Community created emotes

What about doing an emote creation contest, and the community would vote for the one they prefer. Keeping it VG-related if needed, of course.


This is a good idea and it can help popularize this new forum. I second this, a design contest will allow people to get started on showing some of the creativity they were so known for back on the old forum.


den i steal emojis for SEMF :slight_smile:

Great idea!

I think this is definitely something that we would like to do at some stage. Similarly I’d love to get some community designed badges going as well.

Wait, what are badges? Those rewards thingies?

Yup - a lot of them come pre-loaded and encourage doing things around the forum, like answering questions for other forumers, being helpful with reports, etc, but we’ve added a few others too, like the Early Adopter one, or the Patreon one. More to come!

I like the emote idea a lot. Similar, it might be fun to do fan art contests where winners get to be the site background for a bit (or at least, the background of the fan art section).


That would be pretty nice indeed. Speaking of it, I can’t find the option to change background, even though I’ve seen the bot mention it. Not that I don’t like the current one, but I’d like to test that feature,…

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Not possible yet, as we don’t have any other themes enabled presently. That’s planned in future, though.

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You might be referring to a couple things here… one is the ability to change the forum background with themes. That’s disabled for the moment as we finalize coding with the developer.

The other is changing the background of your user card or profile - you should be able to set that.

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