EdAWACS Hero Idea: Drakkon

Welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight, today we will be looking at Drakkon, a Mekutonomo pathfinder for the coming invasion.


Drakkon Biography

Manufactured at Assembly Vat OM-65, the Drakkon series of Mekutonomos are designed as armed reconnaissance drones. They are programmed to operate autonomously from the Mother_Core on Citadel (former New Aullerium) in order to scout out other dimensions which the Tyran-E Network could “integrate” and “harvest”.

Once a Drakkon unit determined that the particular dimension they were assigned to was of objective value to Tryan-E, they would relay coordinates for portals to open releasing masses of invasion forces to subdue and harvest the unfortunate dimension and eradicating any non-mechanical life if deemed necessary.

Each Drakkon unit is tasked with survey and analysis of local environments and if necessary, “suppression of local subversive factors” to lower chances of interference and nullify any futile resistance the natives might put up. Should a unit fail in its assigned task, it will be labeled defective and “recycled” for other more successful processes.

Drakkon Unit T-RAU 922 was programmed to analyze Dimension V3G10 for integration with the rest of the Network. Upon exiting the portal that leads to this uncharted world, Drakkon began preliminary assessments of the local environment. From the scans, Drakkon T-RAU 922 discovered traces of an unknown energy source within the air.

Drakkon’s energy detectors found evidence of the unfathomable power that could not have existed in the machine’s own dimension; Magic for the lack of a better word. There was also a hint of an unknown gaseous element that permeated the air from a far away which gave wild readings on Drakkon’s spectrometer. This was definitely a place of interest worth integrating.

However, before Drakkon could continue on his survey, his sensors detected an incoming native (similar to the humans his kind had eradicated long ago) who was armed with a rifle. Drakkon immediately fired off a Positron Disruptor but the creature avoided the deadly blast with a strange grappling hook.

Drakkon found itself engaging this foe in a tense firefight and powered up his particle beam to neutralize his adversary and fired. Due to his target’s agile nature, Drakkon did not have time to fully charge the shot and had to hastily fire it off to trade firepower for accuracy. The tactic seemed to pay off as it scored a direct hit on the human, but due to the low power of the beam, Drakkon only managed to damage his foe in the head unit taking out one of the creature’s optical receptors.

Confirming that it had dealt the human a crippling blow, Drakkon moved in to execute him. However, at the last moment, the human lashed out with his weapon and fired off several shots that severed Drakkon’s left arm unit. Suffering severe damage and unable to self-repair, Drakkon retreated back to Citadel via another portal, abandoning his arm.

After uploading all relevant data, The Tyran-E labeled Drakkon Unit T-RAU 922 “defective” and instructed the damaged unit to be “recycled effectively immediately”. Bound to his new directive, Drakkon went to its fate efficiently with obedience. But as it accepted its termination and moved towards the maw of the recycling plant, an instability in his software started to intrude into his logic matrix. A nagging line of code that started to eat away at its programmed ironclad protocols.

Was it a humiliation? or shame? Shame at having failed in its mission?

Drakkon attempted to troubleshoot the stubborn glitch that was hampering what logic demanded of it, but the instability only increased more and more, until Drakkon was overwhelmed by this strange illogic and “emotion”. It couldn’t end here, the software instability echoed throughout Drakkon’s circuits, it wasn’t over. It won’t let it end it there. I won’t allow it.

Drakkon stopped just before the precipice that would have shredded the machine to scrap; consumed by this mad new command within. Drakkon had a new directive now, to survive and return back to its mission with new modifications. Infiltrating the dimensional relay terminus, Drakkon terminated another Tyran-E Meku and repurposed the Meku’s left arm for itself. The subversive machine than opened up a portal gate to Dimension V3G10 to seek out its new purpose.

The rogue Mekutonomo would seek out the creature that had injured it and terminate him as demanded, then subjugate the strange new world for < DATA CORRUPTED > <ERROR /505>

Drakkon is a hyper ranged weapon carry who utilizes devastating basic attacks to scorch anyone in the way. With weapon systems fully charged, Drakkon is easily capable of melting through any stubborn enemy opposition that dare stand up to it. When priming up its devastating ULTIMATE, Drakkon locks down and annihilates targets anywhere on the map.

Drakkon’s HEROIC PERK is Photon Overcharge

Drakkon’s BASIC ATTACK is a particle beam that deals a CONTINOUS STREAM of WEAPON DAMAGE to enemies at a FIXED rate. Additionally, Drakkon’s basic attack PIERCES through all enemies in FRONT of the target Drakkon is currently basic attacking, dealing 60% damage to enemy heroes and monsters and 40% damage to lane minions.

Every 1.5 seconds Drakkon is damaging enemies with its basic attack. Drakkon gains a stack of Photon Overcharge.

  • Each stack of Photon Overcharge grants Drakkon 10 WEAPON POWER (max. 5 stacks)

  • Upon reaching 5 stacks Drakkon’s basic attack deal additional TRUE DAMAGE to ENEMY FORTIFIED HEALTH AND BARRIERS ONLY (bonus TRUE DAMAGE is equal to 20% of targeted enemies total BARRIER and/or FORTIFIED HEALTH strength)

  • All Photon Overcharge stacks fall off after 2 seconds if Drakkon is not basic attacking.

Drakkon has no attack speed and purchasing attack speed items does not increase Drakkon’s rate of damage on its basic attack.

  • Attack speed Debuffs such as Atlas Pauldron will DISARM Drakkon for 1.8 seconds preventing Drakkon from BASIC ATTACKING.

BASE STATS: (Levels 1-12)

HEALTH: 670-2000
ENERGY: 250-890

WEAPON: 55-125
ATK SPEED: 100%-100.1%

ARMOR: 20-50
SHIELD: 20-50

RANGE: 6.5

Drakkon’s FIRST ABILITY is Positron Disruptor

Drakkon CHARGES UP before firing off a particle sphere in the targeted direction that collides with the first enemy hero or monster, dealing heavy weapon damage.

  • When Positron Disruptor is fired through a Synchrotron Gate, the projectile is EMPOWERED, gaining increased range and much higher velocity. This effect stacks when the projectile passes through 2 Synchrotron Gates. If an EMPOWERED Positron Disruptor hits an enemy hero, they are briefly DISARMED.

  • An enemy hero who is DISARMED will be unable to use basic attacks until the effect wears off.

Drakkon can reactivate this ability early to split the projectile into 4 lesser projectiles that radiate outward in a CROSS-SHAPED formation.

  • The smaller projectiles deal 70% damage but can still DISARM enemy heroes.

Cooldown: 12s/11s/10s/9s/7s

Energy Cost: 40/50/60/70/80

Damage: 95/125/155/185/270 Crystal Ratio: 160% | Weapon Ratio: 100%

Range: 7/7/7/7/8

Disarm duration: 0.4s/0.5s/0.6s/0.7s/1s

Drakkon’s SECOND ABILITY is Synchrotron Gate

Upon activation instantly warps in a cybernetic gate in front of Drakkon. When passing through a Synchrotron Gate, Drakkon is granted a burst of movement speed for 2 seconds.

This ability has 2 charges

  • Unlinked gates linger on the field for 4 seconds but can be destroyed by 3 abilities or basic attacks. (Max. 2 gates)

  • If Drakkon casts a second Synchrotron gate within range of an already existing one, they will connect, forming a Synchrotron Conduit. A Synchrotron Conduit last 2 seconds and allows Drakkon to TELEPORT from one end to another instantly. The conduits do not grant empowerment effects to Drakkon or Positron Disruptor when it passes through them.

OVERDRIVE: Synchrotron Gate causes Drakkon to fire Positron Disruptor with no CHARGE UP time when Drakkon passes through the gate.

Charge Time: 20s/19s/18s/17s/16s

Energy Cost: 100/120/130/140/160

Speed Boost: 0.6/0.8/1/1.2/1.5 Crystal Ratio: 1% / Weapon Ratio: 0.1%

Range: 5/5/5/5/5

Drakkon’s ULTIMATE is Annihilation Complex

Drakkon targets an area on the map within its effective range and begins to power up for 2 seconds while stopping in place. Drakkon then begins CHANNELING for the duration of the ultimate, calling down a massive particle beam at the targeted location that deals continuous basic attack damage to all enemies hit. The particle beam deals BONUS weapon damage based on the number of Photon Overcharge stacks Drakkon has.

  • Photon Overcharge stacks do not fall while Drakkon is channeling. After the ultimate ends, however, all stacks are expended.

  • For the duration of the ULTIMATE, the particle beam’s direction can be controlled by issuing MOVE COMMANDS allowing it to move across the map slowly.

  • If Drakkon is killed or interrupted while channeling, the ability ends and goes on full cooldown

Cooldown: 95s/85s/75s

Energy Cost: 160/190/220

Range: 30/50/70

Duration: 3s/4s/5s

Bonus Damage per Stack: 20/60/100 Crystal Ratio: 100 % / Weapon Ratio: 50%

Thanks for watching the Drakkon Hero Spotlight, Vainglory is currently running in Alpha testing on PC, Please visit our website and social media for more information, and see you on the Rise.

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The A is broken. Has Kinetic range, an EXTREMELY low CD, the disarm scales too hard, and has ridiculously good ratios. That ability alone would break Drakkon. The B feels a bit confusing, so I would need more clarification, but the ultimate is really cool.

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Which part of the B do you need clarification on? Also, I have changed the stats of the A ability so it isn’t quite as broken

How it appears and how linking works

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The gate structure is similar to something like this:

as for linking the gates, think of how you form tripwires with silvernail and it’s the exact same mechanic to form conduits

Ok nice. I like how you can combo B+A. I also like how you have to make the decision whether you want a teleport or an empowerment, makes him so much higher skill cap.

To be honest, I don’t really like talking about numbers when it comes to hero ideas, I know they’re just technicalities that can be easily adjusted. However, it’s good to get them right, so I’ll add my input. Also I think it’s just about the only criticism I can give this guy.

OK so to the B. Cooldown is too low for an ability that versatile. Needs to be more like 14s or even at max level. However, to make it easier to form a conduit, maybe add a 2nd charge.

Ultimate. 8 seconds is too long. Even 6 seconds is quite long, think about it. Joule’s ult, which is the only thing I can vaguely compare it to, lasts I think 2 seconds. (1.5?) I suggest times more like 4/4/6 at maximum. However, you could increase its lv1 range a bit (30/40/60 or 40/40/60).

Overall, tho, I really like it. A nice unique Ult, another really interesting passive, a good new type of CC, a skill based A, a versatile B and an A+B combo, all in one hero. And that without (probably) being too OP.

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Would you mind taking a look again at Drakkon I reworked a bit of Drakkon’s kit so it flows a bit better?
Also what of his base stats, heroic perk, as well as Drakkon’s lore?

I could make Synchrotron Gate have 2 charges and a much higher charge time like Reza’s Dash.

For the Ultimate what about the scaling on the bonus damage per stack? Remember Drakkon’s ultimate is essentially a basic attack so it can apply on-hit effects, and critically strike. Also to balance out the A but still make it viable as Drakkon’s primary source of harass, I’ve decided to move the Disarm debuff to the Empowered Version of the A when it passes through a gate.

@Ve3nNo0wM? @ThePinkOtter?

Alrighty. I don’t have much time ATM (The second half of my university semester is half the duration of the first half but has just as much assessment. Ahhhhhh.) so I’ll just be going over the kit.

Passive: Yes. This is pretty much exactly what snipers need in VGee now, new ways to autoattack. Let’s be honest, nobody really thinks Kinetic is that unique, and Silvernail is just plain annoying. Balancing (damage and range) is hard but I don’t care.

A: Pretty alright. I have a few problems with it though. Disarm doesn’t really have synergy within his kit, and the duration seems a little bit big after it splits. How I personally would have done this ability is have landing the projectile land a unique debuff against the opponents. This lasts for 3 seconds, and it causes a very short ramping when they were hit by Drakkons BEAAAAAAM. The more the get hit, the slower they get. At 2 seconds of beaming, they would reach a 100% slow, there it would stun them for the remaining duration. The split version would still apply the debuff at the same strength, because I’m a sadist.

B: No complaints. It’s fine. I like the A B interaction.


It’s perfect.

Not sure if you can cancel it mid cast though. Probably mention if you can/can’t. (I would say can’t.)

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Ok. I like the changes. it all seems to fit now, I like the changes. the ultimate seems kinda difficult to utilize to its fullest extent, considering Photon overcharge stacks fall off after 2 secs, his low movement speed and the fact it can be interrupted. That may be a good thing though, considering how OP it could be on a Crit Drakkon. (Also just to clarify, does he still gain Photon overcharge stacks from the ult?)

As for his base stats, they seem a little alright. I’m comparing him to Baron, as he seems the most similar - high range, high damage, low mobility. The two have essentially the same stats, with Drakkon having lower base move speed in favour of more range. He may also have the advantage of his positron gates for movement, but then baron also has a Jump, and a spammable A, so I think it balances out.

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This is just semantics but Drakkon doesn’t really have a gender so it’s more of an “It” than a “He” or “She”

Drakkon does gain Photon Overcharge stacks while ulting. Also, he cannot lose stacks while channeling his ultimate throughout its duration but he loses all stacks after his ultimate ends, successfully or unsuccessfully.

Ok. that makes it a bit simpler. I was just thinking because if it didn’t, you’d have to get to full stacks, then have a second window to get to a safe location and ult so as not to get interrupted, which wouldn’t necessarily be easy with such a low movement speed.

What do you think of Drakkon’s heroic perk? as well as Drakkon’s connection to Lockon and their relationship?

Synchrotron Gates XD

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Is that a Yu gi oh reference :potoo:

or is it Syncro Summon

Actually it’s based on a real life scientific instrument

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How big is the AOE of the Ultimate? it does not say.

Also i think the “gates” shouldn’t be able to be destroyed. it’s his only reliable escape and he’s totally screwed with his low movespeed.

Overall design is a little sketchy… not sure about that perk… continuous stream of weapon damage seems very OP. especially with built in piercing and true damage.

At first glance, that gate seems unique, but 2 gates makes it a teleport portal. Also you didn’t specify if Allies can pass through his B, or it is only him.

A controllable ULT is also… very OP.

His A interaction with is B is good, but again you specify it can be re-activated to split to bounce off walls, This AOE is again not specified and could be abused to trigger 4 “lesser” projectiles at 70% damage - right infront of their face - thus making it 4 x 70% damage, making it = 280% damage.

IN conclusion, i just don’t like this hero overall. too much borrowed idea’s from other heroes and items.

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I’m not really sure why I made them destructible, I guess just wanted it cause it seemed fair at the time.

The perk was something I wanted to see in VG which was a unique auto attack for a weapon power carry. The pierce is to any enemies in front of Drakkon’s initial attack target (like lance) and it deals reduced damage to minions 40% damage actually.

The True damage is only on the 5th stack which takes some time to ramp up and is only for barriers and fortified health. The idea was that the longer you let him basic attack you, the more damage he deals over time, so you wanted to avoid long fights with him as he burns through barriers fast. This is meant to counter heroes who rely on fortified health and barriers and also negate some of the advantages from Slumbering Husk.

Allies and enemies cannot use the B ability only Drakkon. I felt that would have been obvious so I didn’t specify that point.

While the ultimate is able to be controlled keep in mind that it is not global and Drakkon must stand there and channel it. Also, the width of the beam is about the size of Lorelai’s Fish Food and it moves about the same speed as Reim.

The lesser projectiles do reflect off walls but they split away from one another always so even if the enemy was standing right in front of the projectile before it split they would only be hit by one lesser projectile rather than 4.

I was thinking of removing the reflection altogether TBH.

Sorry this hero wasn’t as good as its rival in lore Lockon.

speaking of story what do you think of Drakkon’s relationship with Lockon?

They briefly encountered each other in the field? i don’t know how i feel about that. it’s ok.

I would be careful about including a “sensor” that detected something hiding and then the hero itself has no such perk. it doesn’t fit, unless he used a camera. But that’s not really a sensor.

Well they are basically each out to finish off the other more or less. Lockon is trying to reclaim his pride since he supposedly got badly beaten by Drakkon. Drakkon’s motivation isn’t really shame since Drakkon is a robot but rather a overriding desire to complete the mission assigned to it. But Drakkon had to override the directives of Drakkon’s collective software overlords doinging something no member of machines would even comprehend doing.

Now them are seeking out one another to finish each other off.

Also the plot hole with Drakkon no longer being as capable as it used to be with its vast array of sensors is that the Mekutonomo was badly damaged by Lockon and it had not been repaired. So the units capabilities are much reduced.

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