EdAWACS Hero Revamp: Drakkon

A former Mekutonomo enforcer working for a robotic ecumene from an alternate dimension, Drakkon defied its programming to come into the new world with only a newfound need to quench the vengeance against a certain human who managed to injure and elude it.

With nothing left but his desire for retribution, the question remains what would the machine do after it has completed its objective?

Welcome to the Drakkon hero spotlight.

Drakkon is a devastating ranged weapon carry that incinerates the opposition from extreme range and disrupts enemy abilities. However, none of this can be achieved without skilled coordination and spatial awareness of the battlefield.

Drakkon’s HEROIC PERK is Photon Surge

Drakkon’s BASIC ATTACK is a particle beam that deals a CONTINUOUS STREAM of WEAPON DAMAGE to enemies at a fixed rate of every 1.25 seconds. Drakkon has no attack speed and purchasing attack speed items do not increase Drakkon’s rate of damage on its basic attack.

Every 1.5 seconds Drakkon is damaging enemies with its basic attack, Drakkon gains a stack of Photon Surge (max 5 stacks).

  • Each stack of Photon Surge grants Drakkon 8% Damage Amplification on abilities and basic attack.

  • At max stacks, Drakkon’s basic attack pierces through all enemies IN FRONT of the target Drakkon is currently basic attacking, dealing 40% damage to enemy heroes, monsters and lane minions.

  • All Photon Surge stacks fall off after 2 seconds if Drakkon is not basic attacking.

BASE STATS: (Levels 1-12)

HEALTH: 670-2145
ENERGY: 250-1200

WEAPON: 55-110
ATK SPEED: 100%-100.1%

ARMOR: 20-50
SHIELD: 20-50

RANGE: 5.5 

FIRST ABILITY: Positron Disrupter

Drakkon fires a particle blast in the targeted direction that damages all enemies it passes through. Enemy heroes hit by this ability have a percentage of their max energy drained.

  • The particle blast deals 20% less damage each time it passes through an enemy.
  • If this ability hits a Deflector Bit the range is refreshed and the particle blast splits into 3 separate blasts which fan out at a 40 degree angle.
  • If this ability strikes the same target it deals 10% after the first

Overdrive: Positron Disruptor will neutralize any projectile it collides with, destroying both

   Cooldown: 6.5s/6s/5.5s/5s/4.5s
  Energy Cost: 40/50/60/70/80

  Damage: 95/125/155/185/ 270 Crystal Ratio: 100% | Weapon Ratio: 30%

  Range: 6/6/6/6/8

  Max Energy Drain: 2%/4%/6%/8%/10%

SECOND ABILITY: Pacification Array

Drakkon deploys a Deflector Bit at the target location which grants vision within its effective radius.

Casting this ability within range of a Deflector Bit will instead move it to the chosen location. Enemy heroes cannot displace themselves when they are within range of a Deflector Bit.

When Drakkon targets an enemy within range of one or more Deflector Bits with its basic attack, the Deflector Bits will extend the range of Drakkon’s basic attack.

  • If Deflector Bits are within range of one another they will extend Drakkon’s basic attack range even further.
  • There can only be 2 Deflector Bits on the field
  • Deflector Bits will disappear if Drakkon moves too far away
  • This ability has 2 charges

Overdrive: There can only be 3 Deflector Bits on the field and this ability gains one extra charge.

 Charge Time: 15s/14s/13s/12s/10s

 Energy Cost: 100/120/130/140/160

 Cast Range: 9/9/9/9/11

 Radius of effect: 4/4/4/4/5

 Basic Attack Range Extension: 2/2/2/3/4

ULTIMATE: Capacity Down (placeholder name please input your suggestions for alternate names)

Drakkon channels for 1.5 seconds before discharging all Photon Surge stacks, unleashing a 6 meter radius electromagnetic pulse around itself and any nearby Deflector Bits. Enemy heroes caught in the pulse will be SILENCED for 2s

  • The pulse will also drain a percentage of enemy hero’s max energy based on the number of Photon Surge stacks.
  • Enemies cannot take damage from consecutive pulses
  Cooldown: 84s/72s/64s

  Energy Cost: 200/250/300

  Damage: 90/140/230 CP Ratio: 100%

  Energy Drain per stack: 2%/3%/4%



I like this concept since Drak has a unique AA which is a laser.
And how B gives the whole extended range/refraction thing goin on.

Also Ill just star with the parts I dont like.

Its a little to strong in the late game for my tastes since it almost reaches 1/4 of your max energy pool.

Yea no. While it does have a long cooldown to compensate, this ability can complete turn the tide of a team fight in a unfair way. Its like the Miho ult, where it forces to block it. Maybe have it where it stuns everyone?

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What about Drakkon’s ability to stun turrets

What numbers would you recommend? Cause this is something new in VG the ability the drain an enemy heroes energy

I mean it’s an electromagnetic pulse so perhaps I might just make it a silence. Keep in mind the ultimate also drains an enemy heroes energy

Also what do you think of his attack range increase is it too much?

And what about his first abilities interaction with his second ability ?

It doesnt really make a difference. In the current Vg, I could tank 2-4 towershots alone and with a roamer, even more. To say the least, turrets dont deal enough damage until your reach that forth shot. So unless you plan on tower diving and staying under a enemy turret for over 5 seconds, I really dont see the use of stunning a turret.

Because I have no experience with balancing nor even using a hero with this aspect, its hard to say whats right and whats not. Its why LoL doesnt have this in their game. Too complex.

Make it shorter than what it is rn. The whole thing about his laser is how its extendable with the use of his B. Rn its already a huge range so giving him a limitation in my opinion is nice.

Best part or second best, after having the DoT AA.

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How about his second abilities passive ability to prevent any enemy hero from displacing themselves while within range of one of his deflector bits?

So instead of 2/2/2/4/5 you want it to be 2/2/2/2/3 instead for bonus attack range?

That will make his attack range at level 8 become 6+3+3+3= 15 meters

Ok I will remove that feature from his ultimate than

Also have you suggested an alternate name for the ultimate yet?

Okey, I really like this concept. Just some things I don’t fully understand:

How can it hit the enemy twice? I guess after the reflection with a Deflector Bit? The 10% damage means 10% bonus damage or only 10% of the damage?

Same for the ult, you say “enemies can not take damage from consecutive pulses”, but from what I’ve read only one pulse is unleashed, isn’t it?

My opinion in balance:

  • speed and health could be increased a little bit. While I understand he can have massive range with the AA and A ability when combined with the B, the hero has no mobility skills and has one of the lowest health pools and the speed is the lowest by far (the lowest in game being 3.5 currently).

  • the ult may see a buff too. The cooldown is too high IMO considering the damage isn’t specially high and just silences, not even stuns. The A has more damage than it.

Reminds me a lot of what baron was supposed to be: a long ranged attacker but slow. He should be a monster when trying to siege a turret.

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No actually, I mean his base atk range. That way he’s weaker in the early game and as the game progresses, and he unlocks more abilities points, his range increases drastically to late game. Like a more dramatic lvl8 Celeste. So lets say he has 1.0 range (its a example) and his B gives 1.0 per lvl up in the ability and the overdrive could be a massive range buff.

Idk something along those lines?

Overclocked Expulsion? Im not good at names :alphabarf:

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Well it passes through all enemies like Anka’s B so I felt it would be op it if did full damage.

The 10% means that each subsequent projectile will only deal 10% of the initial damage

When Drakkon casts his ultimate it also activates from where his Deflector Bits are.

That effect is like Warhawk ultimate to prevent enemies from taking combined damage.

What do you think of his second ability’s other effect where it prevents an enemy from displacing themselves when they are within range of a deflector bit?

Also what do you think of his ability to drain energy from enemy heroes with his ultimate and first ability and his ability to destroy enemy projectiles

Also Lastly could you think up a better name for the ultimate?

Mostly like his perk, it’s a unique auto attack that brings some nice variety. Only thing I would like clarified is if you can “break” the beam by moving out of range, which I think would be a good thing for counterplay.

I like his A, and it’s interactions with his B. I just can’t agree that a projectile clear on such a short cooldown is good for the game, even without trying, throwing this into the enemy team would lead to plenty of projectiles getting cleared without any intent. It wouldn’t be at all enjoyable to play a hero like scaarf when half your As randomly disappear.

Quite like this ability. It gives him a lot of potential choices for positioning and play, and I like that this hero doesn’t have any escapes, and minimal self peel forcing him to rely on positioning.

Shouldn’t this be a snare? That’s what a snare is.

Like his ult a lot. I’m glad it’s strait forward and doesn’t have a bunch of effects, since the rest of his kit already has a lot going on.

I just can’t get behind energy drain as a mechanic. Its just not a enjoyable thing to exist. Variety and new mechanics is not worth making the game less fun. SEMC has actually talked about energy drain in the past, and how they tested it on multiple heroes. They concluded that they would never add it to the game because it’s just super uninteractive and can be really anti fun. Imagine being a hero with slow energy recharge like adagio and getting hit with this, you’d lose the ability to cast anything for 10+ seconds until your gift of fire recharged, that’s just not a fun situation. A silence seems like enough to punish ability users right?

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