EdAWACS Hero Quality of Life Updates: Hadeon

Hadeon is meant to be a battle-hardened berserker who eats enemy damage and spits it back in their faces. However, the macho angry man deals too much damage in his current state and is far too oppressive to handle especially when applying turret pressure.

Note that these changes will only affect Hadeon’s skillsets and not his stats.

Link to the previous hero for reference

The hope and purpose of this hero update will be to weaken Hadeon’s power without removing the core concept of him being a mortal too angry to go down easily.

PASSIVE: Rancorous Resolve

Hadeon gains a 10% Critical Strike chance for every 15% health he’s missing.

^This part of his passive will remain unchanged

Instead of energy, Hadeon uses Wrath which is generated whenever he lands a critical strike or is affected by movement impeding effects. This is shown as a white bar below his health bar which turns red when he is at maximum Wrath.

  • Wrath caps at 100 and decays at a rate of 35 Wrath when Hadeon is out of combat. Critical strikes and movement impeding effects generate 20 Wrath

^ Removed the ability to generate wrath from taking damage. This change is meant to focus more on Hadeon’s role as a damage dealer and wean him slightly away from being a tank.

Removed his ability to generate wrath from negative effects. He will now generate wrath only from MOVEMENT IMPEDING EFFECTS. We found that the previous passive, allowed Hadeon to consistently become ENRAGED from simply being splashed with Arcane Fire, having Krul apply weakness stacks to him, and even Magnus’s arcane mark.

With this new errata, Hadeon will hopefully not be always so angry that often.

At maximum Wrath, Hadeon becomes ENRAGED. During this period, he becomes immune to all SLOWING effects. This effect ends if Hadeon is out of combat for 4 seconds.

^ Removed the bonus attack speed which felt like gifting free stats and made his ability to apply on hit effects insane.

  • While ENRAGED Hadeon’s can recast his last used basic ability which gains an empowering effect.

^Removed the ability to recast all basic abilities if it was on cooldown. This previously allowed Hadeon to refresh both of his basic abilities. A bug in the game also allowed players to cast 2 empowered abilities on Hadeon.

This new change will limit the previous ability advantage Hadeon had and now force him to pick and choose which ability he wants to empower.

FIRST ABILITY: Slayer’s Backlash

Hadeon throws his spinning big ax which returns to him after reaching the targeted direction dealing weapon damage to all enemies that it passes through. Upon retrieving his weapon, Hadeon will automatically spin dealing basic attack damage in a 4-meter circle around him

  • When ENRAGED, Slayer’s Backlash will shove all enemies in the weapon’s current path.

^ This ability now has a new unique feature when the weapon returns to Hadeon. Because of the spinning momentum of his ax, Hadeon spins in place dealing an AOE basic attack to all enemies around. This allows for some impressive combos to be made. Plus it’s kinda funny to imagine a buff man spinning like a ballerina

The part of reactivating this ability to drag enemies towards Hadeon has been moved to become this ability’s empowered bonus. This ability instead of just pulling enemies towards Hadeon can now push or pull them in the direction of the weapon’s path. But Hadeon cannot control exactly when he can push or shove.

Now if Hadeon players wish to drag enemies towards them or shove them away, they will have to get a bit more creative.


Hadeon lunges 5 meters in a target direction landing an empowered basic attack on the first enemy hero, monster, or minion he collides with.

^ This ability is now a skillshot because the ENRAGED bonus effect for a point and click-ability seemed too oppressive. As a skillshot however, it now gives Hadeon out of combat mobility.

  • An enemy hero struck by this ability is marked as an ADVERSARY. Enemy heroes marked as an ADVERSARY take 40% of all damage Hadeon receives when they are within 6 meters of him.

  • The mark can be removed if Hadeon or the enemy hero dies, this ability is used on another target, or if the enemy hero blocks the effect.

^ Removed the tether that was previously part of this ability as it felt clunky for this kind of hero. Now instead enemies are marked as an ADVERSARY who when in range will receive a portion of the damage Hadeon receives. This status effect which was previously part of the ultimate ability has been moved to his second ability as in our minds it fits better.

Each of Hadeon’s critical strikes will decrease the cooldown of Suffer With Me by 1 second.

^ No changes to this part. The ability by itself already has a high cooldown.

  • When ENRAGED, Suffer With Me will deal damage in a 4-meter radius and also deal bonus weapon damage based on 35% of Hadeon’s missing health.

^ Mostly modifications to his enraged effect in which it now deals damage in an area of effect since it’s now a short-range skillshot. The biggest change, however, is that his enraged second ability now deals bonus damage based on a percentage of Hadeon’s missing health.

While previously the empowered effect healed Hadeon based on his missing health when this ability became a skillshot, the self-healing made little sense. It was strange for a hero to dash somewhere and just gain a lot of healing without even damaging an enemy hero.

It is hoped that the new enraged bonus effect will further emphasize Hadeon’s role as a berserker.

ULTIMATE: Savage Reprisal

When activated, Hadeon gains bonus movement speed when moving towards enemy heroes and 5%/8%/11% bonus attack speed

^ Removed the bonus critical strike chance. It made little sense to gift a warrior who already can generate crits to gain more free crit stats. Replaced it instead with bonus attack speed which felt more reasonable on an ultimate ability compared to the passive.

When damaging his ADVERSARY, Hadeon generates fortified health based on 10% of the damage his ADVERSARY receives.

^ Hadeon now generates fortified health based on a percentage of the damage his ADVERSARY receives ONLY while Hadeon is battling them. The previous bonus damage was removed as again it felt like free stats.

Hadeon can reactivate this ability to consume all of his Wrath, to unleash a 7-meter shockwave around himself that deals 70% of all damage he’s received as crystal damage while healing himself for 50% of the total damage he received while his ULTIMATE was active.

  • Savage Reprisal continuously drains Hadeon’s Wrath and ends if he is below 60 Wrath

^ This part which is core to Hadeon’s ultimate will remain unchanged

Coming soon?

And that’s about it for the Hadeon hero update. Follow me here to get more content relating to fan lore and fan heroes.

PS: I will also gift a virtual cookie to anyone who understands the “Suffer with me” naming.


Seems like a fun kit. I do like tankier heros but seeing how he was before, seemed a little too strong.

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How does the hero compare now compared to previously?

Definitely more balanced and more counter-able.

If I could play him, I would probably run a crit tank build just for fun.