Card Backgrounds?


What are user card backgrounds?

Community created emotes

An example of a user card with a custom background:



I thought that was the profile background tho


Nope, here’s an example of a custom profile bg:


Ooooooooh ok I see it now. Thanks


Tap once on the profile picture and it will display their card (think of it like a business card - its a flashy picture and core info).
Tap twice and it will take you to their profile with more information.




Wow thats a very interesting image - quite a powerful composition.


Hold up, these are all the profile backgrounds. User card backgrounds are different and I don’t know what they do.


Tap once on my profile pic in this thread and you will see my user card.

The idea is if you find something I write intriguing you can take a quick glance at “who I am”. And then you can click again to go into my profile.


Oh ok, yep, got it. ////////////


Its basically a replacement for signatures - Discourse basically has tried to make a contentcentric forum - they did research on forums and found that only 22% of the page on average was actually content - most of it was signatures etc.


Now have a 10/10 user pic thing. Absolutely superb.


Oooooooh … animated! I didn’t even know that would work! :thumbs3:


Hecc mine is just a doggo. I guess I need a meme on my background now


Wait you can make your card backs gifs??? Hold up fam finna find the best gif I can think of

EDIT: Checkmate, fam




Everyone’s gonna have a meme background now


Define everyone. I doubt the mods or the respectable people of the forums will have meme backgrounds.


Everyone who is not a mod better have at least one meme in their background