Is it possible to have a different theme selection in these forums?


Even if it was an unused feature in the official forums, it still existed, some Xenforo based forums use it like (scroll all the way down and you will see a theme selector, default is underground).

But lets forget about Xenforo, is it possible to have a similar option in these forums? if yes, can we expect to get one in the future? it doesn’t have to be too complex, just some color changes and different background. if no, can we at least expect background rotations sometimes?.

Is not that i dislike the current one, in fact these forums looks beautiful and modern compared to others i have seen so far, but i appreciate customization, something that VG forums didn’t include and i had to stick with the boring black and white interface for 2 years.

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They mentioned that they would be adding different ways to customize in the future I believe.


We intend to add the ability to choose different themes … right now, the main theme for the site is undergoing active development, with updates coming from the developer quite often. Once the main theme reaches a stable state, we’ll implement “sub-themes” with new color choices, backgrounds, and so forth. No ETA on that just yet, however.

The main site background will definitely change from time to time.