EdAWACS Hero Idea: Lockon

Hey, this is EdAWACSdenyY, and welcome to the Vainglory Hero Spotlight, today we will be looking at Lockon, a marksman wielding an esoteric power rifle from another dimension.

Lockon Lore

Lockon’s life was never easy growing up in the frigid mountain ranges above Campestria. He was the son of a nomadic hunter tribe who made a living hunting Tuskordons that populated the valley. During numerous hunting expeditions, his father noted his son’s uncanny accuracy and skill with a bolt rifle, able to hit a Tuskordon in the eye with deadly precision. As he grew up, the boy (turned young man)'s skill with a rifle greatly improved.

When the first Technologist rebellion broke out, Campestria conscripted people from all over its regions, including the hunter tribes from the mountains. The young man went from hunting Tuskordon’s to hunting Gythians on the battlefield.

During his tour of duty, he proved to be a deadly and efficient sniper, taking out battlemages and paladins with uncanny ease. The Campestrian were so impressed by his tenacity in combat with a rifle that they nicknamed him “Lockon”, as he rarely if ever missed his mark and because he never gave up until the mission was accomplished. To the Gythians he was known as the “Arrow of Campestria”.

With the conclusion of the rebellion, Lockon found it hard to return to his nomadic home or adapt to the urban life. He opted instead to join the Ranger Program to serve as a covert operative working for Campestria, taking out high-profile targets that were “inconvenient” to the technologist dynasty.

During one solo operation, Lockon was scouting out a vantage point for his next target when a portal opened up and an extradimensional cybernetic being emerged. Upon spotting Lockon, the robot immediately engaged him in combat, forcing Lockon to seek cover. He tried reporting his finding back to his superiors only to find his transmitter frequency jammed. With no choice left to fight, he engaged in a dangerous duel with the foreign automaton.

Dodging energy blasts from the machine while trading with his own rifle, Lockon managed to scramble into a firing position waited, hoping to spot a weakness in the robot’s defenses. Spotting a weakness in the back of the machine, he pulled the trigger but the shot bounced. A second later, he cried out in pain as the left side of his face was scorched. The robot had cauterized his left eye permanently blinding it.

With the raw pain in his eye and on the verge of unconsciousness, he fired off several shots that severed the robot’s arm. Badly damaged, the robot retreated via a portal and left, leaving behind a heavily injured Lockon and its severed appendage.

His superiors refused to believe his report of what transpired and discharged him home to rest. But Lockon, could not, would not rest. For the narrow fight against the machine had planted an obsession within him to heal not just his eye but also his pride as both were damaged. He would find that robot and he would not rest until he had terminated it.

Lockon left the Ranger Corps and stole the robotic arm which he (with the help from dwarves) fashioned into a weapon he would turn upon its original master. Now he scours the land, biding his time.

Lockon’s new rifle isn’t just a weapon but also his close partner due to a reprogrammed innate AI within the technology who is probably the closest thing he has to a friend. However, nothing will stop him from continuing his mission and pursuing it to the end.

Ingame, Lockon is a mobile sniper able to switch weapons to better suit his mission. His Linear rifle allows for the traditional shoot and scoot tactics, keeping his distance while picking apart his targets, while his Siege Cannon offers heavy firepower and good utility. Should situations turn dire for Lockon, his Harpoon grapples create new dimensions of maneuver, either getting him out of troublesome locations or latching onto his victims.

Lockon’s HEROIC PERK is Ranger Instinct

When Lockon switches his weapon, he temporarily gains 0.6 ATTACK RANGE and a +2 movement speed for 2 seconds

Lockon can only learn his FIRST ABILITY at LEVEL 1

BASE STATS: (Levels 1-12)

HEALTH: 640-2130
ENERGY: 380-830

WEAPON: 63-130
ATK SPEED: 100%-135.7%

ARMOR: 20-50
SHIELD: 20-50

RANGE: 6.2/5.5


Lockon’s FIRST ABILITY is Alt-Fire

Activating Alt-Fire reconfigures Lockon’s weapon after 0.8 seconds, switching to either LINEAR RIFLE or SIEGE CANNON.

Each Weapon shares the same base attack damage.

LINEAR RIFLE: Has a 6.2-meter ATTACK RANGE; default weapon at the start of the game.

  • Every 3rd basic attack will ignore 8% of the targets ARMOR.

SIEGE CANNON: Has a 5.5-meter ATTACK RANGE, 15% less attack speed but 120% Basic Attack Damage

  • Every 3rd Basic attack will BURN the attack target and enemies around the attack target for 2 seconds dealing continuous weapon damage that scales with bonus weapon power.

  • Lockon CANNOT basic attack while switching between weapon modes.

Cooldown: 15s/14s/13s/12s/7s

Energy Cost: 50/60/70/80/0

Burn damage (SIEGE CANNON): 10/20/30/40/50 Weapon Ratio 40%

Lockon’s SECOND ABILITY is Harpoon

Lockon fires a Harpoon in the target direction which will latch on the first wall, or structure

Upon the Harpoon’s contact with a wall, structure, or enemy hero, Lockon will DASH towards said wall or structure

  • Lockon can RECAST this ability one additional time within 1 second to fire another Harpoon in the target direction.

Upon successfully landing Harpoon, when Lockon activates Alt-Fire, his next basic attack is EMPOWERED based on the weapon he switched to.

LINEAR RIFLE: Next basic attack is guaranteed to CRITICALLY STRIKE
SIEGE CANNON: Next basic attack applies a 40% SLOW for 1 second

Cooldown: 24s/22s/20s/18s/14s

Energy Cost: 130/140/150/160/200

Range: 7/7/7/7/7

Lockon’s ULTIMATE is Arrow of Campestria / Delay Impact

Lockon has 2 different ULTIMATES based his current weapon mode. Both ULTIMATES are learned when you UNLOCK the ability.

Activating Alt-Fire will switch the ULTIMATE to the one corresponding to the current weapon mode.

  • If one of Lockon’s ULTIMATES is on cooldown, he CANNOT use the other ULTIMATE until the previously used ULTIMATE is off cooldown.

However, he is still free to use Alt-Fire

LINEAR RIFLE: Arrow of Campestria

Upon activation, Lockon gains bonus ATTACK SPEED and his basic attacks PIERCE their initial target hitting ALL enemies along its path.

  • Secondary targets take reduced Weapon damage.

While his ULTIMATE is active, whenever Lockon successfully lands Harpoon, he is instantly STEALTHED for 1 second.


SIEGE CANNON: Delay Impact

Lockon takes aim and CHANNELS for 1 second firing a large energy projectile across the map in the targeted direction.

Upon impact with an enemy hero, the projectile will deal CRYSTAL damage and STUN them. Stun duration increases by 1 second for each meter the projectile has traveled (STUN duration capped at 2.2 meters)

  • Energy will cascade from the enemy hero hit, SEEKING out other enemy heroes in close proximity applying the same STUN DURATION and damage.
  • Secondary targets will also have energy cascade outwards SEEKING more nearby enemy heroes.

The Secondary STUN takes 1.5 seconds to ARM and take effect.

Secondary enemy heroes can avoid the stun by moving away from the enemy hero hit before the STUN arms

Deals 50% less damage to lane minions

Cooldown: 120s/90s/60s

Energy Cost: 120/140/160

Bonus Attack Speed (LINEAR RIFLE): 12%/20%/30%

Secondary Target Damage (LINEAR RIFLE): 50%/60%/65%

Duration (LINEAR RIFLE): 4s/5s/6s

Stun Duration (SIEGE CANNON): 0.8s/0.8s/0.8s

Damage: (SIEGE CANNON): 240/320/480 Crystal Ratio: 120% / Weapon Ratio: 80%

Thanks for watching the Lockon Hero Spotlight, Vainglory is currently running in Alpha testing on PC, Please visit our website and social media for more information, and see you on the Rise.


(just a quick note to say I really like your thread formatting - it makes it very easy to read! :kraken_happy_t2: )


He needs his base movespeed nerfed to lower than 3.0 because he already has a +2 movespeed every 2 seconds ( it lasts 2 seconds and the CD is 4 seconds, which means he can activate it with only 2 seconds of “normal” move speed.

+2 move speed every 2 seconds? with a ZERO energy cost on overdrive?

Couple this with a CW and things change again. His bonus move speed will be up every 1 second. Couple this again with Journey boots and he’s more mobile than Skye.


I could nerf his movespeed to 2.8 and increase the Cool down of Alt-Fire to 8 seconds


Ok - I really don’t have much to critisize here, there’s a lot of good stuff. I like the idea of a delayed stun, as it allows the ability to mass stun without becoming completely OP, but I’m not sure it would work, because it would seem way too easy to block.

I also don’t quite understand two things.
First, the stun duration. If it’s capped at 3 metres, I’m assuming it’s just so he doesn’t get an OP stun the minute an enemy dives him? 3 metres is very short for a ranged hero.
Second, the harpoon. You say he jumps onto his target, does this mean latches on similar to Idris’ ult?

I’ll chack back in a bit - I just woke up and am writing this from bed, I need some tea before I can function properly. I’m not sure the cooldowns are correct, but I can’t do maths right now.

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The reason why the stun duration is capped at 3 meters is because the stun duration increases per meter the projectile travels and the range is global. You can see how insanely op that would be if even one player was caught by the projectile at max range and stunned for lord knows how long.

It was put in to insure that low tier players who don’t usually have good dodging skills won’t find it oppressive.

For the Harpoon, the leaping onto a wall or structure is simply a design aesthetic and also to avoid the problem of him accidentally harpooning the same terrain he’s already attached to. This why it could mean less messy coding for the developers of SEMC

Also I imagined him brooding on a turret or on a wall like Batman it would look cool would it not?

As a weapon switching sniper what do you think of Lockon?

Yeah but… 3 metres. that’s like, less than Lance’s basic attack range, you do realise that?

But overall I do like the idea.


That’s just for the stun duration. A 3-second stun is still pretty good. The projectile will still have global range not just a range of 3 meters

What do you think of the rest of his abilities now?

With all the nerfs and balances I gave him?

This hero is mega complex.

I feel like his base health and energy need a boost, otherwise his A being is only reliable escape will chew up lots of energy, until he overdrives it of course.

This is such a unique hero, I really can’t theorize too much. His perk makes up for his slow movespeed, but he really is a liability until he hits level 6. which makes him a pure lane hero in the early game.

That’s all i can really say at this point. This hero is on the same level as Malene for complexity. That Alt-fire is really SOME ability, that’s for sure…

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His Harpoon can also be used as an escape. What do you think of his ultimates?

More (or rather less) importantly, what do you think of Lockon’s Lore?

oh that lore hidden in that little arrow~! din’t see that~!.. I dunno, there’s no twists in the plot, it a straight explanation on his past and why he’s got his name, why he’s always hunting. I think it’s good, but try adding a plot twist, to add some suspense.

His harpoon lets him jump on top of structures, heroes or walls right? I think for game smoothness purposes, heroes shouldn’t be allowed on “top” of turrets and walls, so next to them would be good. I like the mechanics, because being able the “hit walls” would mean during a chase, for example, he’ll try to target a hero and hit a wall instead and need to use his second harpoon to target the hero again. The degree of difficulty allows for some interesting tactics. if the hero is a tiny bit too far, he can target a wall, then use the second to target the hero. and yes, it can also be an escape tool.

His ultimate looks good. A mix between damage boost and CC. I don’t really want to comment on numbers. >.< anyhow numbers can be adjusted. they look good from my perspective. Maybe increase the CD a little, so it’s not up so often. 120/90/60

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A general idea of what Lockon’s weapon would look like with some modifications in my mind (if someone could draw out the weapon for me that would be great)

  • A second hand-rail forward so he would hold the weapon with both hands
  • An additional barrel prong which gives the rifle 4 prongs in total in a cross-shaped configuration
  • Removal of the Central barrel and replaced with blue energy pulsating along the length of the of 4 arms
  • The 4 prongs of the rifle being equal in proportion to the bottom prong and much larger in size and more pronounced.
  • A much bigger square shaped scope
  • A Grey Blue color cybernetic weapon skin
  • Rifle would be much bigger than Lockon himself.

When switching to Siege Cannon:

  • The 4 prongs open and retract backward while the 2 gun handles are splayed outward at the sides for Lockon to hold.
  • The 4 prongs after retracting and opening up like a flower, then bend at a joint, folding inward slightly forming a 4 pronged claw.
  • A large spinning energy octahedron forms at the tips of the 4 prongs.
  • A large hexagon-shaped holographic targeting marker is displayed in front of the cannon.
  • When activating Delay Impact, the 4 prongs holding the energy projectile will spin faster and faster before the octahedron projectile is released after channeling.

Again if anyone who is artistically minded could draw out what I had in mind I would be very thankful.

Some Patch Notes for Lockon:

  • Base Health increased from 640-1996 --> 640-2130
  • Base Energy increased from 330-580 --> 380-830
  • Base Weapon Damage from 57-130 --> 63-130
  • Base Move Speed from 2.8 --> 2.9


  • Rectified an error which stated that Lockon could latch onto enemy heroes with his grapple.
  • Removed Lockon’s ability to hop onto walls and structures

Ultimate: Sniper Instinct/ Delay Impact:

  • Cooldown Increased to 120/90/60
  • Rectified Error where Energy Cost was not displayed (Energy Cost: 120/140/160)

Sniper Instinct:

  • Now renamed to “Arrow of Campestria”
  • Duration decreased from 5s/6s/7s -----> 4s/5s/6s

Delay Impact:

  • Now has a base stun duration of 0.8 seconds across all levels
  • Now clarifies that stun duration is increased by 1 second per 1 meter the projectile has traveled.
  • Now clarifies that the stun on SECONDARY targets takes 1.5 seconds to arm
  • Stun Duration Cap decreased from 3 seconds to 2.2 seconds

@MacAulay and @Ve3nNo0wM

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I like the improvements, makes it a lot clearer. Just out of interest, why did you rename the Sniper instinct ability?

I felt that the name didn’t fit the effects of the ability and it always bugged me. Arrow of Campestria makes a bit more sense as it’s his reputation.

How could I get ahold of you to drop some ideas on you and let you run with them?

Discord is usually the best place to find me but you can also PM me on the forums.

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Discord link? That would be much appreciated.