultimate to deactivate.

The complicated part for me is how to fight him or how to avoid him , so you gave him movement speed like 2.2 at max ult , so he can chase easy and gain wrath with attack speed and critical chance , so if he keep attacking or getting attacked he can keep the movement speed going on which means he is going to chase , so in a team fight he supposed to be dangerous and we just wartreads when he joins fights or his team war treads him , reim was like that in his op patch and people asked for a nerf his damage was not strong but he couldn’t die he just regenate fortified health and become unkillable unless you kill his teammate then surround him and kill him slowly without getting close , I imagine this hero is a reim that patch with the ability to chase .

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I really like this hero. Despite being a bruiser and really not my style, I would probably play him. Here’s my thoughts.

A note before I start: My balancing is based mostly on 3v3 as that’s the mode I play.

Ok so this is vaguely similar to Rona’s bloodrage. However, considering only his ultimate actually requires it to use it, I would give him this as well as energy, so somewhat more like Glaive’s ult passive, but with additional effects. Also I think the attack speed bonus is a bit high, but I may be wrong. I’m just thinking Baptiste gets a bonus 25% attack speed and he’s heckin fast.

I really like this. The reactivation requires mechanical skill, which I think is something VG needs more of atm. If you wanted to make it even better, give the player the option to either reactivate it while the axe is on its way out or on its way back, and depending on which you do it pushes enemies one way or the other. but not both, that would be too powerful.

Also remember though that at that point it becomes somewhat like Baptiste’s ult, so not to make it too powerful (short range/small hitbox)

Again, I like it. the problem is the enraged effect is way too powerful. I think make it a snare (remember Lyra’s B before they nerfed it?) hero can move and attack normally, but can’t use movement-based abilities. Also I think 10 metres is a slightly large range, 6-8 would be plenty.

So this is a really powerful ability, but because of how he works, it can be. I’d go as far as to say it could be even stronger. Give the reactivation a base damage plus the damage he’s received as additional damage. But maybe make it just the damage he’s received since either since activating the ult, or in say, the last minute or so. Think how OP captain Hadeon would become otherwise, tanking damage, helping allies and then dealing increasingly insane amounts damage every 20 seconds. Either way, it makes you want to take damage, which I think is an interesting effect. the only time you want to take damage in VG is when you’re Catherine and you’ve got your B up. It’s a cool gameplay style.


That’s what I find most interesting about this hero as well – it’s one of the things I love about Cath, and I think it would contribute to some very interesting tactics in fights.


First reaction: this hero is broken.

Rip Skye or any high speed attack hero.

How much time does it last for? Free CC inmunity? This is worse than San Feng, you can’t stop him whatsoever.

~30 more wp than any other warrior, that’s a lot, specially coupled with the crits of his passive.

So a far better phin’s ult? 60% slow for 1.8s + drag for a 10s cooldown? Not even Yates whose whole kit revolves around a drag does that, but hey, this is the weakest of his abilities.

This is broken with no counterplay. True damage has no counterplay, and the range is way too much. Also the damage shared is higher than Churnwalker’s.

So you can only run? So fun to play against.

As if his CC inmunity wasn’t enough…What’s the point of MW if healing isn’t countered by it?
All that with 7s cooldown…

So you can’t basically run from him. And more crits.

How is this supposed to be balanced? Roam Hadeon OTP.

No counterplay allowed it seems.

So, to resume: true damage, uncounterable healing, cc inmunity, AoE low cooldown drag with slow, silence + no AA allowed, more healing, guaranteed crits, bonus movement speed, AoE damage reflection, 8.5 range targeted dash. My question: how are you supposed to beat that? What’s his counterplay? You can’t CC him, you can’t counter his healing, you can’t run from him (+Cc inmunity=no kiting), you can’t attack him, low cooldowns, full of cc, repositions. And I though Malene was overstacked.

I like the concept, but this is broken. This is an OP version of San Feng.


Basically his A is better Yates’ A in AoE that also applys slow? Oh, and with 4 seconds less cooldown than Afterburn, BaLaNCeD.

His B has no counterplay: His healing deletes the counterplay of MW, and you are just winning because the enemy cant play, and Oh may god that range and healing!

His ult: lot of range, massive damage and Oh! again penalizes if someone attacks you.

If this hero sees the light, I will delete VG and break my iPad.

Although the hero itself seems interesting, i dont like him, why?

  1. True damage everywhere.
  2. Invulnerability everywhere with no penalization.
  3. Healing better than Krul, and thats toxic for a hero with so much damage and CC
  4. Unbalanced CC
  5. Penalizes too much the enemy for attacking you, is not like San Feng that only stuns you one time, or Catherine that reflects part of the damage as CP damage (not true damage as you are doing here); is just really unbalanced…

Basically, you cant stun him, you cant slow him, attack him, reduce his healing… can you even play?


He likes to create overstacked heroes , while real heroes in vg got simple things , like grumpjaw dash with slow AOE damage , dash with attack speed , dash and eat an enemy , so simple , then this poor grumpjaw going to face this complicated hero.

I read your hero Giselle thread and I actually didn’t know basic attacks can turn to skillshot , from her perk after 5 basic attacks the 6th going to be skillshot , I went in Google to read about basic attack and skillshot because I don’t know if the hero just throw thing in a direction or aim like the skillshots we have , that’s the complicated part you creating with your heroes ideas.

Firstly I would like to personally thank you for taking the spare time out of your life to critique my hero idea. It means a lot to be to get good feedback from people here who care so passionately about the game. THIS IS WHY I POST HERO IDEAS OUT IN PUBLIC.

As for your critique I will be more than happy to tweak and rectify certain aspects of Hadeon’s kit so he won’t be as unbalanced.

I can lower the amount of Wrath he gains from taking damage from 10 Wrath instead to 5 Wrath. Or I could instead cap his Wrath resource bar at 200 making it harder for him to get enraged.

The effect lasts as long as Hadeon is generating Wrath via critical strikes, being subjected to crowd control or taking damage from enemy heroes (I should have been more specific that was my fault). If he stops generating Wrath from any of these sources he immediately starts losing rage at a very fast rate.

The Free CC immunity was just a way to deter people from fighting him when he was fully angered and entered his Enraged state. I felt given the high amount of chain CC in 5v5 he would need some way of surviving it as he is a Bruiser designed to be in the thick of a fight.

If you think that is broken I can easily change that to something more manageable such as immunity to heavy slows.

BAH! That can easily be rectified since that’s just base stats. Easily tweaked and fixed!

Once again a very easy thing to rectify, I can simply remove the slow, and dramatically increase the cooldown of the ability so it’s not as spammable. Easy fix.

I will be more than happy to remove the true damage and instead make it 40% of all weapon and crystal damage Hadeon receives.

Also, of course, the damage shared is higher than Churnwalker. The ability is a single target spell, not AOE. But if you want to be placated I can make it 35% of all damage Hadeon takes. Keep in mind that Hadeon is a bruiser hero who WANTS enemies to hit him with CC and damage. He turns this against enemies.

It’s only when he is ENRAGED and you can still boots out or use reflex block. I will, however, remove the “unable to be cleansed” part of the suppression. Even I found that to be too much in my theory projections.

Suppression as a form of crowd control has been something that I wanted to introduce into Vainglory for a long time and I wanted it to be unique to VG. I intend to keep this form of crowd control onto Hadeon but I will drastically nerf its duration for balance rectification.

A very easy fix I will simply remove the immunity to mortal wounds. The reason why I added this overdrive is because there is an overabundance of mortal wounds that has saturated the game in levels I deem unhealthy.

Therefore I added the immunity to mortal wounds for certain heroes like Hadeon who need that heal in dire moments of a fight. If you feel so strongly about the anti-mortal wound I can easily remove it.

I can either remove his bonus movement speed or his bonus critical strike chance.

This Ultimate is fairly balanced if you look at it from a gameplay perspective. Hadeon firstly cannot use this ultimate unless he is currently Enraged to begin with. He cannot reactivate the ultimate if he is killed.

So you either burst Hadeon down before he can react fast enough to use the reactivation or you let him waste his ultimate and kite him (keeping into account the changes I will implement into him based on your feedback)

Obviously to balance this ultimate further I can reduce the amount of damage he reflects back from 100% to 70% and the burst heal he receives to be 50% of all damage he’s taken while the ultimate is active.

The adversary mechanic plays into Hadeon’s character persona as a man literally “too angry to die” But as always I can remove the bonus true damage and instead change it to damage amplification instead. This will make it a flat damage amp without ratios however. Or I can nerf the amount of base true damage he deals.

Thank you I’m glad you like my hero concept. It doesn’t matter if this hero is broken because thanks to all the helpful feedback that I receive from people like you I can correct and rectify errors in my hero ideas to make them more balanced while still fun to play.

Also, Hadeon is a hero which I drew inspiration from a variety of sources. He combines the power fantasy of Doom Slayer from DOOM 2016 and the grim black and white world view of the Punisher.

@Guest_78 honestly where were you when I posted my other hero ideas? Think of all the awesome ideas you could have helped me out with by giving me feedback on all my recent hero ideas which have been doing nothing but receiving mediocre comments from people who only stated that they liked the idea without going into intricate detail about why the hero is good or bad.

Seriously I wish you GAVE MORE FEEDBACK on ALL OF MY HERO IDEAS. Not just this one. If I could receive feedback from you on all my other hero ideas we could go places.

Firstly I would like to personally thank you for taking the spare time out of your life to critique my hero idea. It means a lot to be to get good feedback from people here who care so passionately about the game. THIS IS WHY I POST HERO IDEAS OUT IN PUBLIC.

As for your critique, I will be more than happy to tweak and rectify certain aspects of Hadeon’s kit so he won’t be as unbalanced.

Slayer’s Backlash is actually a much harder ability to pull off compared to Yate’s Wolf’s Maw ability. In order for you to drag enemy heroes towards you the ability MUST be reactivated while the weapon starts returning to you. This adds a certain degree of mechanical depth to the hero.

As for the cooldown that’s nothing to worry about since this is a hero idea and small things like ability cooldowns can be easily tweaked. I will simply remove the slow and increase the cooldown of this ability and it will be balanced.

I can simply just remove the mortal wound from the overdrive and shorten the range of the dash. I can also make the damage share instead be a percentage of weapon and crystal damage that Hadeon takes rather than true damage.

I choose true damage initially when I thought about the amount of coding SEMC would have to put into the hero so I opted for an easier and more optimum way to avoid headaches for the people who will code the heroes interactions in the game.

Healing and range as I mentioned can always be tweaked as they are just numbers. What numbers of healing and damage would you suggest? I’m open to suggestions.

I can lower the percentage of damage reflected back easily. Let’s say 60% of all damage Hadeon received while his ultimate is active. But also again keep in mind that it’s only crystal damage which can be mitigated by several defensive items.

The range can also be easily scaled down as again it is merely numbers.

Also, the entire design focal point of Hadeon is that he punishes enemies for not playing strategically and blindly attacking him. As mentioned by someone else above, Hadeon wants enemies to target him, he wants to take damage.

Somethings the best way to win is not to fight.

Thank you for taking an interest in my hero idea!

It’s only on one ability and the passive of his ultimate. I would hardly call that “everywhere”. A fairly gross exaggeration if I do say so myself.

I’m more than willing to replace true damage on his passive instead to damage amplifcation.

Again a much understated exaggeration. It’s only in his passive and calling his Enraged state “invulnerability” is harmfully incorrect to the general perception of other people who are reading this hero idea. The word you are looking for is “immunity”. Hadeon can still take damage and he is a bruiser without any damage reduction.

However, I will agree that free immunity to crowd control is a bit too much for a bruiser who just needs to fill up his resource bar so I’ve decided to instead make it immunity to slows.

Keep in mind however that Krul has bonus life steal, as well as weakness stacks that decrease his attack target’s chances of fighting back.

Hadeon’s heal is only powerful when he is at low health but if he has to maintain a balance. If he’s too healthy he does not get bonus critical strike chance. If his health is too low he risks getting burst. Obviously, I can always tweak the numbers and ratios for the heal to make it more reasonable.

I will admit the only part of the Suppression mechanic that I intend to introduce into Vainglory is the inability for it to be cleansed which I will remove from this ability based on the feedback. Other than that I feel it’s a pretty balanced form of CC as you are not pinned down. Instead you just cannot use abilities or basic attacks but still have full access to your items and movement commands.

The most that will need to be balanced for Suffer with Me’s Suppression mechanic is the duration which is easy peasy.

That is very much the entire concept of Hadeon. He punishes enemies who blindly attacks him. To counter him you will need to think carefully about how to bait out his abilities and when to avoid fighting him.

@VaKTaBi honestly where were you when I posted my other hero ideas? Think of all the awesome ideas you could have helped me out with by giving me feedback on all my recent hero ideas which have been doing nothing but receiving mediocre comments from people who only stated that they liked the idea without going into intricate detail about why the hero is good or bad.

Seriously I wish you GAVE MORE FEEDBACK on ALL OF MY HERO IDEAS. Not just this one. If I could receive feedback from you on all my other hero ideas we could go places.

However, one thing I will admit that I was mildly irritated with you was with regards to the attitude in which you launched your critique. Simply screaming that something is OP sometimes without going into detail about WHY you think it’s OP and how you feel it should be fixed does nothing to help the creator and instead turns to harmful criticism.

That is a pretty serious accusation to make on me. Also, there is a reason why I’m posting my hero ideas here so people can openly critique these ideas and give feedback.

I have hero ideas that also use simple concepts as well. Also using only one hero idea to back up your points is bending the facts a bit. VG has a variety of complex heroes such as Varya and Blackfeather to name a few with lots of mechanics to explore.

If you wish to discuss another one of my hero ideas please discuss them in that particular hero’s forum post not here. Thank you, please.

Iam not saying your heroes ideas bad , when people see your heroes they compare them to what we have already , so if we have more items more good abilities in the current game I think we would look different to your heroes ideas .

For the other hero I just wanted to mention a complicated thing about it , and Iam checking to see if there is a captain hero , I want to see complicated captain abilities , high skill roam .

And it does, but with an AoE pull + slow, movement speed boosts, and silences, disengaging is impossible, reason why I said it had no counterplay.

When he is enraged, so when he can slow and it’s inmune to CC. You can’t run from that.

Problem is that you can’t have an item that counters healing and tart saying “except X ability of this hero, Y ability of that other hero, Z of the other one…”.

No, don’t put true damage, true damage has no counterplay, specially in basic attacks.

Will try :slight_smile:

I will read the whole hero again to see the changes you’ve made and give a little bit more feedback

About the changes:
1.- Warth generation and decay: good change.
2.- CC inmunity —> slow inmunity: good change.
3.- A ability: it says in the description that it still slows, but in the stats the slow doesn’t appear. Cooldown increased (good).
4.- B ability: both the range of the damage shared and the damage shared was nerfed, good. Now he will need to actually be in range. Overall a good nerf to the ability, not much to complain about. I like the fact that his healing is now affected by MW.
5.- Ult: damage nerf and healing nerf. I would reduce the damage Amplification from the ult from 15/30/45% to 20/25/30%. The reason for that is because 45% more damage while his kit has free crits and free attack speed can be very oppressive. He will just delete his target with that.

Overall good changes, now he has counterplay and it’s a lot more fair to play against. Now, about the suppressing CC: the main problem is that it, as @VaKTaBi said, deletes a hero from the fight, while being targeted (so can’t be dodged) with long range (when maxed). This makes it the best CC ability by far as it’s the only ability with strong CC that can’t be dodged nor has a long wind up animation to make it easier to block (I guess so as it’s a dash).


Lets be honest, reactivating an ability is not hard and doesnt compensate the 1.8 extra slow he applies and the 45 less cooldown compared with Phinn ult.

Better, the ottherway utility (all health) Hadeon will be OP since he has no defense but a lot of health, so he will be sharing a ridiculous amount of damage.

Thats not an excuse for dealing true damage, since it takes away all counters and makes him even harder to balance because you cant take into consideration defensive items.

The problem in his B is that he just deletes a hero from the game, due to not being able to attack or do anything.

But in a teamfight you can just engage, unitilize the enemy carry or mage and they cant do anything. Yes, he can penalize, but he needs to have counterplay. San Feng also penalizes that but he has invulnerability to CC due to the long cast cooldowns, but this hero has nothing that makes him need that invulnerability.


But he has not so much CC and damage, and needs to stack his B.

But thats only useful in a 1v1 situation, in a teamfight not being able to attack means you lost the teamfight if you are the carry or the mage.

Answered before.